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457 Officially Lodged (6-Aug-13)


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I can't believe it's been 2 years in the making. So many ups and downs and more than a few scouting trips to Australia, we are finally running the last mile.


Office letter signed -- check

Doggie booked in -- check

Final shipment quote scheduled for tomorrow -- check

Official resignation turned in for my current employer -- check

Husband finished his chopper project -- check

Chopper listing on email -- to do

Household goods clear out -- to do

Shipment cleaning -- to do

House clear out -- to do


Continue writing to do list -- in progress!


Now working towards a move deadline of September, let happy panic begin!

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Wow, your going to be a busy bunny:swoon: hehe


Well done, hope it goes smoothly for you, try not to stress :mad: easier said than done i know but I'm sure everyone comes forgetting to do at least one thing that gets overlooked. No panic, just need to deal with it once here.


Where are you heading?

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Hi, I know! I was with the hubby in the kitchen making lunch today and he was saying, "it's not too bad is it, I'll just be happy to walk onto the plane"... LOL Of course I turned around and said, yes isn't too bad for YOU, but I'm the one filling out all the forms, booking in the dog, making arrangements for the move, finding flights... etc. He just laughed and said, see... not too bad at all for me! LOL I tell ya, he'll be packing before the weeks out ;)


We are heading to Sydney. We considered Melbourne and Perth, but neither of us got that "vibe" when we were in Melbourne, you know the one where you are like, yup this is the place. And Perth was a bit too far away from the rest of Australia to really be able to give me the job hunting scope I needed. I just want to make sure there are options - if you know what I mean.


We are just walking around a bit dazed today, because we got loads of confirmations in and we are like... ok, so now we can REALLY make plans :)

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Hey I know exactly where you are coming from, I was in the same boat last year. My OH got the job and buggered off 6 weeks before me and the girls. I was left with what to do with the house, packing, dogs, cat, car to sell etc etc. I literally left everyone til the last two weeks and was then like a chicken with no head.


im glad your going to where's best for you. We turned down a job offer in a different state because we knew it just wasnt what we wanted, luckily we got a 2nd chance:biggrin: and are living OUR dream life now.


Best wishes for your new life, I bet you have a ball

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LOL I'll have to threaten the other half with that possibility, cause it's me with the September start date (I'm going on a 457 so want to make sure to have options, hence Sydney). At the moment, I'm going the estimates and he's on the Xbox... first thing to get left behind in the move... the Xbox! LOL


Thanks so much for the best wishes. We've done a big country move twice before, but we both agreed this is it... and we are just so excited :)


Looking forward to the sun!


- Jennifer

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Granted! I was really getting nervous reading all the posts about weeks and weeks gone by regarding visas (457). And considering we are doing things a little wonky - I've given my notice, we booked the flights, paid for the dog to get shipped, just confirmed our move out date and scheduled the removal company... I was starting to bite my nails.


Then at 04:30 (local GMT time) I got the email I was waiting for - visa granted!


Talk about huge weight being lifted! Forget about going back to sleep thought. Now it's full steam ahead and organized chaos. Let the moving prep begin! Sydney here we come!


Thanks all for the all the answers and support!!! Very much appreciated :)

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Hi Quoll - Nope not at all. I've done that before, meaning taking a break in my career and it just ended up "holding me back". Granted I was younger, but at the time I was in a really good position. Taking that break had me starting way lower than what I had left at. Besides, I'm really excited and looking forward to my new job (yup, already have one lined up - they sponsored our visa).


It's not every day you can say you were the first woman to have this kind of role within the organization... yes, as you can see, I'm still very hyped up regarding the earlier good news :)


Many thanks for the well wishes! :)

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