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  1. Hi We have just moved from the UK to Redcliffe in Brisbane, QLD. Our DD has a CAMHS diagnosis for ASD that needs to be converted to the Australian equivalent and our DS needs to also be assessed for ASD. My understanding is that a GP is the first step for both of these. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a doctor's surgery in Redcliffe or surrounding suburbs that has experience dealing with children on the Autistic Spectrum and is familiar with the process of assessment. Cheers JK
  2. jk4122

    Transferring UK CAMHS ASD diagnoses to Australia

    Hi everyone Thanks for all your responses. Very helpful. @gaia, I would be interested to know the breakdown of costs for the private assessment if you are willing to share, either here or in a private message to my account. Cheers JK
  3. Hi all After an extended stay (16 years) in the UK our family is planning to move back to live in Brisbane. Both our children are on the autistic spectrum. Our 11yr old has a diagnosis from CAMHS and our 7yr has been referred to CAMHS but it is unlikely that the assessment process will be completed before we arrive. Thankfully both children are high functioning with no real concerns academically. Their issues are more related to social interaction, anxiety, mental health, etc. We have also received referrals for other related issues such as Occupational Therapy. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of transferring UK ASD diagnoses to the Australian system. I am primarily interested in knowing whether the diagnosis from CAMHS would be recognised or would we have to undergo the whole process from scratch once in Australia? We are also wondering whether to get a private diagnosis for my son here in the UK and get a covering letter from CAMHS which can be done quite quickly. From my initial investigations it seems to be much cheaper but obviously it needs to be transferrable. The NHS system takes up to two years from referral to diagnosis. Is the Australian system as slow as this and is any of it covered by Medicare? I am interested in what is required for the Criterion One form for school funding and also NDIS, although having looked at the criteria for NDIS which is DSM-V severity level 2 or 3 I'm not sure they would qualify for NDIS. Both children already have Australian citizenship by descent so there are no issues with visas. Any insights or experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers JK