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  1. seraphim

    Telling lie

    Hoping, Given the current attitude to migrants, this is your best bet (and in all likelihood, the only chance of not being booted, given that it WILL become evident, if not now, then it'll always hang over you and WILLL be picked up (along with the time you've known about it) at your next medical. Also, think of your partner/kids. 1. Speak to your immigration offer and advise them you have just discovered that you are in a risk group for Hepatitis, as jaundice and kidney transplants aren't cheap, or nice! 2. Advise them you think you should have a test to determine it, and they will recommend an approved Doctor. 3. See that Doctor, get THEM to confirm it, and provide treatment plan etc. 4. Once cleared of Hep, and full disclosure to immigration is better than not, they CAN and DO find out all sorts of things by themselves you know! You can apply in good faith for citizenship etc. Unlikely to be an issue at that point, as you'll A have told them and B, not have lied or killed a family member through action/inaction on your illness. Australia is concerned about the cost of treatment. Fixing you now will cost a few $ (and you, not them). Dialysis will cost $$$ and you would eventually need this if your Hep A worsened, or you could give it to your partner or children (get them tested too to be safe). Good luck with telling the truth, it is easier than lying and if you get on with it NOW, you (probably), won't be responsible for the deaths (screw the visas!) of your family! Also, reverse this, your family member catches something from someone who didn't declare their illness. How would this affect you? How would you feel?
  2. seraphim

    Telling lie

    TB is easily spread and the longer contact time (your partner) the more likely it will be . Tell her, get treated, get it sorted. You will affect those people who share workspaces, public spaces, and even flights with you. TB is treatable, why would you not treat it? If you have a harder to treat such as MDR or XDR TB which can be prevalent in eastern Europe (maybe 2.3B people (yes, billion) have latent TB then it's even more important to stop these spreading. You have NO idea how hard it is to contact trace all the people you will have exposed. Put a stop to it. Also, if you ever apply for residency you WILL have mantoux and X ray and it will show all previous lung scarring and residual TB infections both active and inactive. etc. So absolutely zero benefit in lying unless you're actively trying to die and take loved ones with you in quite a slow and painful way. Managed TB is fine and treatment ensures you are non infectious and can move around freely until it's gone after a while under quarantine.
  3. seraphim

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    It's a no brainer. As a British Citizen you sacrifice nothing to ALSO become an Australian Citizen, and get all the benefits with none of the costs. It's cheaper to pay $282 for a 10 year passport than $360 for a 5 year RRV, and it gives you future proofing. I'll always be a British Expat here but I'm an 'Australian" on paper and it gives you and any kids options and sticks a pin in it if, like Marisawright says, you need to come and go to a different timescale than the government dictates for PR's. Don't delay it, the government can and may move the goalposts and as far as I can tell, there are no downsides to being a Dual National other than you might have to run for the senate!
  4. seraphim

    Student debt

    Definitely, you should have seen the karate chop I gave the keyboard! . You're confusing fairness and morality I think. Plus, what you think is 'fair' might not be the same for everyone. It's not "fair' that I haven't ever won the lottery (admittedly I don't buy a ticket, but by your logic, why should not buying a ticket exclude me from winning?!) Have a great day, or night depending on where you are!
  5. seraphim

    Student debt

    I know where you're coming from, but It's quicker to say: "It's morally unacceptable, to have any advantage that I haven't been able to take advantage of. " Or: " To be a capitalist. " And before anyone attempts to to keyboard warrior the situation, I'm not disagreeing that those things aren't equitable (and I'm not a capitalist!) , but borrowing money from an agency you have no intention of paying back is theft, however you care to justify or dress it. (I would like to drive this car but I don't want to pay back the finance, or I'd like this house but have decided not to pay the mortgage. I'd like a good education that (should) allow me a better life but I'd rather not pay for it. Not a huge difference, except the education is of more personal benefit (well, unless you do an arts degree!) If a person didn't want to pay it back, they shouldn't have spent it in the first place. That's what causes todays students to have to shoulder the debt of yesterdays greed. (And yes I went to uni on a loan too, had student debt, and PAID IT BACK before I went using the rest of my income enjoying life)!
  6. seraphim

    Student debt

    To be honest, if they are asking how to get out of paying back money they borrowed, morals are probably not high on the agenda!
  7. seraphim

    Regional Australian Post Codes Near Syd

    There isn't. There's a regionals program so people won't try to locate near cities with skills surpluses. google + 10 seconds = https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-regional-nominated-migration-489 I get your frustration but it'll be better to try a nice regional town for a year and get a job so you have local work experience for when you apply for Sydney jobs, and Sydney's ok, but it's just a city. If you have family here can they not sponsor you? Might be worth trying a different state to NSW to get closer to a city and still be regional. PR depends on the visa type you apply for, very challenging to obtain a job offer without a visa, it's a chicken and egg scenario in most cases. If you are eligible for PR, just go through direct PR anywhere entry, far more preferable and better (but not guaranteed) chance of gainful employment, as non PR professions are, for the most part, filled locally. Being unemployed in Sydney doesn't seem like it would be fun! good luck with it all!
  8. seraphim


    As far as I am aware, reduced fees are only for Australian citizens (and possibly PR but I'm not sure if that's still available now). Visitors pay visitor rates.
  9. seraphim


    Eligible to apply the day Dutton et al. started this stuff! (should have front loaded application!) Applied End May 2017 Test November 2017 Approval Letter December 2017 Ceremony March 2018! So seems to be c. 10 months end to end which isn't that bad but as our application was absolutely straightforward I wonder how long some of the more complex ones take!! There is progress and the back end of it all (the good news citizenship bit) seems to work well but the front end bit is so frustrating. Glad that chapter 1 is almost over and chapter 2 can start with us as dual citizens and Aussies! (might run for senate, seems dual nationality is a pre-requisite!) Just doing passport applications as I type (can't get enough of these government web forms!) and have received my e-mail advising me I'm on the electoral role!
  10. seraphim

    Is that a terrorist attack in Leicester ?

    Possibly an insurance claim or faulty gas line. It's a little terraced shop frontage with flats above. Just hope that no one was killed as a result. Not sure of the terrorist profile of an Asian greengrocers!
  11. date of first entry (visa activation). use the official calculator to adjust for periods outside of Australia to determine earliest eligibility.
  12. seraphim

    Hepatitis B detected, now what to do.

    it's treatable. get treated, earlier is better to reduce/prevent cirrhosis scarring. Be careful who you sleep/shoot up with! It can be vaccinated against, I've not checked your results, it's not the result of false +ve following immunisation?
  13. seraphim

    criminal convictions and moving to australia

    Short answer is almost definitely yes. Hide stuff and you will regret it. Easiest to be up front and explain it. You have a police check from any country you've lived in for most visas so if that flags it and you've not declared it your application goes in the scrap pile I'd imagine. If the offence was a minor one and there's a very good explanation I can't imagine it'd be a deal breaker, but best to get an expert MARA agent to give advice.
  14. seraphim

    Bread making

    I use 50/50 plain flour and self raising flour (75c a kg), yeast, water, pinch of salt. Makes decent pizza pitta and basic bread/ciabatta style in the BBQ with the hood down and costs cents. You get a slightly better loaf with "proper" bread flours but I can make pizza from scratch in an hour from flour to finished as its so warm that rising after a 5 minute knead takes 30 minutes max! I also add a splash of milk for a softer crust and olive oil for a ciabatta type air pocket in the bread if I'm making savoury (i.e pizza). Proper bread flours cost a bit from Coles/Woolies but I'm sure Costco type places have 10kg bags cheaper.
  15. seraphim

    Where to Live in Sydney?

    Get in the door again, and then look for a QLD job, you're a far more attractive candidate if you're already in the country for most employers. Most people in Sydney don't earn nearly that much so as long as you don't expect to be living like the Turnbulls you'll be fine, live to your means until they increase. Sydney on 120k is easily doable with a couple of compromises but it's not the beach city on that money, you can commute on the trains from the west to the cbd (when they're not striking) in just over an hour and compared to the UK the system works fine 99% of the times I've taken it. TL:DR. 2 adults won't struggle on 120k unless they're frivolous/wasteful, or want Kardashian lifestyles on supermarket money. You won't "feel" as rich as you will in Brisbane, but you won't be on the breadline either. However you do it, good luck with the move!