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  1. Hello everyone! I lodged my partner visa application for my wife on 27th January 2019.....got all medicals and biometrics done on 12th Feb 2019 and front loaded all documents....... My wife got an interview call from the embassy on 11th Oct 2019 while she was on a family sponsored visitor visa in Australia... after the interview I the sponsor got a RFI for Online form 40sp and Updated PCC of sponsor..... we submitted all documents on 26th Oct 2019 and pressed the I confirm button as well..... But we haven't heard back from immigration ever since..... furthermore my wife made an exit too from Australia on 22 of October as her tourist visa was expiring.......I'm a Australian PR and our application is being processed in AHC Islamabad ,Pakistan......The average times that most people got visas in our home country are 9-12 months...... but they did got calls for second RFI's.............what worries me that I haven't heard back from them ever since? Can anyone advice is this normal.....and how much more do I have to wait. This is really stressful.
  2. Congratulations brother! So happy for you Mashallah. Keep us in your prayers.
  3. Congratulations brother! We lodged on 27th Jan 2019....... got our RFI(for online form 40sp and Sponsors updated PCC) and interview on 11th Oct 2019.......all documents submitted 26 Oct 2019. Haven't heard back from them since then. Please pray for us.
  4. Same my wife had a telephonic interview too after which I got an email for online sponsorship 40sp form previously I had submitted a scanned PDF and my updated PCC's. Hopefully we get our grants before Christmas Inshallah. My wife was on a visit visa to Australia when she got the interview call she came back in mid Oct. Who is your CO?
  5. I see so you are in the same boat as us. I am just worried that they usually make contact a month after the RFI but I haven't heard from them since then
  6. I see I applied for the same tourist visa back in May and got the grant in 21 days .So i was just wondering if the processing would be quicker considering this is the second time I'm applying?
  7. Anyone who has applied for a visit visa 600 family sponsored stream..... how long did it take to process your application considering Christmas is approaching?