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190 Application \ Certified reference's required ?


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Hi ive been offered state sponsorship & have received my invitation to apply from DIAC.


What I'm trying to clarify is whether I have to provide all of my references again in relation to my visa (Ie. the 6 certified employment reference's which I sent to the ACS (for my skills assessment) haven't been returned from the skills assessing authority.


Ie. Do I have to get all of my employment reference's certified again to submit with my 190 visa application; or is the positive skills assessment I already have from the ACS sufficient to justify my experience in itself ?







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You will have to upload all referances that you used for your skills assessment to DIAC for them to make a judgement on your work experience. Having a Skills Assessment alone does not prove this.



WHen applying to DIAC they will accept colour scans of original documents without them being required to be certified.

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