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    HELP! Move FIRST, job-hunting SECOND or vice versa?

    Thanks for everyone who replied!!!
  2. Hello guys, Just got my PR, still yet to move, just started job searching. I'm weighing the pros and cons of the 2 following options: 1. Quit my current job; move to OZ; start job hunting there. 2. Stay with my current job until I find something in OZ; then move. With the first option, I can squeeze some travel time between jobs to a few places I've always wanted to tour. With the second option, there's more stability and certainty. Generally speaking, is it possible to find a job (my field is logistics) in Australia while still being overseas? I understand that most applications can be done online, plus interviews via Skype,etc.? But I don't know if it happens often. Any suggestion/advice/opinion is welcomed. Thanks.
  3. I lived for three years in the US from '07-'10 and had my FBI check done in May, 2011. I have never visited the country after '10. I read somewhere that criminal clearance only has a one year validation period. Do I need to re-do it even though technically there's no way my record would change because I haven't set foot in the US after my last FBI check? Thanks!
  4. Sorry if this has been asked, but I paid for visa 190 application on August 20 and just received an email confirming valid submission today. Also my EOI is suspended and my status has been changed to LODGED. Is this normal? And is it true that I only have 28 days after payment, not confirmation of lodged application, to upload documents?Thanks.
  5. I am trying to upload documents to my 190 application and for a 2-3MB sized document it's taking forever to upload and I haven't had any success yet. Most of my documents, after scanning, are between 2-4MB. Does anyone have this problem uploading? How do you solve it? Thanks in advance. P.S: It seems once an upload is finished there's no way you can delete it. So what if you upload a document by mistake, need to update an document or modify a description?
  6. Does the reference have to come from your direct supervisor? I am in a precarious situation at my current job where I am trying very hard to not disclose my immigration intention. Can this reference come from a colleague or something? Thanks in advance!!!!!!
  7. bananaisherb

    Anyone had issues about their weight during medical?

    !!!!! I've worried about this for a while now. My BMI is just over 30. I have no diabetes, arthritis, have perfect blood pressure and lipid level. I am just flat-out large. I've read somewhere that the threshold is set at 40, but I couldn't find the document anymore. I remember there was a very detailed health requirement PDF on DIAC's website over a dozen pages specifying every test and acceptable results. Did they take it down?!?! Does someone still got a copy? I'm hitting the gym everyday and hopefully by the time I have to go get medical this will be less of an issue.
  8. bananaisherb

    July 2012 EOI Submitters

    Has anyone heard back from Victoria SS after lodging EOI?
  9. bananaisherb

    Advice on EOI submission

    On the Changes to the Point Test document, it says the "recent work requirement" is taken off. So you don't have to work in your nominated occupation for 12 months immediately prior to your application.
  10. bananaisherb

    Occupation ceiling announced

    Mine is 660. This makes me very nervous. Does anyone know where previous ceiling numbers can be found? Thanks!
  11. bananaisherb

    Please help w/ counting employment length

    Thanks for the reply Katiem! I wonder if I can call the processing center to ask about this.
  12. I am currently 2 yrs and 11 months into my job. I need to claim the 5 pts for 3 years overseas work to pass 65.I wonder how exactly the months of employment duration is counted.For exampe, from 2012/02 to 2012/07, does it count for 7-2= 5 months or 2,3,4,5,6,7 as 6 months?And does the counting have to be accurate down to days?For example, if I started at my current position from February 15, does it have to be after July 15 that I can claim 5/6 months, or as long as it's past July 1 one extra month can be added?Thanks a lot!
  13. bananaisherb

    In panic mode-IELTS remark

    Thanks to everyone who've replied. I got the result on Day 40 and it's "Unchanged". I got 9/9/8/7.5 and this was my 4th try. I've always been able to get 8 on all the three other bands but Speaking has always come up short. I probably won't sit the test again as I don't know how else I can improve and I've grown so tired of the test. I agree that this site is one of the few ways that I can keep myself sane. Due to the failed remark I am short 5 points due to lack of work experience points (<=3 years) and my state sponsorship will expire next month. Not sure if I can make the 07/01 deadline before EOI. Very depressed right now. Uhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  14. bananaisherb

    In panic mode-IELTS remark

    I need an extra 0.5 point in speaking to make 8 across band. Submitted my remark application in March. Official website says result will be ready in 6 weeks(42days). I am now on Day 39 and still havent heard anything. Is it true that a successful remark usually takes less than full six weeks and a failed one(i.e. Score unchanged) takes longer? Any info will be appreciated. Going crazy here......
  15. I have all materials ready to submit my VETASSESS application, but I need another month before I can claim the 5 points for having three years of overseas work experience-apparently my work history only counts 2 years and 11 months-so do I submit my application to VETASSESS now? I suspect that by the time they start evaluating my application, I would have reached three years of employment. I have state sponsorship application on hold and needs the assessment result asap. What should I do? Thanks!