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Which Australian Bank Account?

Guest Tim

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Hi peeps,


after doing some research I found these two migration bank accounts that you can set up before making the move. I like the look of the Westpac as there charges seem to be lower :D .








Does anyone have any experience with them and which ones would you recommend?


three weeks and counting.... :lol: :lol:

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Guest mark78

I've held accounts with both before. Not alot of difference between the two. Fee structure ( a rip-off) would be roughly the same & service (ordinary) would be similar, as they're both part of a small group (5 or 6) of major banks. Commbank has the better Internet Banking, as they (like most major banks in AUS these days) don't like dealing face-to-face with customers. Hence why they want you to do it online now before arriving :?


If you really need to open an account before arriving, I would suggest Commonwealth to start with purely for the best net banking. Once you arrive, you can easily look around for somewhere with less fees/better service. The whole process of opening an account is quite easy (just produce proof of ID - No employment or credit checks reqd) so it pays to shop around and try a few different places out. (Usually only businesses are given overdraft options and a cheque book).


Personally, these days, I use http://www.stgeorge.com.au It's a Med size bank, with branches nation-wide. They have a debit account which runs through the Visa network. Comes in handy if you want to use the Visa network, without having credit/interest attached to it. Net banking is reliable and their service to me (being overseas) has been great lately with some enquiries I've had.


3 weeks to go hey, should be there just in time for Spring. Mmmm nice 25 degree days - Perfect.

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Cheers Mark,


I've finally gone with the westpac one and was surprised how easy it was. Fill out the form, fax it with a recent uk bank statement and passport details.

Next day got an email with the account information and details on how to transfer UK pounds over.


Probably going to use HiFx to change the currencies as they are very helpful with the process. The exchange rate is much better than my bank anyway!


All we need to do is put some cash in the account, Visit the branch when we arrive and hey presto we have a Credit Card, Visa Card etc. If we don't like them we'll move then.


Only three weeks to go!




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