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Found 113 results

  1. Hi everyone, i am a new member and would like to know if anyone can help me, we are looking at applying for visa, husbands is a brick layer, and we have a beautiful daughter who has down's syndrome she is 8 years old. does anybody know the situation regarding being successful in obtaining a visa, preferably permanent but any type of visa, when we have a child with mild downs syndrome. in advance thank you so much for your help. bev, donald, jess & harry
  2. simmo

    Member of the Month

    Just saying! https://www.pomsinoz.com/index.php?app=motm&module=archive&controller=arch&do=form
  3. Congrats to Sam on her first day at Tafe, and her big step to a new career in Nursing
  4. Guest

    Hi Everyone :) *New Member*

    Hey Guys I'll start with Hello, Well thought i'd join PomsInOz as i'm thinking of moving to Australia so looking for info and just general chit chat see what everyone thinks. Going in June on a working visa :goofy: Feel free to reply. Speak soon guys Sam
  5. I applied for PR in Dec 2009. My wife application as 2nd applicant was deemed invalid because she was on a tourist and didnt hold a qualified visa for a PR application. Now i have got a CO and i was required to get a new medical. In the email from the CO mentions my wife as non-migrating member. She is still in Australia legally and waiting for a student visa. I have a a few questions to ask and hopefully you guys can clarify it for me: 1. what is non-migrating member? 2. I have talked to a few migration lawyer about my wife's situation and i was advised that she cant be added without a qualified visa so my plan was me getting my PR and apply a partner visa for my wife afterward. This non-migrating member thing is confusing me as does my wife has to submit extra documents as well? if she does then will she get PR when i do? Thanks a lot.
  6. lornarees

    new member

    hi, just want to say hi to every1 we in the process of movin to oz should be there by dec we comin on a 457 visa we have 2 children both boys aged 2 and 6 we will be livin in perth so any help or advice u can give me to help me on my way would be very gratefull
  7. Guest

    New Member Here

    Hello All! I am new member here hoping to find some good friends here to have fruitful discussions.
  8. rehanonline83

    HELLO.... Need Help (NEW MEMBER)

    Hi there, I am new member in this forum and i am seeking information how to create signature where i would write my immigration process timeline? I saw the link in FAQ but it says that the signature is disabled by Administrator. Is there anyone to help me? Cheers
  9. The Pom Queen

    Member needs urgent help

    I have been asked to post this on behalf of a member. If anyone could help that would be great, thank you was wondering if you could help with some advice - my in laws were issued an employer sponsored visa a couple of years ago - unfortunately the employer - who is also my husbands cousin - decided a week after the visa was issued that he no longer had a job available. This caused a bit of ill feeling within the family but the visa was never used and we assumed that he had informed DIAC and cancelled it. In laws then started the process of applying for Cont Parent visa, unfortunately due the strain and disappointment of previous visa, house not selling etc they ended up getting divorced instead and cancelled the application. We have paid for MIL plane ticket to fly out on a visit in November, she applied for the relevent visitor/tourist visa but was informed that they could not issue one as the Employer Sponsored one was still in place. So what I`d like to know is - can she use that visa to visit (it expires September 2012) without her husband being present, is it likely to cause problems if she does use it or should she contact DIAC and tell them to cancel it and issue her with a visitor/ tourist visa?? I`d really appreciate some advice as my hubby is away at present in the Gulf and not easily contacable I don`t want to worry him with it. Hope you can advise, thanks in advance
  10. Hi, My husband, 1 y.o. and I will be moving from the UK to Brisbane in March next year (!). As per usual there is lots to do and we have no idea where to live. The suburbs Upper Kedron, Ferny Grove and Ferny Hills are looking good to us - can anyone give us their opinions? We are after a clean, safe, family friendly suburb with good transport links to the CBD (where I'll be working). Any advice on these areas or other similar ones would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi We are a family of 4 (2 kids boy 16 girl 13 in Dec). My husband has been offered a fantastic opportunity in Perth and are coming out on the 7th Sept 2011 for a rekki. I need advice on areas SOR. We currenlty live in York in a med large village 6 miles from the city on a good transport link. My son is reluctant to leave the uk as he has just completed his GCSEs and is due to start A Levels in year 12 next week and is really settled with a good group of friends and I am unsure what is the best options for him and would welcome any advice from parents who have a 16 year old. My daughter on the other hand can't wait and is keen to move, she is going into year 8 (second year of secondary) from what i can see that is the first year of secondary school in OZ. Again if anyone can offer advice on schooling it would be welcomed. The areas we have looked at are Baldivis and Secret Habour and surrounding areas (no further south though) and will rent for at least the first 12 months. Also I have read lots of reports on State verses Private schools and really don't know which route to go.... We are planning to be in in Perth by the end of the year if all goes to plan with our trip next week so again schools finish in Dec til Feb so the kids would not start til Feb. Any help, advice and experiences would be gratefully recieved. Thank you in advance :biggrin: Charlotte
  12. Do you think we need a speaker? Not for myself of course, being a paragon of virtue and reasoned argument. How many times does the Speaker say 'order'? I bet that becomes his Chinese torture in retirement.
  13. Hi everyone, wondering if you can help!? my partner and i are desperate to move to Australia since visiting for 6 weeks last year - been thinking about it since we got home and have decided to take the plunge! i am a registered paediatric nurse and my partner is a plasterer with 4 years experience. We are hoping to go for the 175 skilled independent visa. I understand this has one of the longest waits (12-18months) but we are happy to wait for that. At the moment we are deciding whether to go with a migration agency to help us with our visas, move etc... do people tend to go with agencies or try and apply themselves? ideally, it would be good to not have to pay an extra £2000 out as it is already expensive but are you more likely to have a successful application if you do?? is anyone else in the process of applying for a 175 visa or hoping to move to Brisbane and can give me some insight of the visa process? Thank you in advance!! xx :biggrin:
  14. :smile: Hi, my name is Claire and after spending weeks trawling through the site for various bits and pieces of information I thought it was time to join up. My husband, our two children (17 and 12) and I applied for a 475 state sponsored visa to Queensland on 23rd June. We have a case officer and the last medicals were finalised today so hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll be booking flights for November in a few days / weeks. We're looking at moving to the Sunshine Coast, possibly Mountain Creek or Maroochydore unless we get lucky and find jobs before we get there. If anyone can offer any advice on the following I would be very grateful and pleased to hear from you! 17 year old teenage daughter - how to deal with the angst of leaving her friends 12 year old son - where tto buy a new bike or find a street dancing crew my husband - how to deal with a very impatient stressed wife or just me - how to make new friends in advance and learn to relax Really looking forward to things gathering pace now! :smile:
  15. Guest

    New Member

    Hi, Well I just got confirmed that I am getting severance payment from my job. So, basically I can now finance a move. I have done various free checks for visas and it looks like a 176 or 475. Should I employ an agent? Recommend anyone? there are so many on the net and its difficult to decide who to use. Are the forms so complicated that you would not be able to complete yourself? the agents fees are quite expensive, or so I have been told. Really hope someone will send a reply and help me. Regards, Dean
  16. Congratulations to Sabira on being accepted for nurse training................you'll make a good 'un :yes: kev
  17. kasisalo

    family member to sponsor us

    could anybody tell me how it works if you are being sponsored by a family member, do they have to fill in forms and send them off before we put in our application or do they do this after we have put in our application thanks for any advice
  18. Guest

    New member!

    Hello, Came across this website today and had join! My names Emma, I'm 20 and have been in Sydney for 6 years. I came here from manchester with my mum, dad and brother. We have no other family here. It was hard at first. Now i have a few friends and it isn't as hard anymore, but I miss England so much! I'm heading back for a holiday in December! Can't wait! I live in the bankstown area, so you can all imagine I haven't met any other English people whilst living here. So this site is great!!
  19. I am a memeber of Dover sea angling club and love it, we have had a fantastic year with some massive catches and loads of personal bests, this is one thing I will really miss if I make Oz, anyone a member over there? http://www.dover-sea-angling.com/
  20. Hi everyone, Thanks in advance. I am currently applying for Visa 176. Only myself and my wife applying for this visa. No dependent too. There is a question that ask about family member. I have included my parent & brother. What about my brother's wife? Do i need to include my spouse's family too? If yes, does that mean all listed need to attend to health check? Tq.
  21. Aileen

    Hi, new forum member

    Hi, So my husband and I have made the decision to apply for an Australian visa. As my husband's job is on the skilled occupation list, we are applying for a 175 visa with me as a secondary applicant. We have only just started the process, gathering info for his skills assessment and starting to gather the info to support the genuiness of our relationship. I'm sure as we get deeper into the process we will start to have a number of questions which hopefully we will be able to get answers to on here. Here's to as pain free an application as possible :smile: Aileen
  22. Guest

    A New Member

    Hi everyone, I have just joined your forum. I am in Perth and immigrated here with my parents 40yrs ago. I was born in Glasgow Scotland. Love to hear from you all :biggrin:.Bonnie
  23. Yorkiesx5

    new member, advice please

    Hi everyone, After many hours searching the net this forum seems much friendlier and more helpful than any others so have joined - thank you. Basically we (me 43, Sec.school Teacher, husband, 38, ICT consultant and three kids ages9, 6 and 3) have decided to try our hardest to come to Australia. We have concluded that we would have difficulty with a 175 visa because a) I have taught for 13 years but LESS than 20 hours per week and b) husband's RECENT experience is in SAP which is not on the List although he is qualified as and does have experience further back as a Production Engineer which is on the List. So we have decide to pursue employee sponsorship despite possible pitfalls pointed out by other members. If anyone can offer advice we would be very grateful for your time. In particular, would it be best to have a Skills Assessment BEFORE applying for jobs and I am right in thinking it is a matter of spending the time finding companies and cold calling as well as going to Expos? We have seen some suitable posts but the ads say we have to have a visa first, wonder if it would be worth applying anyway just in case they could be persuaded to sponsor? Many thanks for any replies, Max
  24. kellyjamie

    family member passport numbers?

    hi all question please regarding our visa application,its asking for ALL family members details and passport numbers which we dont have and have no way of getting, so what do we put? also my ex has refused to give me details of my sons passport or to allow him a medical what do i put? thanks kel
  25. Guest

    new member from uk

    hi to all on this forum im looking on moveing to oz im a scaffolder an have 6 years experience as a shuttering carpenter to . i would like any info on how i go about geting the ball rolling as to wha i do first cheers an thanks :biggrin: