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Starting our adventure by the end the year!!


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Hi there peeps! I am new to the forum and am finding some brilliant and useful information on here :biggrin:


I am really looking forward to starting a new experience down under!

My partner was born in Australia but has lived in the UK from a young age with his mother. He returned to Australia to see his biological father, who lives in Wollongong, when he was 20 and ended up staying there for five years because he loved the place so much and worked in the power stations as a boiler maker. He enjoyed his job and met some good friends.

On his return to the UK he met me! We have been together for 5 and a half years now and my partner has asked me to go to meet his father out in Australia with him. They havent seen each other for nearly 6 years now, they only have contact through telephone. Ive always wanted to visit Australia so we have decided for me to go out on a WHV and fly to Sydney, meet up with his father for a few weeks then travel to Perth along the south costal line of Australia visiting Tazmania on the way. Ive just turned 29 years of age and want this to be the best experience for us as we are both really hard working people who want the best out of life and have and still are saving as much as we can. I have done quite a bit of research about travelling and places of interset to see/visit but i would like to get to Perth before maybe having to find work. My partner says we will be fine but it does concern me, as he is Australian anyway, maybe things wouldnt be as easy for me?! I am a support worker in the UK at present, working too many hours and have lots of experience and numerous qualifications working with young/old people. including people with learning difficulties and disabilities. I am also a registered child minder here and work in a couple of bars to help with our extra funds! I am willing to work anywhere to get by but I was told to get my qualifications reognised in Australia before leaving the UK to continue within this work sector but dont really know/understand what this entails?! My partner says i worry too much and hopefully this is the case!!!

Please has anyone got any advice/experiences/contacts that would help put my mind at rest!! All information is kindly appreciated.

Thanks guys

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Croeso! Welcome!

All sounds exciting! What are your qualifications? Let us know, and maybe someone can help guide you in the right direction to getting them recognised in Oz.

PIO is a great site, and has helped me a lot so far!


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Hi and welcome to PIO


your right it is a great site, lots of people can give specific, helpful info.


Sorry if its obvious, I'm a little slow lol. But are you coming in the hope of staying? Or is it a WHV adventure alone.


I would imagine doing all you can beforehand to show your qualifications, experience etc could only be a good thing if your hoping to stay long term.


if not i wouldn't worry too much, seems to be a great backpacking network here, who knows what avenues it may take you.


all the best

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