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  1. Steveozz1

    To take the car or not?

    thanks Marisa they actually seem to offer a pretty comprehensive service.
  2. Steveozz1

    To take the car or not?

    Hi again guys, Moving back to UK later this year and wondering if its worth it to take our car. Its not an expensive car - Hyundai Tuscon - but its only 4 years old and just paid off so if it makes sense financially to do it, it would certainly be one less thing to worry about over there. However, something tells me that it wont be a simple matter and there will be hidden costs involved - has anybody been through this process themselves and if so, can they give me some pointers as to whether its worth it and what the process involves?
  3. Steveozz1

    Shipping Advice

    wonderful thanks again Marisa - really appreciate your help.
  4. Steveozz1

    Shipping Advice

    thanks Marisa - makes sense. I'll see if there are any other threads on here about taking cars over....
  5. Steveozz1

    Shipping Advice

    thanks for the response. I think we will need a container - will be taking as much back as possible and possibly a car too (which I also have no idea about how to do!) In terms of shipping insurance, what I meant was is it cheaper to arrange this with a third party, not the company doing the shipping, and are the big companies like Crown, Grace, etc. OK with not using their own insurance? We will definitely be taking out insurance but the quote we got from Crown seemed to be very high for the insurance element.
  6. Steveozz1

    Shipping Advice

    Hi everyone, my partner and I are planning to sell up and move back to UK this year.....probably June/July time so we don't immediately die returning back to a Scottish winter!! Looking for advice re shipping - which companies are good, indicative costs, etc. Also specifically, whether we should take out our own insurance as I got one quote from Crown and their insurance was very expensive I thought. As we are planning to go mid-year do you guys think its too early to get the ball rolling on this now? Any advice or info from those in the know would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Steveozz1

    Very Difficult Decision

    Thanks for this but I think the problem is place and family....and Tassie while beautiful is even further away...
  8. Steveozz1

    Very Difficult Decision

    Thank you for your post..it makes me feel I'm not the only one!
  9. Steveozz1

    Very Difficult Decision

    Hi everyone Having read some honest and very touching posts here recently re the dilemma people face when deciding whether to "go back or stay", I thought I'd add in my own experiences of this. My partner and I moved to Australia about 10 years ago. He was the main driving force but I wanted to give it a go too. I think the weather was one of the main things...and we were both in our late 30s at the time so it might have been early onset midlife crisis!! Anyway we moved to Canberra then after 9 months to Adelaide. We both have good jobs we have a house with a pool, chickens and a dog. We live in a beachside suburb and are 10 mins from the beach. We don't have kids. However, over the past few years I have been becoming increasingly homesick for family and for Scotland. My parents are in their 70s and I'd like to spend time with them before it's too late. I miss the TV, I really miss snow, I miss trees that turn in the autumn, I miss clear flowing rivers...I could go on! I have never thought of Australia as my "home"...I am from Perthshire in Scotland and one of the main differences I find with a lot of Brits who moved here is that they have come to "escape" the big cities or the hustle and bustle. We didnt. Also I quite like the rain! Like others who have posted recently, the dry dusty hot Adelaide summers are lost on me and I miss the lush green countryside of the UK. Snakes are also a problem here as we are keen dog walkers and there are places you just can't go in summer safely with a dog. Also, and this is weird, but for all the fact that it is vast, we are really restricted with places we can take our dog off leash in Australia...there is nothing like the right to roam here and the so called "dog parks" are really just prison yards. I am not bagging Australia or Adelaide at all...both are wonderful in their own way...but they are not my home. Of course my partner loves it here and we are heading towards an impossible situation..if we stay I will be unhappy and if we go he will. We may end up having to split after 23 years. I'm not sure how this will end up yet but wanted to share my situation and say thank you to others who have posted similar stories...they have really helped me to know I'm not the only one
  10. Steveozz1

    Your one word that separates the UK from Australia

    Green. It's very brown and dusty where we are in summer!
  11. Steveozz1

    Shipping Costs to UK

    Hi there everyone. My partner and I moved to Adelaide from Scotland about 10 years ago and now we are looking into moving back. Just starting the fact finding process so would anyone have an idea of the rough costs of shipping back to UK? Probably medium sized household belongings for 2 people, no kids or cars. Many thanks.