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  1. Whey aye

    Metal fabricator technical interview

    Long time since I retired but in general stick ( smaw) would be DC + ve for low hydrogen ,sometimes DC -ve for root work. 7016 ( Kobe rods) for root work and 7018 for fill and cap. GP and iron powder are AC,DC is too hot for them on positive. Zirconiated tungstens for AC work on TIG ( aluminium).Think of the name Zac.Thoriated obviously for DC ( - ve). 2/3 of the heat is on the positive pole,1/3 on the negative. USA works the opposite way to the UK for straight /reverse polarity,very confusing on the old Lincoln machines where they are marked straight or reverse,not +ve or -ve. MIG/MAG would be electrode positive,running argomix 80/20 for mild steel,I think it is called migshield now.When I started many decades ago CO2 was the only gas.That is deep penetrating,whereas argomix is smoother and better wetting on the toes of the weld FCAW also positive pole,some wires do run negative,rarely used. Procedures will give details anyway. Depends how high you want to go,I had City and Guilds and Technicians in the UK,and Cert 10 pressure vessel supervisors here and NDT certs. Tried to forget everything once I retired Shouldn' t be too difficult. When I came here I had ASME 9 6G and 6GR for stick and TIG way back in the 1970s.They just looked at trade papers and where you served your time then.
  2. Whey aye

    Medical refusal 186 (akrolosing spondylitus

    Perhaps the cost they are factoring in is the medicine ( tablets) that cost around 30K a year. Mine was diagnosed in my mid 60's,so late in life.No real problem just stiffness The specialist I have to see once a year tells me to do a test to see if I qualify for the 30K tablets.I just say that I have no pain,movement is restricted a bit but otherwise fine,why try to get those tablets.I am quite happy as it is,no pain whatsoever.The tablets don't reverse the calcification so I think they are just super duper anti inflammatories for pain that is not there. Can't help with the visa bit but that is probably the cost they are looking at Keep up with the gym etc as that really slows it down. As I am retired I have all the time in the world for exercise.If I didn't have A S I would feel 18 again. Good luck
  3. Whey aye

    Australia Prices cheaper now than in 1901

    Everything is cheaper. The human race spends every minute thinking how can we make rubbish more expensive,how can technology make everything worse and more expensive Or the human race tries to make things better and cheaper,technology is used to make things better and cheaper. From my youth everybody lived in a council house.TV and radio were things that were rented because they were so expensive to buy.Nobody ever went on an aeroplane,holidays were once every ten year things,it meant a week in a caravan around 50 miles from home,and so on. The difference between 70 years ago and now is unbelievable.
  4. Whey aye

    Taxation Help Tax Return

    I would think it is a scam. You have nothing to worry about.The tax office is not there to screw you and treat you harshly. They are there to make sure you pay the correct amount of tax. Call them tomorrow and ask if they have taken this action against you.They will answer yes or no. After that it is up to you,you can be honest with them,or you can hope the error is not picked up.
  5. Whey aye

    Taxation Help Tax Return

    Depends how they contacted you.If it was a telephone call then it is almost certainly a scam. As MaryRose said don' t be scared to call the tax office ,if only to check that it isn't a scam. Be honest with them, if it is a scam,tell them you want to correct a mistake.They are far more lenient if you are honest rather than they have to find out. The more tax you pay,the better off you are.You earn $1million a year,the tax office takes $450K roughly.You earn $18200 a year no tax.You earn $100K the tax office takes $25K roughly. Which position would you rather be in $550K in your pocket,$75K in your pocket,or telling yourself you must be better off if you pay less tax
  6. Whey aye


    Forgot,you need to be working in Australia to pay the class 2 contributions If you are not working then you need to pay class 1, around £ 750 a year I think. If you can pay class two it is a bargain. The call centre is open 6 days per week from 8 am to 6 pm I think,UK time.
  7. Whey aye


    I did a bit of work on this while in the UK recently for a guy that is not really clued up financially. You can pay back 10 years they told me.Class 2 contributions are £ 158 per year,call it £ 160.Each year of contributions is worth around £ 4.80 per week at today's pension rate.So contribute £1600 and get £ 2500 every year for the rest of your life. You need a pension forecast,download forms,fill them in,post them back etc.Then do it all again to a different dept for the how to pay and what to pay bit. He had approx 13 years in,worth £ 64 a week at today's rates.If he paid back the full amount his maximum pension would be £126 a week. Call +441912183600 for a forecast.It is a right pain trying to get it done if you are not computer literate and have no access to printers etc.They seem determined not to post forms out. For people that are up to speed I would think it would be very easy,print the forms off,fill them in,post them back and wait.
  8. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Haw Paw gardens,( tiger balm gardens).Haw Paw station is the underground station.Some good photos if you Google it. Sitting bored stiff in Heathrow.
  9. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    On the return leg back to Australia now,sitting in Heathrow. Don' t do the Malaysia cheap hotel thing.Border crossing is much more difficult than it was when I was younger. Look at Clarke quay on booking .com for Singapore,some very good and reasonable hotels there. No change given on the bus in Singapore so have plenty S$2 notes. Underground is brilliant,Raffles,Sentosa,Chinatown etc all around S$2 fares. Train from the airport to basically any where is S$ 3.50.All the public transport people are very helpful,go out of their way to help you. Take the kids to Tiger Balm gardens,free entry,underground station right next to it.They' ll love all the statues and Chinese horror things.Paw Boon gardens or some thing like that,the people that invented Tiger Balm.Their gift to the people of Singapore.On the west coast highway,just off it actually. Very impressed by Singapore.Cycle friendly so going back later this year to cycle around Singapore. Now the dreaded long haul to Hong Kong to get there around 14.00 tomorrow H K time.Out of Heathrow tonight UK time at 18.40
  10. Whey aye

    Moving to Cairns – should we buy or rent?

    Work out how much you want to borrow ,I.e $400K.Interest rates at 4% so interest is 16K per annum.Plus stamp duty,maintenance,insurance etc.Amortisation of mortgage. Work out want annual rent is and bingo. Should house prices take off you lose,should they flatline then you win. How long do you plan on living there.
  11. Whey aye

    Finance in older age

    For those interested each year of contributions is worth £ 4.75 per week. You can now make 10 years of catch up contributions possibly at class 2.
  12. Whey aye

    regarding SAF lavy

    I think it is Skilling Australian Funds levy.Paid by the employer to bring in skilled labour for shortages of that skill No refunds,but somebody else may know more about it. Basically a tax to help fund local trainees/apprentices etc.
  13. Why do you want a mortgage broker? Spend 5 minutes online ,usually U bank are very reasonable.All information is on their website,calculators,how much you will pay back etc. All banks have their info online.CUA are good,it only takes 5 minutes to do it yourself. U bank is the internet portal for NAB,internet only!!!.
  14. Whey aye


    $50K should be OK,as long as you have no rent or mortgage. Rummage through ASFA they give what they think are reasonable figures.I think they are a bit high,but better safe than sorry One drawback would or could be your UK pension.Unless things have changed then once you have left the UK to live in Australia you do not get annual increases I don' t know how much the UK pension is but if it is £160 per week,then it stays at that for the rest of your life,or return to the UK.Probably pay you to check that out. Cheap holidays can be had by housesitting.Health is easy,all the lovely weather,depending on where you live.Take up cycling, an hour or two a day is very good.There are lift your own weight machines in a lot of places,sit up benches etc.That is in Perth,I make the most of them on a daily basis.The weather is good enough for everyday exercise,possibly 5 - 10 days a year when it rains or Xmas day etc.
  15. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Are you sure you have that the right way round In general leave Singapore midnight,land LHR 7 am . 14 hour flight minus 7 hr time difference. Coming back leave LHR evening, say 18.00,arrive Singapore 21 hrs later,15.00 the next afternoon. 14 hrs plus the 7 hour time difference. Going around the back is a killer,leave eastern states,arrive LAX around 3 - 4 hours before you left Australia.Crossing the date line as you cross Cooke Islands etc. Coming back that way,take a few birthday cakes,seems to take years before you get back to Australia For cheap hotels in Singapore try staying just over the border in Malaysia.Cross the road almost and you are in Singapore on their transport systems,and around 20 mins from the airport. Did a lot of round the world tickets in 1970s and 80s.Backpacking habits die hard. Dreading UK to hong Kong leg,last time I will ever get back to the UK.