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WHV to Permanent Visa.....


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Hello all,


Just been wondering about the likelihood of being able to head over to Oz on a WHV and whether I would be able to obtain a permanent visa when it runs out?


Im 26, and wont be in a position to head over to Oz for a couple of years yet so just looking at getting some further info at this stage.


I would love to take the opportunity of doing a WHV while I can, but it is my long term goal to move permanently!


Your thoughts/experiences would be most welcome!






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You would need to have a job that is in the skills list to gain PR. The only other option would be to find a sponsorship for a 457 visa but again that is a temporary visa. I am sure someone else will reply with more information.


Or marry and Aussie! Get yourself on a dating website and proclaim your love to a Sheila! :wink:

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I have a Diploma in Business and Finance and a Degree in Business Administration.


I have worked in Financial Services for the last 5 years and am currently working as a Quality Assurance Analyst within Compliance. (Deal with Training, Competence, Audit and Complaints)

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