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  1. That's when your prelim application is approved and you are assigned a queue date
  2. Would have been helpful if the rule could be relaxed during the pandemic as the travel in and out has been made extremely difficult
  3. Latest response received today on assessment date for everyone's tracking. 103 appears to have moved into Sept 2010 having been in Aug for over a year, and most likely all other CPVs may also have moved forward.
  4. With the queue calculator still offline and if you managed to record the date of your last check and number of applicants ahead of you. You could possibly use the FOI data, ie. number of grant and number of rejection in the below link, to manually estimate number of applicants ahead of yours, hopefully the queue calculator would be put back on shortly. Additional I think from memory one could also send a generic query email to determine the current queue date immi has processed to date https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/access-and-accountability/freedom-of-information/disclosure-logs/2020
  5. Sorry for getting everyone confused, and got to the bottom of it, also thanks Alan for confirming it. As with 103 or 804 one is not entitled for Medicare during the application period however could only apply for it following the grant of the PR. And with CPVs would be as per quoted in the above posts.
  6. Hello, first time posting, You may be aware of previously, but I have noticed that Medicare eligibility have recently been stripped off from 103 and 804 visa holders, and is restricted to only CPV holders. Although immi still have this showing available for 103 holder on the website, https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/parent-103#About