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  1. Applied nomination August 2016 Visa in March 2017 Got rejection in 21 may 2018 Applied AAT 28 may 2018 AAT asked documents 30 Nov 2020 Provided documents to them 14 Dec 2020 Got hearing date on 24 feb 2021 Won AAt and got result within 2 hours Asked for medical 5 March provided them back 29 March .. They again asked AFP Soo now waiting for AFP
  2. I m from western Australia.. W8ting for visa after won AAT Don't wry your file going to open Soon as i applied AAt in 28 may 2018 and opened in 30 Nov 2020
  3. Yes it's depends on the case .. we got result after 2 hour of hearing and one of my friend got result within 2 days .. you will get idea about your result .. member of AAT is very helpful .. don't wry .. if the happy with your answer then no matter when you will get your result but for sure they will give you postive result
  4. No mate I didnt sent any complain.. I just asked from the forum applicant that there is any way to lodge complain about the slow processing time .. I just W8ting for my PR .. yesterday they asked again for AFP with adding another name in AFP application ( they said department shows your another name which you use in some places ).. both for me and my husband
  5. You can't trust on Australian immigration till you get PR
  6. Hope God will help us all .. we all want peace in life .. such a stressful time ..
  7. Yes they just wasting time .. problem is I don't have another name... They send me my middle name as last name .. so I applied AFP according that . I never did anything wrong .. name not matter for me.. w8ting is just killing every day..
  8. They again asked for AFP. As I provide them AFP with my name as per passport .. they asked you have another name Soo applied again AFP with that another name .. send us back within 28 days
  9. Today they requested again more information ...
  10. What the hell is going on .. ..they runied 5 years of our life due to slow processing time ... Still we all stuck in same bhullshit process .. god
  11. It's really hard to W8 .. any way to sent complaint via mail to them???
  12. Hey anybody w8ting for visa after winning AAT..?? It's been month now we submitted them all documents ( medical n AFP) .. no reply yet ... What's the processing time ??
  13. Asses

    187 Visa Processing Time

    They asked for further information on 5th March.. we submitted everything on 29th March .. just w8ting after that ..
  14. Asses

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Restaurant manager.. Perth WA..
  15. Asses

    187 Visa Processing Time

    M also w8ting for visa approval after winning AAT in last week of February