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  1. Here's the link to the report which includes recommendations for the parent visas going forwards: The Parent Conundrum: Considering Australia’s troubled approach to parent migration And a bunch of articles that were published when it was released: https://au.sports.yahoo.com/parents-may-wait-40-years-052310829.html Parent visa applications backlogged by the thousands - ABC Melbourne Parent visa applications backlogged by the thousands - ABC Melbourne Parents may wait up to 40 years to join family in Australia. Is a visa lottery the answer? ‘They will never be granted the visa in their lifetime’: the families waiting decades to settle parents in Australia ‘Cruel and unnecessary’: The decades-long wait for a visa for your mum Please share these to keep the articles active. Only with public pressure will the government act.
  2. given how utterly impossible is it to plan for things that 'might' eventuate, we've decided to roll with the now. Maybe it changes and we leave Australia, so be it. Life is short. Too short to second-guess what the powers that be will do next. Is it what it is.
  3. We did consider all the options. But given the requirement for health insurance on 870, we were looking at 2x 870 visas to cover the wait, nowhere to go for the 3 months in the middle and an extra $20,000 for visas + $26,000 for health insurance, to then have to pay close to $100,000 for 143 in 10 years IF we pass the medical. Didn't seem smart. Even if we managed it in 6, it was still a LOT of extra cash to find. It's impossible to make informed decisions when the government themselves don't provide accurate information.
  4. We did consider that, but another $20k on top of $100k put us off. Not to mention the need to leave after 5 years - we needed to sell in the uk to live in Australia, so would have had no where to go.
  5. Will update that! We did apply for 143 but post-Covid decided not to wait and switched to 804.
  6. In Australia on BVA waiting for 804 (which will not be granted while we're still walking the earth). Not yet sold up in the UK but looking to head back and do that this year.
  7. Super confusing! So if you're living in Australia on an 804 visa, you're technically only a temporary resident, and therefor all your tax affairs are managed in the UK? Or you can choose where to be taxed under dual taxation agreement?
  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. I'll not be applying for BVB for them until the middle of the year but will you know how we get on.
  9. My folks have been in WA for 6 months on 804 after switching from 143 queue (applied early 2020). A couple of questions: They decided to come for a year before selling up in the UK, just to make sure they were sure, as it were. Looks like they are going to stay, but will need to return 'home' to pack up and sell up. I know they need BVB for this. Is 12 months considered a reasonable amount of time? And can they return earlier than that if they get a buyer quickly? Has anyone in WA on 804 managed to get a WA seniors card? I've seen conflicting comments on this. Happy new year to you all - hope it's health and happy!
  10. Ollie1234

    143 to 804

    Have to disagree with that. I'm very close to my parents, we talk every day. Anyway, each to their own. Good luck everyone!
  11. Ollie1234

    143 to 804

    I'm not making the decisions for my parents, we are making them together. They have spent 3 months here every year for the last 13, (exc the last 2 thanks to Covid) so it's not unfamiliar to them and they have friends here too. If it doesn't work out, we'll all go back. Regarding flying, it's been established that unvaccinated can pass it on just the same. The planes are actually pretty safe, it's the airports that are more risky, but end of the day you could argue that there's no point taking a vaccine if you're going to stay at home. Yes the UK did it tough, but they are getting on with it.
  12. Ollie1234

    143 to 804

    Hi Linda, I appreciate your input, but can't see the point of waiting. Things aren't going to look better after the 28th, so we'll take our chances. It's my choice to be where my parents are, and if that's in the UK, then so be it. Facetime doesn't cut it for me. Yes, there will always be people wanting to come to Australia, but by the same token, they are leaving in droves because of family visa saga and here in WA, because we were locked in for 2 years, at least 12 months of which was uncalled for. If it doesn't work out for us here, we'll just go back. It sounds like you don't have much longer to wait, but for us, even if they increase quota it will be several years. Life is too short. Family first for me.
  13. Ollie1234

    143 to 804

    Hi Linda, Yes I'm aware of all this, but realistically can't see them increasing 143 and even of they do with a 2020 application it's still going to be longer that we expected (based on the misleading info on the gov website - 4.5 years in 2020). Literally at the point where if they can't stay lawfully in Australia we'll pack up, sell up and move back to the UK. I love Australia and call it home after 13 years but need to be close to my parents as they get older. The government harp on about skills shortages and spend on overseas recruitment drives, but it's a never ending cycle as those new recruits eventually need to be close to parents. Short-sighted thinking in my opinion. After being locked in WA for 2 years, the rose tinted glasses are off. If Labor get in and McGowen gets more power, then god help us all in WA. So we're at the pointy end. Don't care where I live anymore so long as I can support my parents from nearby. The visa system is a mess.
  14. Ollie1234

    143 to 804

    I just spoke with Immi and they tell me it's ok to apply for 804 then leave/return on 651 visa (before 90 days as usual) so long as it is still valid (which it is for 12 months from issue date), as the BVA will be issued off the back of the 804 application but will not 'come into effect' until current visa (651) expires.