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  1. Hi Marisawright, I'm 47 and there's no way for me to get a working holiday visa.. lol right now it doesn't matter anyway, what with the world dealing with CoVid-19!!
  2. Hi Mitchel, Would love to pick your brains... am looking to join my BF in Australia and need help!!
  3. Hey Marisawright, thanks for your advice. My fella and I are looking to get married.. and the spouse /partner visa makes sense there. I was looking for an option to get to Australia on a work visa, solely to keep the pressure of our relationship (if you know what I mean?)
  4. Thanks Amber. We have done a bit of reading on those options but honestly I'm even more confused after reading lol. I'm hoping someone on here will be able to shed some light on the subject!
  5. I have just completed my Occupational Therapist Degree in the U.K and simultaneously met my future husband in Orange NSW :). I am 47 and it appears that my age works against me WRT work visas. Is there anyone who could advise me what my options are? Many thanks Jasmin
  6. Hi everyone! I'm an almost qualified Occupational Therapists (March 2020) with a couple of conditional job offers in the UK. I am considering moving to Australia and have had a look at the OT registration process, and spoke with a couple of recruitment agencies. Being optimistic, I thought the registration process sounded pretty straightforward, BUT after reading some of the posts on here.... hmmm LOL. Anyone currently in the same boat as me? Maybe we could row together?