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    Guest MARKSW

    Hi to all readers


    I'm a new joiner (bear with me) and wish to know if i'm in the right place or forum for my enq's.

    As with many others on this site, looking to emigrate to Aus' but am still in the very early stages.

    i) can a visa application be successful - 'do it yourself' style ?

    ii) are migration agents worth their while & what is a reasonable cost ?

    iii) how do you obtain a starter pack/application form ? other than trawling gov' or Dimia site.

    iv) do any of the readers work for their local police force in a civilian role

    v) are family sponsors expected to employ or back financially ?


    with these and probably more q's to follow - i would be enormously grateful to any responders - on the forum or to my email if asked for.

    Hope those of you already in OZ are well and happy.

    P.S to those enquiring about 'Joondalup' my family and i have visited and it is charming - with easy access to Perth and surrounding beaches.


    with thanks - Mark.[/i][/u][/url]



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      • By palmtrees
        Hi all,
        Its a bit of a long shot but I’m wondering if anyone on this site know anyone or them themselves have successfully applied for permanent skilled migration under Drainer, or who have worked as a Sewer Technician (unblocks, cctv, repair and maintenance work etc)
        My partner has worked as a sewer technician for 10+ years in the UK, we are currently in Australia on a 457. We are looking into PR via subclass 190 visa but it seems to apply as a ‘Drainer’ you need to have experience and qualifications in Gas and Plumbing also?
        My partner doesn’t have any gas experience but has some minor plumbing experience but no qualifications. He has qualifications in Jetting and CCTV work etc which we believe aren’t enough for the skill assessment.
        Any personal experiences from anyone who has been in a similar situation/ any other visa recommendations would be much appreciated! 

      • By AnotherUser
        Hi community  Thank you for accepting me to this forum, amazing topics over here.
        I have been offered a job in Sydney with 100.000$ (QA Engineer 7 years experience) as a yearly gross salary.
        Is it enough for a good living, taking in consideration :
        - Married and wife is not working.
        - Have to travel to Spain twice a year for family and parents visit.
        - Be able to save some money and do some activities over the weekend.
        I've seen the renting prices are high, what do you think ?
        Thank you for the help 
      • By KerryR
        I am new on here and thought I would see if anyone can offer any guidance please. We are just waiting for final answer 're 189 visa. My family and I are looking to move to the Gold coast.  I am a registered children's nurse and my current role is a Team leader in Child mental health and have 16 years experience within this area. Can anyone recommend vacancy websites or links/ contacts that maybe helpful for me. I am interested in continuing my career with children, young people and families and I am open to job opportunities within different settings that care for young people. I do look on smart jobs for Queensland at present, any advice/ suggestions would be really appreciated.
        Thank you
      • By Sar_83
        Hi all
        We're returning to the UK in 6 weeks having lived in Australia for the last 9 years.  I've had the same mobile number since the day we arrived here and am keen to keep it going once I head back to the UK so as not to loose touch with people (I did the same with my UK phone, having had the same number for the last 15 years and changing to a pre-paid/pay as you go plan when we moved out here which has worked well).
        I'm keen to find a service provider who can offer a good plan for use outside of Australia - mainly for text messages and the occassional phone call (bearing in mind most of the time I will be using it on WIFI and using only Facetime/Whatsapp etc so no data needed).
        Has anyone recently found any good deals?  I know I can get a SIM through Vodaphone where one recharge lasts 12 months however it seems to only really be good value for use within Australia.
        I should note I'm currently with Optus on a business plan but as I'm out of contract I can cancel & take my number with me anytime.  Oh and Optus have told me it's easier for them if I don't take out an Optus plan but change to a different service provider and they will just port my number across to them... go figure.
        Thanks in advance,
      • By Arron Martin
        Hi, my names Arron, 27. Moving to Melbourne at the end of October with my partner and our dog on a de-facto partner visa so luckily don't need to worry about work visas as such. 
        I've worked for British Gas for the past 9 years as a gas engineer- servicing and repairs. Just hoping for a little advice/guidance from someone who has already been through the process of getting skills assessed and finding gas work in Australia. How was it/ what are the differences/ any tips please?!
        Thank you