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Hi to all readers


I'm a new joiner (bear with me) and wish to know if i'm in the right place or forum for my enq's.

As with many others on this site, looking to emigrate to Aus' but am still in the very early stages.

i) can a visa application be successful - 'do it yourself' style ?

ii) are migration agents worth their while & what is a reasonable cost ?

iii) how do you obtain a starter pack/application form ? other than trawling gov' or Dimia site.

iv) do any of the readers work for their local police force in a civilian role

v) are family sponsors expected to employ or back financially ?


with these and probably more q's to follow - i would be enormously grateful to any responders - on the forum or to my email if asked for.

Hope those of you already in OZ are well and happy.

P.S to those enquiring about 'Joondalup' my family and i have visited and it is charming - with easy access to Perth and surrounding beaches.


with thanks - Mark.[/i][/u][/url]



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