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  1. Sorry - I didn't really answer your question before. We're booked to fly in April with Qatar and we used DialAFlight. They appear to be very efficient and they answer the phone within seconds which is a bonus. Hopefully everything will go smoothly but at least we've got someone else in our corner if not! https://www.dialaflight.com Good luck
  2. I think that list is mainly for getting a test to get out of isolation early when you come back to the UK but it probably works both ways - thanks for this
  3. There are a few of us who are booked to fly but haven't actually reached the date yet so we're just keeping everything crossed that we don't have last minute issues.
  4. Do you mind me asking where you are having to go for your test? I understand you can pay for a kit to be sent to your home but we are due to fly at 8am on a Tuesday morning so the 72 hour mark for us is Saturday morning and would mean we couldn't post it back in time as it takes up to 48 hours for the result.
  5. So hopefully if you pay for a private test they make sure you get the results in time! I hope there are plenty of places to get one as we live 30 miles from the nearest city and don't have a car. We do have a walk-in test centre in our town now so hopefully we'll be able to pay for a private one there but I'm not sure if it has to be from an approved clinic somewhere. Just another little thing to worry about! I think the rapid ones are available at airports so it would be interesting to know what the 'extenuating circumstances' are where a rapid test is sufficient
  6. Australia Travel Declaration | COVID-19 and the border (homeaffairs.gov.au) It also looks like we need to complete an Australian Travel Declaration
  7. It looks like we might just need a rapid test for the time being - I too have been checking Qatar's website regularly and the UK is not in the list for the compulsory PCR test. I'm not sure how long before the flight this test is needed or where to get one though. We're flying from Manchester but not till April.... Key moments from the National Cabinet press conference after meeting on UK coronavirus strain - ABC News Tests before and after flights From now, anyone from overseas coming back to Australia will have to have a rapid COVID test before they leave and prove they've returned a negative result. If they test positive they — and any of their close contacts who are also planning on flying home — will be banned from boarding a flight back to Australia.
  8. We are booked with Qatar too but not till April. I've been keeping a close eye on them and all their flights have gone from the UK so far so fingers crossed they carry on! I was thinking about you and how nervous you must be because I know how we feel! It really is a stressful time! They may decide we need to be tested before we leave but that seems like a small price to pay in the circumstances. We're hoping very much that we might get vaccinated before we leave and I'm sure everyone is hoping things improve drastically as the vaccine gets rolled out. Good luck - I really hope you make it safely on schedule
  9. You'd certainly like to think that 3 years would be long enough as there are only 5 months worth of applications to process before yours. I suppose it depends how long it is before they start requesting documents again and how many of this year's allocation have already been issued. Fingers crossed for you that it's not too much longer!
  10. Hopefully that wouldn't apply to you - surely your visa will have been processed in the next 5 years. You would already have been waiting the best part of 9 years by the time a 5 year 870 runs out if you had it granted early next year
  11. Singapore Airlines are flying to Sydney (via Changi) from several UK airports next year - don't know about flights in the immediate future though. Hopefully, when we get vaccinated, the rules might change with regards to quarantine so it might be worth waiting a few months?
  12. Has your 16 Jan flight been cancelled now as well?
  13. They seem to be issuing all the visas from those who were asked for further documents before they put everything on hold so, hopefully, those of you that applied in June 2016 onwards will be contacted as soon as they have cleared their desks. I totally understand how you feel - waiting and wondering is torture and it is sometimes very hard to think about anything else but your turn will come. Try and stay positive!
  14. Gosh - what a wait you've had! So pleased for you!!
  15. The total amount is $87,200 for 2 people