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Which ratio is right for Cost of living £ to $? 2/2.2/2.5/Other?


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In your experience making the move,


I'm just wondering when comparing offers what ratio do you use? Also, do you use total pay or take home pay when comparing cost of living?


I.e if you took home £2k after tax would you need AU$4k in Aus after tax etc.?

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I'm currently looking at all this also, I'm from Bolton and due to the big difference in cost for rent or buying property in Oz, health cover which is looking quite dear, the cost of things in shops, and cost of a night out, I have used 2.5. Can rent a nice 3 bed house in outskirts of Bolton for £600 month, this for instance needs x2.5 to even start getting close to rent for a month for same type of house in outskirts of Brisbane, upwards of $1600 at least. I've noted everything down and hoping to clear at least $6k instead of £2.5k back at home.

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All depends where you're moving from and to. But broadly, assuming your moving to a city in aus, I would say 2 (coming from London), 2.2 (South East) up to 2.5+. We moved from London to Melbourne and find it's almost exactly 2:1. But of course London isn't cheap either....

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