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  1. Congratulations @LR&EA 19! So happy for you! Hopefully we’ll see some more grants this week.X
  2. Hopefully this week will see some grants! I’m wondering if delay is just down to staff holidays over the summer. Good luck everyone x
  3. My agent has now told me processing times are 18 months minimum due to the backlog of applications! Not sure my nerves (or gin collection) are able to cope. Anyone else using an agent and been told this?
  4. It’s so frustrating. Our agent is Australia based too. The agent that submitted our application has left the firm this week so it’s been assigned to another agent within the same firm. I’m concerned as we’ve not even had any RFI and submitted 3rd December 2018. Our life is in limbo at the moment as don’t want to take the chance of going down on a tourist visa with 3 young children. Hopefully there will be some movement soon.
  5. @AK2910 hopefully you’ll hear very soon - you must be close to front on the queue. It’s so difficult being unable to make plans. Think I’m becoming obsessed with checking this thread!
  6. @GRS I know where you’re coming from as it’s great to see grants coming through but also a bit frustrating as they don’t seem to process in date order. Not sure if ones with agents are actually taking longer! We’ve not had any RFI yet but trying to think positive and hope that we have submitted everything they need. I contacted our agent again last week but she just reassured me that it’s not unusual to wait this long. Hopefully something will come through for us in next few weeks.
  7. Congratulations @roomummy @Steppy! So happy for you both. Hopefully there’ll be a few more grants this week x
  8. Really hoping things start moving again soon. I think we’re bucking the trend at 8 months with no contact. I’m really hoping to hear soon as so much to organise if we plan on getting there for February. It would be great to see any movement. Good luck with your appeal Ben34uk.
  9. Keeping fingers crossed that the start of the new financial year brings some grants. We’ve now been waiting for 8 months without any movement. It’s very frustrating as feel I can’t make plans. How’s everyone coping? X
  10. We’re in the same position. I also applied with an agent on 3rd December and no contact whatsoever. Hopefully we’ll see some movement soon! Is your agent based in UK or Aus? Ours is Australian bases but we’re in UK and applying for 309 so assuming our visa will be processed in London even though our agent is in Aus?
  11. Congratulations on all the new grants! Still no news for us. Trying not to think about it but it’s difficult. I think being on maternity leave and not having the distraction of work isn’t helping.
  12. Congratulations everyone! Still nothing for us. I e-mailed my agent but get the feeling she thinks it’s not going to be looked at for a while and that I’m being silly chasing her already. I have said London do seem to be processing quicker than global times as per this thread. I think the most frustrating thing about using an agent is that I can’t check my account for updates! I suppose I’ll just need to have patience
  13. Congratulations @Cuddles200! So happy for you. Glad things seem to be moving again! hoping our agent has news for us tonight. Think I’ll drop her an e-mail to check (she’s aus based) Ours is complicated because of my husbands previous sponsorship but it would put my mind at rest just to know someone is looking at it!
  14. Hoping we get some movement this week. I know we’ve only been waiting for 6 months but it’s so stressful not being able to make plans for the future. Ideally we want to try and be down before the next school year for our little boy starting school. We seem to be having a run of bad luck at the moment as household appliances have broken down and now the automatic gearbox on the car has broken Would love to get a bit of good news.
  15. Thanks for tracking the applications MPPC. It’s very useful We’re now at week 22 so really hoping to hear something soon. We applied through an agent as ours is a complicated case due to my husband previously sponsoring 2 ex’s. I’m hoping they see common sense as we’ve been together 8 years and have 3 kids. It’s so stressful not being able to plan! We’re spending every evening online checking out different Brisbane suburbs.