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Lodging my Visa - Question about Assessed skills


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Hi all,


Having been invited to apply, I'm now completing the Visa application form.

In the employment section it asks me:


"Has the applicant been employed overseas in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation at a skilled level immediately before lodging this application?"

Does this mean, that I have to be currently employed in my nominated skill?

The reason being is that I have 7 years of approved experience in my nominated skill, however my past 3 years have not been in my nominated skill.

I'd be most grateful if anyone could advise.

Kind Regards


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I thought you had to have recent experience but I guess you've passed a skills test ? Hopefully someone will see this who has the answer


I thought so too. I had to get letters from past employers confirming that I had been employed in the occupation I was submitted the application under.

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Guest Ryan the wizard of oz

You may be asked that question but it doesn't necessarily mean you must be currently employed in your nominated role. You have a successful skills assessment with ACS so you should be fine.

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Guest Ryan the wizard of oz

No worries, absolutely fine. It happens to everyone; whenever they're asked a question on a form they automatically feel it's a requirement. Lol


We're here if you need us.

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