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  1. WeegieDave

    Double Glazing - Perth

    Anyone had double glazing installed in Perth recently? I am in the Guildford area so looking at double glazing as a means to reduce aircraft noise as well as add some thermal properties to the home. Anyone got any advice or recommendations?
  2. WeegieDave

    What’s going on in here these days??

    Yep! Still here :)
  3. WeegieDave

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    Tommy Robinson himself, has been saying that the Authorities will try silence him by prison or death and he has almost resigned himself to being killed. Aside from him speaking out against Pakistani rape gangs and concerns of Islamification of Britain he has been a big protester against the suppression of free speech.
  4. WeegieDave

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    But Islamic hate preachers (Abdul Hamza and the likes) stood on British streets for years citing hate and violence to the non-believers before they were arrested. Why is that??
  5. WeegieDave

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    The problem is that Tommy Robinson is absolutely correct. The UK has a massive problem with Pakistani sex gangs grooming vulnerable young white girls and passing them around like a porn mag in prison. The people who call Tommy Robinson a racists right wing thug are the ones who also bury their head in the sand and say that there is no issues in the UK with Islamification and think that we are one big happy family. Sarah Champion was absolutely correct in what she wrote in her article but was hounded out of her seat in parliament for speaking out. The authorities have been conspiring against Tommy Robinson for years for him daring to speak out and lead a movement against the shutting down of free speech in the UK. Pity there aren't more people who risk their lives to try save their decaying country!
  6. WeegieDave

    Two years old

    Just passing through mate
  7. WeegieDave

    Two years old

    I've seen it so many times in Pilbara and Kimberely towns. The kids looking after the kids. Kids that looked no more than 8 or 9 years old pushing prams about when they should be at school while the parents are nowhere to be seen. No doubt pissed up somewhere. It's a terrible problem. They need to sort their own shit out rather than living life with a massive chip on their shoulders blaming the white man for all their woes.
  8. WeegieDave

    Two years old

    I do quite a bit of work in regional areas of WA and was speaking to a community nurse who visits aboriginal communities on a regular basis and she told me that child sex abuse and also physical abuse is rampant in the communities and most of it goes unreported. The politics of it all is that the Government are too scared to do anything about it due to all the 'stolen children' stuff of yesteryear as if they started removing children they probably wouldn't be able to stop as the problem is so severe.
  9. WeegieDave

    Euro Millions £131 million

    It would be a bit difficult to keep a secret. I'd let loose and enjoy life if I won that amount of cash!
  10. WeegieDave

    Should I apply vor citizenship now or wait?

    I don't think the criteria is unclear and the online application page is still active... https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Citi/pathways-processes/Application-fees-forms-and-appeals/Citizenship-online-applications
  11. WeegieDave

    Perths Rental Market

    I don't see anything happening in the WA economy to suggest the housing market is going to pick up anytime soon. The population is still shrinking and more skilled workers are leaving Perth than there are moving in. The Perth of just now is a sign of the next 5 years in my opinion. The boom created a false economy, banks were throwing out cash and people were blind sighted and getting carried away like the good times were never going to end. I bought a house in the peak but I am quite enjoying the more 'normal' Perth now.
  12. WeegieDave

    A MUSLIM felt “degraded”

    Dunno mate, I'm not religious and not defending Christianity but why is a country where the vast majority of religious people are Christians having to take words relating to their religious celebrations and belief out of their celebrations such as Easter and Christmas because a religious minority say so? Any why go to the media becase he ate pork due to not reading the menu properly? Are the bar staff supposed to know that he is a muslim?
  13. WeegieDave

    A MUSLIM felt “degraded”

    Poor man... He must be traumatised. Lets ban all pork from our menu's just to go along with banning the word 'Easter' from chocolate eggs and the word 'Christmas' from our festive celebrations. We can't have our poor victimised Muslim communities getting offended.
  14. I agree 100%. The boom created a false economy and a culture of greed and narcissism that it's still struggling to shake off! I work in the mining industry but I am quite enjoying the more realistic and grounded WA now.
  15. WeegieDave

    Questions about renting in Perth.

    It's quite a quick process but just depends where you want to live and what type of property you want for your $350 per week. It is a renters market at the moment though. Definitely opportunity for negotiation.
  16. WeegieDave

    Do most new migrants actually live at the beach?

    I don't but I knew quite a few who moved into affordable coastal suburbs such a Mullaloo to the north of Perth and Coogee to the South. There's even more affordable coastal suburbs such as Rockingham but not the best of areas. High crime and drug user rates.
  17. WeegieDave

    Waterfront Expensive Perth Lunch

    Since the opening of Elizabeth Quay the Lucky Shag prices have went up quite a bit. They are really cashing in on the location. I bought a pint of Asahi (which i think is brewed in Victoria) and was charged $15. Couldn't believe it!! The food menu isn't as varied and as good as it used to be either. I tend to avoid the place now.
  18. WeegieDave

    Love my greengrocer.

    I was in Strathaven 3 weeks ago at a Funeral reception at the Golf Club. I know the area well and the surrounding towns and villages.
  19. WeegieDave

    Love my greengrocer.

    Just saw your location. Are you now in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire?
  20. WeegieDave

    Does Australia Need A Micheal Moore To Take On Government?

    Perhaps David Icke isn't talking nonsense after all about people in power being shapeshifting lizard people! :err:
  21. WeegieDave

    Does Australia Need A Micheal Moore To Take On Government?

    I reckon globally, a revolution is building. Unfortunately it will be the rise of the right-wing which could lead onto ultra right wing that will spark it!
  22. WeegieDave

    Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy linked to autism

    Even though I live in WA and get plenty of rays on my skin I still take a Vit-D supplement as when ever I am required on site we are forced to cover up with long sleeved shirt, long trousers, brimmed hat and sunscreen which basically blocks out the sun. I take a 1000 ui vitamin D supplement along with a K-2 which apparently aids the digestion and absorption of the vitamin D supplement. It's amazing how many people are deficient in vitamin D in Australia due to covering up and sunscreen etc. A woman who was a friend of my family's spine basically crumbled away which was later discovered to be living most of her life deficient of Vitamin D. It can have terrible consequences in overall health.