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  1. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Haw Paw gardens,( tiger balm gardens).Haw Paw station is the underground station.Some good photos if you Google it. Sitting bored stiff in Heathrow.
  2. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    On the return leg back to Australia now,sitting in Heathrow. Don' t do the Malaysia cheap hotel thing.Border crossing is much more difficult than it was when I was younger. Look at Clarke quay on booking .com for Singapore,some very good and reasonable hotels there. No change given on the bus in Singapore so have plenty S$2 notes. Underground is brilliant,Raffles,Sentosa,Chinatown etc all around S$2 fares. Train from the airport to basically any where is S$ 3.50.All the public transport people are very helpful,go out of their way to help you. Take the kids to Tiger Balm gardens,free entry,underground station right next to it.They' ll love all the statues and Chinese horror things.Paw Boon gardens or some thing like that,the people that invented Tiger Balm.Their gift to the people of Singapore.On the west coast highway,just off it actually. Very impressed by Singapore.Cycle friendly so going back later this year to cycle around Singapore. Now the dreaded long haul to Hong Kong to get there around 14.00 tomorrow H K time.Out of Heathrow tonight UK time at 18.40
  3. Whey aye

    Moving to Cairns – should we buy or rent?

    Work out how much you want to borrow ,I.e $400K.Interest rates at 4% so interest is 16K per annum.Plus stamp duty,maintenance,insurance etc.Amortisation of mortgage. Work out want annual rent is and bingo. Should house prices take off you lose,should they flatline then you win. How long do you plan on living there.
  4. Whey aye

    Finance in older age

    For those interested each year of contributions is worth £ 4.75 per week. You can now make 10 years of catch up contributions possibly at class 2.
  5. Whey aye

    regarding SAF lavy

    I think it is Skilling Australian Funds levy.Paid by the employer to bring in skilled labour for shortages of that skill No refunds,but somebody else may know more about it. Basically a tax to help fund local trainees/apprentices etc.
  6. Why do you want a mortgage broker? Spend 5 minutes online ,usually U bank are very reasonable.All information is on their website,calculators,how much you will pay back etc. All banks have their info online.CUA are good,it only takes 5 minutes to do it yourself. U bank is the internet portal for NAB,internet only!!!.
  7. Whey aye


    $50K should be OK,as long as you have no rent or mortgage. Rummage through ASFA they give what they think are reasonable figures.I think they are a bit high,but better safe than sorry One drawback would or could be your UK pension.Unless things have changed then once you have left the UK to live in Australia you do not get annual increases I don' t know how much the UK pension is but if it is £160 per week,then it stays at that for the rest of your life,or return to the UK.Probably pay you to check that out. Cheap holidays can be had by housesitting.Health is easy,all the lovely weather,depending on where you live.Take up cycling, an hour or two a day is very good.There are lift your own weight machines in a lot of places,sit up benches etc.That is in Perth,I make the most of them on a daily basis.The weather is good enough for everyday exercise,possibly 5 - 10 days a year when it rains or Xmas day etc.
  8. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Are you sure you have that the right way round In general leave Singapore midnight,land LHR 7 am . 14 hour flight minus 7 hr time difference. Coming back leave LHR evening, say 18.00,arrive Singapore 21 hrs later,15.00 the next afternoon. 14 hrs plus the 7 hour time difference. Going around the back is a killer,leave eastern states,arrive LAX around 3 - 4 hours before you left Australia.Crossing the date line as you cross Cooke Islands etc. Coming back that way,take a few birthday cakes,seems to take years before you get back to Australia For cheap hotels in Singapore try staying just over the border in Malaysia.Cross the road almost and you are in Singapore on their transport systems,and around 20 mins from the airport. Did a lot of round the world tickets in 1970s and 80s.Backpacking habits die hard. Dreading UK to hong Kong leg,last time I will ever get back to the UK.
  9. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Depends which way you go. Flying round the back would usually mean Air NZ.Auckland is very nice,choice of Tahiti ( give it a miss really overated),Hawaii ,Los Angeles for Disneyland,Universal studios etc. Just reread the post,a few days.Around the world flights can be cheap,Los Angeles going to the UK and Singapore or Hong Kong coming back.2 or 3 days outbound to break the journey,same coming back. We go next month,Perth,Singapore,UK,Hong Kong,Perth.Retired so a week in Sin and then a week in H/K. Webjet $1450 for the flights with Qantas,Brit airways,Cathay Pacific on code share. Hotels through booking.com I think.
  10. Now that is weird,that is exactly what they told me around 40 years ago. Doing a future value calculation then was just as easy as it is now. Expected growth rate over a number of years, worked out that I thought they would be worth around $400K now.They are worth around 700 -- 750K. I thought average wages would be around $50K,they are $80K. At a growth rate 6% average compounding then $427K will be around $4.3 million in 40 years.Work out for yourself what you think wages will be The risk was too great 40 years ago,interest rates were going to rise,unemployment was going to rise.I wonder if I hear that non stop today Isn' t that weird Everybody says things were so cheap 40 years ago.In 40 years time every body will be saying how cheap things were 40 years ago. How weird is that.
  11. So my house has gone from around $38K in the early 1980's to around $400 K now. Back then it cost around 4 years average wages,now it can be bought for around 5 years average wages,at far lower interest rates. My westpac shares went from around $2.50 each in the early 80s to around $27 each today.They paid a dividend every year and have never missed paying a dividend . The experts have told me the sky is going to fall down every day since I for here.Nobody has ever been able to afford to buy anything.They' ve predicted 14 of the last 3 crashes and recessions. I' ve seen unemployment rates in WA at around 12% ( the recession we had to have).Interest rates for a mortgage at around 19%, mortgages at around 4% now Sun came up still,experts get everything wrong still,why would you listen to anything they have to say.
  12. Whey aye

    Your favourite city in the world

    Amsterdam,first big job in the 70,s,Chinatown was great and long gone. Bangkok in the 70, s ,third world and made me realise how lucky I was to win the birth lottery. Anywhere in Germany almost,but Berlin before the wall came down,birth lottery again. All those graves with Unbekant ( unknown) Gestorben am ( died on ) numbers for date of murder by the snipers in the pillboxes over the small wall and river. Vancouver I, m a wherever I lay my hat that's my home type. Never keen on the US
  13. Whey aye

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    I got mine after two years,as quick as I could. Didn' t know if I would stay here but thought it would be handy. Didn' t cost anything then in the early 1980s so didn't seem a problem.Never regretted it,didn' t fancy the hassle of return visas,also free then I think. Dropped the UK passport as it seemed pointless paying for 2 passports.For people that have to give up the residency of their country of birth it would be a major problem,and I can understand it. No intention of leaving Australia so it all turned out well,but it will always be each to their own.
  14. Whey aye

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Probably not for the BAE surface ships. However ASIO clearance may be needed for the subs,and as you say citizenship.I' d forgotten about that,well spotted.I would be surprised if any steelwork starts on those subs before 2025 so plenty of time to gain citizenship. ASIO would need a good length of history though,if security clearance is still needed.
  15. Whey aye

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    I' m a retired welder QA/ QC etc.Been here 40 years,great place to live. BAE systems should be needing welders ongoing for a few years at Henderson,on new shipbuilding work for the navy.Mostly FCAW I would think,some tig work probably. Cupro nickel and titanium TIG 6 G should come into demand.Titanium with the dual / trailing shield . I' ve never bothered looking at anything for around 5--10 years,can' t really go wrong if you pass exotic metals test. Submarines to be built,depending on modern wires then could be FCAW ,if they don' t come up to scratch then it' ll be stick SMAW. Subs probably built in Adelaide but some modules may be built in Perth. Big jobs are usually even time now,week on week off,sometimes 2 and 1. Conditions can be very hot 50 C.Shocked me in the 80 ' s cryogenic welding on high nickel steels. Seek .com welder jobs Perth would be the place to look at. Wages would tend to be $35. $40 an hour. Quals are needed for foreman jobs QA/ QC etc.Cert 10 to AS 1796 ,structural or pressure vessel.Pressure vessel is the best one,covers you for everything. I came here with City and Guilds and Welding technicians and NDT certs. Codes are usually ASME and B 31.3. Sub's will override ASME as they are top notch unfired pressure vessels basically. Good luck