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  1. Congratulations to both of you! At least it shows they are still doing some processing - they haven't just locked all our files in a desk and thrown away the key! Best wishes to you both for the future.....
  2. That's actually the same letter as we received back in March this year when we were requested to provide further documents, including AOS.........
  3. Congratulations! Did I recently read that your parents had to re-do their medicals before their visas were issued?
  4. I was wondering, would it be possible for you to switch over to a 143 at this stage rather than waiting till your 173 is issued? It seems that switching from a 104 to a 143 doesn't lose your place in the queue so would it be the same in your case? As far as I understand, if you've already submitted all your documents, the only extra thing for you to do would be your AOS. If that was the case then you would have a PR visa rather than a temporary one and may be able to enter Australia sooner. Just a thought.........
  5. I wouldn't withdraw your application at this stage. I don't know if you have any grandchildren but if you haven't now and they come along in the future you'll regret it forever if you can't be with them. Also, I don't know where you are but in the UK houses are selling really quickly just at the moment so you may well sell in plenty of time to make the payment. At least give yourselves every chance to see what happens. I totally understand what you are saying - this last stage of waiting is pure torture! Fingers crossed.....
  6. So I understand. It's all very sad and very frustrating....
  7. Sorry - badly worded. I meant everyone who posts on here with a May 2016 application date and those in the visa tracker showing as having applied in May 2016 appear to have been asked for further documents. I do understand that only a tiny fraction of all applicants are on this forum - my bad............
  8. Or did you mean applications pending from the end of May 2016?
  9. Could I just ask please - have you read this somewhere or is it just your opinion? Everyone who applied in May 2016 appears to have been asked for and completed their paperwork/further documents so, hopefully, won't have to wait substantially longer than previous applicants who have had their applications assessed but not yet finalised. I understand they are processed in date order so obviously the wait will be longer than for March/April 2016 applicants.....
  10. Fair enough. Probably best to stick with them then. Good luck and let us know how you get on
  11. I'm so sorry this has happened to you - as if it isn't stressful enough already without anything adding to it! Would it be possible for you to get a refund on your flights and maybe try and book with a different carrier or can't you re-book until January with any airline?
  12. I wonder if this is the reason for the dramatic increase in visa refusals last year? Maybe many applicants had dependents who were eligible at the time of application but not by the time they were processed.....
  13. We also made our initial enquiry in early 2015 but delayed our application till May 2016 on the understanding the process would take around 2 years. I have been kicking myself on a daily basis ever since! I think we probably all have that kind of helpless feeling just now - it's the not knowing when the crisis will end and when we will be able to see our families again that is so difficult. It's brilliant to have WhatsApp video calls but the conversation you can have on the phone with a 2 year old is quite limited. Just longing for a cuddle!
  14. Great news! Gives hope to the rest of us. Safe journey when the time comes...
  15. Thanks for this. I think I have set my signature up correctly to show our timeline - I can see it so hopefully you can too? We have actually already completed all our paperwork and checks and we are waiting for our 2nd VAC request. We are hopeful that we would have heard from PVC by now if there was any problem with anything so we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we have done everything correctly. Thank you for your encouragement.