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  1. Hi 'Marisawright' and 'MaggieMay24' thank you both for the prompt response - very much appreciated! KTT xxx
  2. Hi All Looking at moving over to Melbourne with my kids (girl age 7 and boy age 4). Wondering if there is anyone with experience of the following schools, making a trip over in July to do school tours but would love any first hand experiences. My daughter is relatively academic, she keeps up and is very sociable, my son is a stereotypical boistrous boy - St Leonards - Brighton Grammar - Firbank Grammar - Haileybury Thanks in advance, KTT
  3. Hi There Wondering if there is anyone else sharing our circumstances - I'm British, Husband is a Kiwi (still has a Kiwi passport), looking to relocate to Melbourne. Ideally I wouldn't work for the first year (looking to focus on getting the kids settled, aged 7 and 4). Husband, would most certainly start a business of his on (Management Consultancy). Any tips /experiences shared greatly appreciated. KTT