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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, I posted a question in the partner visa forum but it might be relevant to others: My wife is Australian (by birth) with Kiwi parents who have been living in Australia since the 70s - question is what to put for the Kiwi parents Aus immigration status.. Because they entered prior to Feb 2001 they never had to obtain permanent residency - I understand they automatically get a protected Special category visa (SCV) which gives them all of the benefits of permanent residency (eg healthcare, unemployment benefit etc) without having to go through the official process. When filling out the sponsor section of my application (for 309/100) we have to put in the visa status of family members but none seem an obvious fit for the circumstances. Options below - Temporary Resident seems to be closest fit based on info I can find: - Australian Citizen - clearly does not apply to them - Permanent Resident - strictly speaking no but they have quasi PR by virtue of their protected SCV - Temporary Resident - they've been in Aus for 40+ years but are they considered temporary whilst living on kiwi passports without formal PR? - Student (no) - Other - maybe but this seems to be the status for people without any Aussie status
  2. Hi There Wondering if there is anyone else sharing our circumstances - I'm British, Husband is a Kiwi (still has a Kiwi passport), looking to relocate to Melbourne. Ideally I wouldn't work for the first year (looking to focus on getting the kids settled, aged 7 and 4). Husband, would most certainly start a business of his on (Management Consultancy). Any tips /experiences shared greatly appreciated. KTT
  3. Penelopelw

    Clueless about visas

    Hello we are currently in the UK but considering a move down under in the next couple of years depending on finances and life! My partner has dual citizenship New Zealand and Bristish so has a NZ passport. We have 3 children born in the UK who would be eligible for NZ passports too. So my partner and kids would all be allowed to live and work in Australia without visas (I believe) but we don’t know what I would qualify for? We aren’t married but we would like to get married in the future so I’m not sure if that affects anything. I would need to work to afford to live down under. If we went to Australia it would only be for 6months-1yr initially and then if we loved it we could extend our stay but again it would all depend on visas. Does anyone know what options we would have? Also we have no friends or family in Brisbane (where we are considering) but we have friends in Sydney (which we couldn’t afford) and Canberra. Has anyone else made the move down under alone and how did you find it? Have you managed to make friends? And what about childcare after school or school holidays if you are both working? Thanks so much Penelope
  4. Guest

    kiwi partner visa

    Hi we are a couple wanting to move to Oz, I ma kiwi citizen born and bred, my partner is Argentinean and has perm NZ residency in his Argentine passport. Is the correct form to apply a 47SP ?? is that the correct visa for us, ? to work and live permanently in Oz ? also his current Argentine passport is on a 12 month extension each year as Argentina does not replace full passports overseas, would you believe? he can fly home and get a full passport , but then the NZ immigration says that he will not be able to come back until the nz visas are transferred, which has to be done in Washington USA ?? !!!! so we would prefer not to do that as time away from work etc... will his 1 year extension passport be ok for the Oz visa application ? many thanks for any advice . we have tried emailing direct to embassy but no personal reply.:arghh:
  5. Hi, I am sure that someone will have asked a similar question to the one I ma going to ask but I have had a look on the Forum and can't find it if they have. I am a UK citizen and am getting married to my Kiwi fiancee next March (2011). We are hoping to move to Oz (Melbourne) in the next couple of years and so are starting to look into Visa's. We are obviously fortunate tha my fiancee is from New Zealand so can move to Oz with no problems, but I would like some advice on the best option for us. From my research so far, I think the best option for me would be the partner Visa, and hope I get a permanent one. Does anyone know how likely this would be? We have been together for 7 years and own a house together in the UK. We also have a 11 month old daughter, born in the UK. We are also wondering if it would be worth my fiancee getting her Oz citizenship. Her mum is Australian so she is entitled by descent, but we arent sure if this would actually have any advantage over simply going over as a NZ citizen. Has anyone else looked into this? Would it increase my chances of getting a permanent partnership Visa? Lastly, we are not sure what kind of Visa our daughter would need? Any advice on this is greatly appreciated, the Australian embassy are not easy people to get hold of! Many thanks, James
  6. Hi can anyone help? we have a few questions around sorting out visas for Australia from the UK. My Partner is a New Zealand Citizen which means that we could enter Australia and provided I follow her in I could get in on a sub class 461 this has some drawbacks especially if we settle and grow old so would prefer not to go that route. As the 461 visa only takes 12 weeks and is a low cost would it be better to apply for this visa, enter Australia and then try to get a potential employer to sponsor me for a 457 visa ? (am I actually allowed to apply for another visa once I am in on the 461) Or Would it just be best to take the risk enter on the 461, start my new life and make sure I get the right amount of insurance to cover me for medical, pension & disability. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers Rob
  7. :wub:Can anyone work this one out, as both me and my OH cant, and neither could the CO who granted our visa last week...... Ok, so I am British, my partner is a kiwi, but been in oz 25 years, not got citizenship or anything. I am on a subclass 820 spouse visa........when our baby is born early next year no-one seems to know if it will be a British, Aussie or Nz citizen!! What passports can it have?!! Not a major issue but am curious to know if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone knows the answer!!!! Thanks Linz
  8. Guest

    For Kiwi lovers -

    Just to prove the poor old Kiwi's are not slow in beating the drum about themselves - go here kea Bit slow to load at first (what do you expect from Kiwis)
  9. Hello one and all!, I'm born and bred UK but have a New Zealand passport. I've browsed through some threads and have noticed a lot of red tape, particularly for those who are going to Oz with visas! I currently work in IT and have qualifications (in networking). I also have experience in working in a Call Centre as well as 10 years painting & decorating experience, although I don't have any qualifications for this. Firstly, I just would like to know is there much red tape for a Kiwi passport holder looking to get work in the IT/painting&decorating/Call Centre environments in NSW. Secondly, what are my chances of gaining employment in the IT/painting&decorating/Call Centre environments in NSW based on my experience/qualifications? Your help is so much appreciated!!!! :smile:
  10. Hi All before I start a bit of background. Im a kiwi, born and bred, been in the uk for 20 ish years and its time to go back. Where??? Well thats the rub. We visited NZ and oZ for 8 weeks last year and feel in love with OZ. Before we left for our trip funded by govt redundancies in the civil servidce (thanks Gordon) we applied for and were granted PR for wife in NZ!!! Simple really. However our hearts lie in Oz. Now the questions is this. I know that we can apply for the 461 visa. However can we apply for a tourist visa of 12 months for her, and then apply when we are in OZ for the 461. The Oz immigration site says we can but Im wary of pushing our luck. I know she cannot work, I can, lucky girl, and we would be travelling a fair bit, chasing work in Arboriculture, I have already been offered work for 8 months in various bits of OZ. We will have more than sufficient funds to supprt her in OZ, bank statements to support this. Just want to know if anyone did ths has done this. I have e mailed the immigration folk but not received a reply yet. Thanks for any answers. Steve