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  1. Hello Friends, May I ask you to please guide me in regard to the following questions: 1. Do I have the review right on AAT in case my 189 skilled visa rejects considering I am an offshore applicant? 2. If I cancel my currently granted visa, do the records and documents associated with the application also delete? 3. If my partner receives a positive skill assessment, does she still need to provide English language requirements for the 189 visa? If yes, how long is the IELTS test valid? 1 year or 3 years? Thank you
  2. My wife and I are on a student visa residing in Australia. Recently, I made an FOI request and found out that our agent did not provide my academic certificate and transcripts and also one of my job reference letters during the student visa application. I was the dependant applicant of that application. Now we are going to apply for a 189 visa and I want to be the primary applicant this time. However, I am afraid that my application gets rejected due to the conflict with our previous application. It is also noteworthy that we are not in Australia when we submit our application. I want to know if we have the right to complain at AAT if out application rejects. What do you suggest me to do? Any advice is much appreciated.