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  1. TobyKing91

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    I've dropped you a line via SunCoast Migration Paul. @paulhand Keen to get some professional advice.
  2. TobyKing91

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Many Thanks for the replies @Marisawright, @wrussell & @Ausvisitor. I've taken onboard what you guys have said and looked at the 190: Construction Project Manager Queensland - Occupation not on the list NSW - On list but limited availability Victoria - Possibility but a job offer is required WA - Occupation not on the list SA - Occupation on list however need to be working in SA for the past 12 months. My original plan was to move in August next year (2021) when my Kiwi girlfriends visa runs out in the UK, I thought this would be an adequate amount of time to get a visa in place but looks like a 189/190 visa is impossible at this point. Feels like a bit of a mountain but I appreciate this is why Australia is such a draw for many. I would be keen to have a paid consultation with someone to look at my credentials and advise me what my best way forward whether it be to park this for a few years or submit a application with my 85 points. Let me know if someone is willing to help and what your rate would be. Many thanks again guys! Toby
  3. TobyKing91

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Hello Guys! First of all I'd just like to say this forum is great! Super helpful and an amazing resource for someone like me who is really only getting started with this 189 visa malarky. So, I'm looking for some advice and guidance with my 189 Visa Application. I have carried out plenty of research and feel I've put in the time but still there is that impending doom that all of this will be futile if I just don't meet the criteria once I've lodged my application. Hence, this is why I'd like to know what my chances are with the skills/qualifications/experience that I have. This is me: Visa Type - 189 Occupation - Construction Project Manager - ANZSCO 133111 Age - 28 Nationality - Irish Country of Residence - UK Education - Honours Degree Mechanical Engineering Level 8 (Irish Uni) & a PRINCE2 in Project Management (Foundation) Post Grad Experience - 7 Years (Project Management Engineering/Construction) English Level - Mother Tongue (Due to take the TOEFL test in the coming weeks) Marital Status - Single Australian Experience - I've been to Oz twice, first time on a Work/Holiday and second I backpacked along the East Coast. No professional experience however. At present, my estimated points are: With Competent English - 65 With Proficient English - 75 With Superior English - 85 Needless to say allot is riding on my english test! So, this is where I currently am with my application: Skills Assessment - Gathered 95% of the required info for the Skills Assessment with VETASSESS Character - I have my UK Police Certificate (waiting for my Irish Police Certificate) English Proficiency - TOEFL (scheduled - will revise and hoping I can get the required results for Superior English) Health Assessment - Unsure when I need to do this - any guidance would be amazing, I have no concerns here I would just like some idea on my chance of obtaining an invitation in the first instance and the chances of actually obtaining a 189 Visa as I've heard a lot on here saying that without 90 points I have little or no chance at this stage. It would also be helpful to know what the timeframes are with regard invitations and processing. I realise that what I'm asking is probably more in line with a paid consultation so please feel free to get in touch as I would be interested in speaking with an immigration advisor! Many Thanks in advance!! Toby