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Found 152 results

  1. I have some questions regarding private pension scheme in the UK. I am over 55 years old. 1. I am going to remain in Australia, does it make financial sense to move the private pension over to an Australian super fund? 2. I can take a 25% tax free lump sum in the UK since turning 55. Is this taxable in Australia if I move it over? 3. How do agents that help to move pensions across and give tax and financial advice make their money when providing their services? Regards TJT
  2. Susan from Moneycorp

    USD market update:

    Happy Friday evening everyone, I'm not sure if too many people follow the USD movements, but at the moment the USD and the Dow Jones is having a significant effect on the world's currrencies. I thought I'd add our USD weekly round-up tonight for anyone who's interested. I hope everyone has a restful weekend ~ USD weekly roundup – Friday 27. March. The US dollar has remained relatively resilient so far during the pandemic, but events have shown that it is not entirely invincible. As the virus continues to spread across the US and it is clear that the country isn’t insulated against such global woes, and this has impacted the US dollar. The US Federal Reserve cut its Funds rate twice in March; it now stands at 0-0.25%. This isn’t the only action available to the Fed and they’ve taken a comprehensive approach, making swap arrangements to provide dollars to the central banks of Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand, allowing them to tap up to $450 billion. It has also pledged to soak up a wide range of securities in order to calm markets, support businesses and keep credit flowing. A decade ago the Fed’s early rounds of quantitative easing purchases were limited to US Treasury instruments. The criteria broadened in subsequent rounds of QE. The Fed’s latest “whatever it takes” programme opens the floodgates to all manner of instruments and sets no limit on what it will spend, which means almost unlimited quantitative easing. This week, US equities fell by 16% at one point and some investors are starting to look forward to life after the worst of the pandemic has receded. Investment bank Morgan Stanley estimates that the US economy will shrink by 30% in the second quarter. St Louis Fed President James Bullard is more optimistic, suggesting that “a potential $2.5 trillion hit coming to the economy is both necessary and manageable… an investment in public health that lays the groundwork for a rapid rebound.” In either case, it may be that it is too close to call at the moment. Pressure on the dollar has come from the perception of the government’s response to the pandemic; the USD2trillion package is expected to be approved by the end of the week. Many feel that the US have been late off the blocks when it comes to offering support and may not have done enough to prevent the spread of the virus in the meantime. Employment numbers are expected to show a jump of 2m people unemployed, but in the circumstances this may not prove catastrophic of the dollar when the results are published. While it is difficult to project with any certainty, what is clear is that for some time the US dollar may have been operating business as usual, but there is nothing usual about the situation that the world has found itself in. Liquidity is in short supply and fluctuations this week have shown that the US dollar is not entirely immune to the same pressures as its currency rivals. The situation is changing by the hour and if you’re looking to buy or sell US dollars, it’s worth working with a currency specialist like moneycorp. As well as allowing you to organise your transfer online or over the phone while you’re staying at home, great rates, low transfer fees and expert guidance on the rapidly evolving market will help you make the most of your money and get it where it needs to be in such difficult times.
  3. Hi all After an extended stay (16 years) in the UK our family is planning to move back to live in Brisbane. Both our children are on the autistic spectrum. Our 11yr old has a diagnosis from CAMHS and our 7yr has been referred to CAMHS but it is unlikely that the assessment process will be completed before we arrive. Thankfully both children are high functioning with no real concerns academically. Their issues are more related to social interaction, anxiety, mental health, etc. We have also received referrals for other related issues such as Occupational Therapy. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of transferring UK ASD diagnoses to the Australian system. I am primarily interested in knowing whether the diagnosis from CAMHS would be recognised or would we have to undergo the whole process from scratch once in Australia? We are also wondering whether to get a private diagnosis for my son here in the UK and get a covering letter from CAMHS which can be done quite quickly. From my initial investigations it seems to be much cheaper but obviously it needs to be transferrable. The NHS system takes up to two years from referral to diagnosis. Is the Australian system as slow as this and is any of it covered by Medicare? I am interested in what is required for the Criterion One form for school funding and also NDIS, although having looked at the criteria for NDIS which is DSM-V severity level 2 or 3 I'm not sure they would qualify for NDIS. Both children already have Australian citizenship by descent so there are no issues with visas. Any insights or experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers JK
  4. Hi. Looking for some advice please. I am in the process of finalising our move to Sydney. I have HSBC's accounts in both the UK and in Australia and will need to transfer money back to the UK account regularly for mortgage etc. Is the best way to just transfer between the two accounts? I won't be charged a fee but will the exchange rates be the best? Or should I use another service? Have searched and search and have probably confused myself more so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. vickig80

    Cat transfer UK to Australia

    Hi, Looking for some advice in regards to transporting our cats from UK to Australia. Just wondering if anyone with some experience of this can advise the best time to send them, not sure whether to send them a week or so before we leave or leave it closer to our move date. Also, does anyone know how long are they in quarantine or does this depend on the pet? Our move date isn't for another couple of years due to commitments in UK, so just trying to get organised and do some research but couldn't seem to find this info on the airpets website. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance
  6. In mid November the company I was working for went into liquidation after 2.5 years there on 457. I was immediately offered a job by a new firm. I was asked to relocate immediately and did so at great cost. We went to the visa agent and I had all of my details complete, but the company dragged its heals to get all the paperwork done. I was sitting in a new home unable to work for 6 weeks, waiting on this company to sort out the 457 visa transfer. Yesterday I found out the member of staff that was dealing with my employmemt had been fired and the company would withdraw the offer of employment. The company had their own guy who would start in the position I had been offered immediately. I had signed a contract and was ready to start but now that's gone. I spent 6 weeks waiting for this company to get the 457 transfered and now have a lot less time to find a new job. If I bring all the evidence to immigration can they reset the 90 days? None of this was my fault.
  7. RFHLFC1984

    Transfer from UK RAF to RAFF

    I have been offered a career opportunity moving from the UK to Australia. My partner (not married) is currently in the RAF and would be reluctant to leave. Is it possible to transfer from RAF to RAAF? I have seen previous posts on here but they are from more than 5 years ago so wanted to know what was still relevant or any advice on how to find this out?
  8. Hi, Has anyone been through the experience of transferring employers? I already have a 457 Visa. An application is due to be lodged today by my new employer, however the migration agent told me that 457 processing times for VIC are currently 4-6 weeks. I'm wondering if they are quoting conservatively as my original visa grant only took a week (I was already here on a WHM visa). I would hope the transfer to a new employer is a simpler affair than an entire new visa due to it only involving a nomination. I am due to leave my current role in just over 3 weeks, so the implication of the visa taking longer is that I won't be able to work for up to 3 weeks... Fingers crossed it comes through quickly! Any thoughts/experiences much appreciated. Cheers, Barry
  9. Guest

    Transfer from RAF to RAAF

    Hi everyone. We are very interested in moving to Australia and would like to do so by transferring my husbands job from uk RAAF. Does anyone know if this is possible and how we find out more info. We have been on the RAAF site and chatted to someone in Australia but they had no idea if a transfer was possible. We do know that his trade is on the In Demand List. Any help at all appreciated, Many thanks Nic
  10. The HMRC publish a list of Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) around the world. These are arrangements that meet certain criteria and to which the HMRC will allow a transfer to take place. It only includes the arrangements that want their details published, but this should be any commercial scheme really if they want the business! If you are considering transferring pension benefits to an arrangement in Aus, you can check this list to see if the HMRC would permit it. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/pensionschemes/qrops.pdf Usual warnings about speaking to a qualified financial advisor apply!
  11. watneyni

    Pensions - transfer or not?

    Hi, Just got my PR... so now have 6 months to transfer my pension, tax tree. I have found that Australian Super transfers are free and others (like BT) can change $1300 advisory and then 4.65% on the transfer :-( My question is....what happens if i just leave my pension in the UK until I am 65/70 and then then just transfer the funds to AUS on an adhoc basis? Would this attract any tax etc. My Scottish widows pension has been performing at 60% over the last 5 years, so a little nervious to move it! Cheers Nick
  12. I was wodering if anyone could help with a question that I can't get answered on the internet. I have been in Australia for 16 months, I'am currently on my 2nd year Working Holiday Visa and will be returning back to the UK early 2011. My current employer is keen to put me through a Heavy Rigid license driving course for me to pick up extra hours at work. My question is - Will the HR license automatically transfer to the UK so that I will be able to do truck driving back home and at what level? If so what steps will I have to take to make it happen? (e.g DVLA) Anyone's help would be gratefully appreciated Kind Regards Jon21289
  13. Hi All, Was hoping to get some advice for a friend off here.. My friend moved over from the UK on a 457 Visa. The company he works for started up a new part of the business which he works in. They had a key person leave and are starting to get cold feet but want to do the right thing by my friend. He has an option to work for another company but there are some questions 1) This company has not sponsored in several years would they still be eligible or would they have to go through everything again? 2) I am sure they have stopped transferring Visas so a new one would have to be applied for right? how long would this take since he in in the country already on a 457 Visa? If anyone else has been through something similar and could post about it, it would be extremely helpful. The way he see's it at the moment is A) he continues to work for Company A and hopes it can work out although they have no contacts in the area he works in since this key person left. B) he tries to get another job with the other company who will potentially pay more and have a more established business. C) he goes back to the UK which he is not really ready for at the moment. Thanks EMJ
  14. Hi all ! Unlike what some seem to say, I find it difficult to know exactly how much it costs to send euros to an Australian bank account held in AUD. There are plenty of nice websites which are involved in transferring money, but few will tell clearly how much it really costs you. They all tell they beat banks rates, they charge no fees etc... but how many AUD do I get when I transfer xxx EUR ? If all those forex specialists have such competitive rates, why is it complicated to get the information ? Why don't they simply give a quote on their main page without having to provide tens of documents and stuff ? At the end what everyone wants to know is : how much will it show on my credit line when I transfer this amount ? I tried today with ozforex, they will basically take 56 AUD for a transfer of 2000 EUR, considering their fees + forex rate. with torfx, I can't get the information. when i request a quote using their online form, it does not send me an actual quote. Can anyone please help and tell how much I would get with torfx, hifx, moneycorp when transferring say 2000 EUR ? Cheers !
  15. Thought this might be useful for anyone thinking of Laterally Transferring from the RN to the RAN. Had my Visa approved on 5 May 08 and this is a comprehensive timeline of the whole process: 3 Mar 07 – Application to RAN 25 Mar 08 – Interview at Gunwharf Keys, Portsmouth 14 Jun 07 – Security, Medical and Application packs sent to me. 12 Jul 07 - Security, Medical and Application packs received by the RAN. 14 Jul 07 – Recognition of Prior Learning pack received from RAN by post. 2 Aug 08 – RPL received by RAN. 26 Nov 07 – Conditions of Service letter (job offer) received by post. 27 Nov 07 – COS letter signed and returned to RAN by post. 21 Jan 08 – Email from RAN to state COS letter received and placed on file. 22 Jan 08 – AD 125 sent to RAN by email and post. 31 Jan 08 – RAN apply for Labour Agreement. 11 Mar 08 – Visa medicals and x-rays conducted. 18 Mar 08 - Visa medicals and x-rays sent to DIAC Sydney by UPS. 25 Mar 08 - Visa medicals and x-rays delivered to DIAC Sydney. 10 Apr 08 – RAN labour Agreement approved by DIAC Canberra. 22 Apr 08 – Visa application sent to DIAC Canberra (Form 47ES + Form 80 and 1221 for the 2 adults) + Police Certificates). 29 Apr 08 – Visa application delivered to DIAC in Canberra. 1 May 08 – Visa lodged. 5 May 08 – Visa approved. We now have our flights booked and leave blighty, wheels off, on the 4 Sep 08. Chris.
  16. Hey, Just wondering about moving money from UK bank to Australian Bank which company is best to use? How soon in advance should I move my money? If I don't move all my money can I transfer it from UK Bank to Australian Bank when in Australia? Thanks Terri
  17. Hi all, We are emigrating to Perth this October and would like some info on what we can and can't take with us. I hear the TV/VCR will be no good in Oz. Is this true or just a myth. Also any suggestrions on good companies for money transfers. Good luck to you all. Paul & family.
  18. Hi All, Towards the end of the year I will be moving to Sydney. My company in London want to send me to their Sydney office to work for them. As I understand it, this will need to be done on a 457 visa. I am a Software Developer and the skilled occupations list says that I need a degree to be eligible for this occupation in Australia. I don't have a degree, I just have a diploma (one level lower) and have been working as a Software Developer for around 2.5 years. Will my lack of a degree be a problem. After all, I'll be doing the same job in Sydney as I'm doing in London and for the same employer. I'm not interested in permanent residency at this point in time. Thanks Chris
  19. Does anyone know the approximate time it takes to transfer a 457 work visa, from one employer to another? Both are in the same line of job. Both companies in the same state.
  20. Tarby777

    Pension transfer company

    Hi all, Has any heard anything good or bad concerning John Horvath of Gold Vision Financial Services t/a World Pension Transfers in WA? I'm thinking of using him for some QROPS pension transfers, but would sleep easier if I found out that he has some satisfied customers here... TIA Tarby
  21. Tarby777

    Cost of pension transfer

    Hi all, I'm looking to bring my existing UK pensions over to a QROPS-compliant Aussie superannuation scheme. The companies I've spoken to so far - such as PTD - charge a %age of the pot, which seems awfully unfair for folks like me who have been paying in for quite a while... surely the cost to them in bringing the money over for a given individual is linked more to the number of UK providers they have to deal with and any complexities they encounter rather than the size of the pot.... So... my question: do you know of a reputable outfit who will do the transfer for a fixed(ish) price? TIA Tarby
  22. Guest

    Transfer UK pension?

    Hi there I've recemtly arrived in Aus and I'm living in Cronulla with my wife and baby daughter. We've come to Aus with my job and although it's not the first time we've moved to another country it's the first time we plan to make this move permanent. As a result I'm trying to understand whether to transfer my UK pension to Australia; as anyone any experience or advice on this? Cheers John
  23. foy465

    Landfill and Transfer Stations

    Just been looking on the internet, and came across a link advertising that free landfill and transfer station for the weekend, does this mean you have to pay to go to the landfill station ? i guess its not like in the uk where you just go to the tip free of charge. many thanks
  24. Hi Everyone, Hope someone can help. I am working in Canberra on a 457 and need to change. Current position is "electronics hardware technician". I have more than 10 years IT experience in Support which includes, desktops, hardware, software, customer service etc. etc. I also have an MBA through a UK university. Canberra I find tough as most jobs are looking for Australians. Any recruiters here or someone knowing where i can try to get a new sponsor? I am also willing to relocate to WA, or any place with 857 sponsorship are in need of skills. Anyone have ideas?
  25. Hello, There's so many stages to this moving business! I thought all my worries would be over when the old visa approval came through, but alas. Anyway, I'm in the process of needing to transfer my UK pounds into Australian dollars - I will be transferring less than £10000 and was wondering what the best way, bank, company etc. was? I know Moneycorp come recommended, what is your advice/similar experiences? I know it's not a lot of money, but to me it is and I know how bad the exchange rates are at the moment - I could handle transferring some of it and waiting for the rates to get better - but I think it's easier to do it in one go surely? Cheers guys, Sam