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  1. Seethalekshmi

    Converting student visa to pr

    Guys, i am a HR adviser and got 70 points in VETASSESS assessment, though i applied for nomination in NT i didnt get any response from them yet so i am planning to apply for student visa in either tasmania or sa, but i am uncertain whether it would be possible to apply for pr or 489 after one year. Do anyone here have done anything like that, one of my friend told that there is no guarantee in getting pr after the course of 2 years. Please advise.
  2. Seethalekshmi

    NT 489

    Any update on NT 489 visa application, i am bit worried as i applied on dec and still my status is waiting for admin review
  3. Seethalekshmi

    NT migration

    my occupation is HR adviser, 70 pts
  4. Seethalekshmi

    AIM assessment

    Hi, anyone gone for assessment through AIM, i am a HR advisor, did assessment via vetassess, they gave only 7 years of experience. i am planning to apply for assessment by AIM for HR manager as both have same roles and duties. Do anyone here have experience from AIM, please advise. Thank you.
  5. Seethalekshmi

    NT migration

    Hi, Anyone got invitation from December application, how long will it take for them to respond. Pls reply.