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Found 27 results

  1. I would like to share the AAT (187 visa refusal) time line with you all
  2. Hi All, I have applied for my 187 RSMS application in May 2016 when i was on bridging visa A and because of that i was granted a BVC with Nil conditions. In December 2018 my nomination and visa was refused that business doesn't need a manager. we appealed to AAT and i was given same BVC with NIL conditions and yesterday we have lost the appeal and now going for FCC and will have to apply for another BVC. My question is about working rights. Will it come with same working rights as my previous BVC ? or do i need to apply for work rights separately? i am asking all this because i need to make arrangements at my work place by giving them enough notice if i am going to loose my work rights for some time. Incase i need to apply for work rights by showing financial hardship, do i need to mention about my de facto partner name as my family who is on a student visa and not capable to supporting me or should i not mention about her, Is she my family in Australia?? Please please please help me by answering these couple of questions about my working rights when applying for a new BVC for my FCC for 187 RSMS application. thank you
  3. Hello, Application for RSMS187 submitted in Feb 2017, nomination and subsequent visa refusal in March 2018, due to migration agent submitting application without all relevant fininacial documents for the visa. My position is secretary which at the time was on the list. My agent took no repsonibility and asked for a further $6000 fee to go to AAT, claiming good success chance. I couldn't afford the agents fee + AAT fee so submitted appeal application on my own. 2021, Today I received notice the the nomination has been approved but my visa has been remitted back to immigration to consider the remaining criteria for my visa. Has anyone had a similar experience or any knowledge of how likely I am to be successful? It is also a bit messy because my ex partner who was but is no longer defacto on my application, became abusive and there are restraining orders in place that he has breached and received a 6 month suspended sentence for, but he is still eligible for appeal, I really hope he doesn't affect my visa. We had a son together who is now 2.5 years old, he has no contact and has provided no financial support. Thank you in advance to anyone who can give any advice or share experiences.
  4. AMI457—186


    My 457-186 nomination refused in September 2017, and I applied for an administrative review in October. Now, the Appeal Center asked me to participate in a video conference 2weeks later. Is there anyone with the same situation as me? or have you ever experienced?
  5. Hi all, Overseas fulltime cook April 2014 Obtained Culinary cert after a 10 months corse in OCT 2016. Positive skill assessment Sep 2017. Visa 186 logded in Nov 2018. Currently working in Australia via visa 482 approved Dec 2018 expiring Dec 2020. Business nomination for 186 approved June 2019. Visa 186 refused in July 2019 with reason: working experience post Culinary cert received in oct 2016 is not recognized. My question is that if the chance to be approved at the AAT is high or low. We do have full support from the current employer to clarify the need of my employment at their restaurant. However the Restaurant has been making loss for the last two financial years 1718 and 1819 due to road closure for months, shop closure for big renovation, current Corona panic. Is there anyone had already experienced similar to my current case? Or if you have any suggestion. During the AAT will they consider the current situation of the applicant which i do have enough 3 years full time experience by now. Or will they only consider the situation when application was lodged. Thanks in advance to all.
  6. Hi, My 187 DE nomination as ICT Suppport tech (lodged in Jan 2018) was refused in lack of financial document without requesting any further document in first week of September 2018, AAT was lodged in last week of sepember 2018, The company is solid with 32 years of presences in town, and with new ABN around 6 years, all financial are completed and lodged, super is up to date, only business tax and BAS are a little bit delayed and paid by payment plans to ATO. Can anyone share the time-frame, possible outcome, or share their experience or in same boat
  7. Emily-1987

    AAT Appeal wait times - Help please!

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of guidance here, we lodged an AAT appeal for our PR 187 visa in August 2017 which we believe was unfairly refused, and our visa agent thinks we have a good case. It’s now 21 months later and still we have not heard anything. We were originally told it would take around 12 months and then last year we were told it’s 18 – 24 months! Anyone else been through the appeal process and can give some idea of how long there’s took. Or anyone else in a similar position? The not knowing is becoming very stressful and is taking its toll. Many thanks
  8. My nomination has Been refused so my visa for Rsms my employer does not want to appeal i am going to appeal to AAT for my visa refusal only could you please tell me how long should I get time for hearing only Vida appeal ? (Not nomination)
  9. Hello Friends, May I ask you to please guide me in regard to the following questions: 1. Do I have the review right on AAT in case my 189 skilled visa rejects considering I am an offshore applicant? 2. If I cancel my currently granted visa, do the records and documents associated with the application also delete? 3. If my partner receives a positive skill assessment, does she still need to provide English language requirements for the 189 visa? If yes, how long is the IELTS test valid? 1 year or 3 years? Thank you
  10. Hi everybody. I am trying to find a sponsor for a 482, my job title is in the shortlist. Because of that, I am a bit scared of the GTE rule (Genuine Temporary Entrant) as I have been in Australia for 4 years (see my own story below). Did you have your visa refused because of GTE? What is the best way to avoid this? Also if the 482 visa is refused, can I re-apply for a 482 later? What are my options? A bit more about my situation: I have been in Australia for 3.5 years, working for the same company in a Senior role. I spent 2 years under my 457, then the company nominate for the PR (ENS 186 Direct Entry) a before my 457 expires. After 15 months, the nomination of my employer has been refused "Lack of evidence regarding the training". They have done it, they have all the documents to prove it, BUT they didn't provide them and the case officer just rejected the application without giving us a chance to provide the right proof. Anyway, that is my current story and I am trying to find a way to stay here and work.
  11. Here goes my story I would love to share with everyone, especially to those who felt like they have lost all hope. First of all, my visa journey was a very very complicated one. I believe some of you guys are on the same boat here. I am from Malaysia, was a civil engineering graduate from UWA in 2014. I was playing and partying around in the whole 2015, working as a salesperson for vodafone(good money and commission), while being too comfortable, I was wasting time instead to look for a job and practise my IELTS to 7 or even 8. Being young and wild and ignorant knowing that my time is up before I know is too late. Mid 2016, I found a job with a dodgy small property development company (didn't know at the time of work), so my graduate visa running out within 1-2 months time, I had to do something so my employer agreed to sponsor me as an engineering technician since it requires only $55k on paycheck as evidence, but I paid all the visa fees ~ $13000 incl agent fees. The company was doing well until I found out my boss were dodgy in the sense that he performs all activities with cash only, no bank ties at all. When the time came, we were asked to provide company financial statements and balance books to the immigration for criteria check for visa grant, he refused to provide as he is worried that they would find out his tax evasion schemes. At that moment, I was thinking to myself What am I still doing here. As predicted, it failed through but fortunately the visa 187 was refused with option to pay $3,500 for AAT tribunal review. I quit the job shortly after and relying on the time bought with AAT review that lasts 14 months before I get called to court for last chance to provide evidence, otherwise within 28 days I have to leave the country. ***Money paid: $9000 (visa 187) + $4,000 (agent fee) + $3500 (AAT review) = $16,500 ***At the time of quitting job, time left: 8 months left to stay Again, after I left the job, I had totally wasting time and lost the opportunity to apply for individual skilled visa as an engineer, my IELTS can't even score all 7's. Even if I did, my EOI will take at least 2 years for invite since I have only gotten 60 pts. Above all, I found my soul mate, a girl who is so good to me, loves and care about me even though knowing I don't have much time left in Australia. Another note, she's a PR with family migration few yrs ago. So I approached an agent to help with me to apply for a spouse visa that allows me to stay and work and live. Most importantly, she agreed to this, it can be a big decision for some partners as it involves their personal life. So now, the complication comes, agent doesn't allow me to apply for visa 820 onshore because my partner is not pregnant or under any circumstances that I have to be onshore to look after her, even if we apply for it, it will be refused anyway and money will be wasted. So, I found out the other way is offshore visa 309/100 where I am required to be out of Australia while application is being processed. Gladly, my AAT review application provided me with a bridging visa where I could continue to stay and work until I got called to court and being decided or visa 309 being granted. Gladly, few days after I quit the job, I have gotten a job offer with a big private engineering company calling me to start the following week, well I had to lie about my visa status so that I could get a job there during interview. They were not too fuss about it after I told them midway, as long as I have gotten full work rights. 3 months after, we got married! Not a lavish one, we only signed the marriage papers in one of the perth marriage office where both families came together to celebrate. This fulfills my requirement to apply the visa as married couple, while she's the sponsoring one. And so, we applied the visa 309 and lodged. *** Money paid: $16,500(part 1) + $7000(visa 309) + $1500(agent fee) = $25,000 *** At the time of applying, time left to stay in Oz : 5 months and 1 week. I have went online everywhere forums and immi website to search for processing time for visa 309, and far out, it was at least 16 months, I was prepared mentally to leave the country away from my loving wife for that long and wouldn't know what would happen due to that separation, and also to leave the good paying engineering job I love. That mentality and thought just got me pulling my skin off thinking about it, all will roll back to square one losing everything. 1 month after lodgement, immi asked me to perform the health check where it's usually come after half a year after lodgment. At the final week of the 5th month, I went back to Malaysia for a wedding and thank god that immi officer called my agent asking me to perform a biometric collection outside of Australia, luckily I was in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur that time and able to find a centre that does that. Few days after, they had granted me the spouse visa 309 before I am due to come back to Oz with my wife!!!! Too, I have withdrawn my AAT review applications and no longer needed that. As you can see, I have quite a few ups and downs in this journey, but I kept my faith strong if I want to stay in Oz forever. If money can solve a problem, it's not a problem, remember this! Don't save and cut corners, nobody can help you except yourself. Things I did that sped up the approval process: 1. We got married and used that status to lodge, instead of DE-FACTO. 2. Whatsapp chat messages, emails, air tickets and phone call records to show them that we are in contact every few days, proving our relationship is real. It's cringy but well, if that helps with the approval then why not? 3. Wrote out clear love stories of both of us, 6 pages long, including future plans. 4. Submit police clearance docs early, overseas usually take longer. 5. Financial aspects, we opened up joint bank accounts straight after we were dating, share meals, groceries and stuff. Talk to your spouse about this, tell her it's your future. 6. Translation and certification of all documents before lodgment. 7. Gather all couple selfie photos and date them in zip folders. 8. Submit a DECISION-READY application !!!! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will advice you best as I can.
  12. Jenny Cogjen


    Hi all, I am desperately searching for the information about my visa... I am located in Perth, WA. My migration agent lodged my RSMS nomination and visa application as a financial broker nec in Feb 2017. RCB was approved before RSMS application. However, nomination was refused in June 2017 and the migration agent advised me to apply for the AAT so we did. But she did not do anything about my visa application. I found out late that my visa application was refused and she did not lodge AAT for my visa application. She only lodged AAT for the refused nomination. Now, Perth has been removed from the locations for RSMS since March 2017 and my visa application was definitely refused (did not lodged for AAT). Just in case the nomination was approved after the hearing from AAT, can I still lodge my visa application? Hopefully someone can advise me on this matter... thank you very much in advance.
  13. Hey All, 309 applied for my wife = Apr 2016 Refused = Mar 2017 AAT lodged = APR 2017 Hearing = MAY 2018 ----> Won same day. Application remitted back to Immigration for reconsideration along with new directive. ============================================================================================================ Any one in Similar situation or recently went through similar situation can share there timeline please ? Just want to get a rough Idea about priority and current processing trend. Cheers,
  14. Hi everyone. I am planning to cancel my Bridging visa A. and re-enter AUS with travel visa. I am waiting for the AAT appeal for my 457 nomination, and holding a Bridging visa A. However, I do not want to work for my employer anymore now, the result is nothing to me now. I am planning to lodge a partner Visa on-shore ASAP and would need a travel visa to do it. The tricky part is i don't want to waste time for canceling and waiting for IMMI to cancel my Bridging visa A. i am planning to leave AUS directly and apply and ETA travel visa oversea and re-enter AUS with this. Would it be possible to do this? any hidden issue i need to worry about ? Cheers
  15. Will Grayson


    My partner visa (820/801) was refused a couple of years ago because I was overwhelmed with the process (didn't use an agent) I didn't submit enough proof that my relationship was genuine is the short version. My hearing was in march and it was 'remitted'. From what I've read that's good news. My question to you internet strangers is - what now? DIAC have requested I redo the police/medical checks and have also requested I do the Form 80, the latter I'm slightly confused as to why. I'm confident I'm close to getting my visa after nearly four years. Have any others had their appeals' remitted and how did it play out for you?
  16. Hi, I am a qualified accounting technician seeking a career in Accountancy in Australia with an employer who will provide me with sponsorship. I am planning on becoming a chartered accountant and so would love to proceed with this in Australia. If anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful!!! Any location in Oz is could for me!! Thanks :biggrin: Vicky
  17. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if the AAT qualification is recognised in OZ? Accountant is on the skilled list, but they don't say at what level! Regards,
  18. Guest

    Can Imigrate with an AAT

    Please can someone advise me whether you can use AAT qualifications to migrate. I am asking this question on behalf of my sister who will be 45 in November, so time is running out. If this qualification is not sufficient, what further exams does she need to take?
  19. Hi can anyone help is an AAT in accountancy recognised in Australia. I have checked the relevant skills assessment website but it's not clear. Thanks
  20. Guest

    AAT exams!!!

    AAHHH i had my budgeting exam today for my final year in accounting!! scary! but the worst one is yet to come! I have been studying AAT for 3 years and on their web site it says that it is reakonised in Oz, does anyone know how the AAT is seen in regards to jobs?? :wacko:
  21. Guest

    AAT skill assessment

    Hi Everyone, I have completed my AAT (Association of Accounting Technician) course and have five years of experience as Payable Accountant. I am also doing my ACCA part time (I haven't completed my ACCA yet.) Now, I would like to move to Australia permanently. Please advise me, if I can apply for skill assessment for migration to Australia (Subclass 176). If yes, where should I start, ICAA or CPA website. Will AAT be considered as overseas trade diploma? Many Thanks in advance
  22. We are in a bit of a dilemma Both my wife and myself are very keen on migration from the UK to Australia, however we are really struggling with the visa minefield. The main issue seem to be around our qualifications. I am a Quantity Surveyor/Estimator, with 5 years’ experience, however I do not have a degree, only an HND (level 5 NVQ) in quantity surveying. I have worked in main contracting and specialist sub-contracting. Along with this I have over 10years operational management experience, again with limited qualifications. My wife is currently working as a Management Accountant for local government, with 6 years’ experience, however only has Accounting Technician Qualifications. We both have extensive and detailed CV’s. The problem we are finding is both our respective professions seem to require a minimum of degree level education with experience accounting for little or nothing. As yet we have not taken any professional advice, this would be our next step If there is anyone out there who has been in a similar position or has any advice, any info would be helpful. Please excuse our naivety as we are very new to the whole process
  23. Guest


    i am looking at doing AAT qualifications and looking into accounting and wondered if they where recognised in australia. Also in your opinion what qualifications would be quickest to take to get me into australia. i know this is a weird post but i so want to move there and will re train to do so.
  24. POSITION DESCRIPTION Position Title: State Sales Manager VIC/TAS Brand/Department: AAT Kings Reports to Position: National Sales Manager Positions Reporting to: Sales Managers POSITION PURPOSE Reporting to the National Sales Manager, the focus is to develop good relationships with customers whilst promoting the Brand's range of products. KEY RESULT AREAS & ACTIVITIES PERFORMED Maintain regular contact with portfolio of customers, endeavours to establish new customers both in the retail and hotel environments. Promote the marketing of Company products including the introduction of new products, at trade shows. Manage allocated expenditure budget to achieve sales targets; Prepare regular reports on customer contact and related activities, including customer feedback and market trends. Conduct regular analysis of agents to identify trends and opportunities and undertake categorisation Ascertain competitor activity and other relevant information and reports this to management. Participate in the planning and delivery of Product information sessions. Regular telephone sales to key agents in all states. KNOWLEDGE Knowledge of AAT Kings products Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint preferred COMPETENCIES Demonstrated initiative and creative aptitude with proven ability in brand management of a range of products. The ability to manage staff Welcoming personality and a great team player. Strong presentation skills. The ability to work efficiently, whilst under pressure in competitive situations. The ability to communicate at all levels within the organisation, whilst having the professional presence to represent the Company at external functions. WORK ENVIRONMENT Majority of time spent on the road visiting agencies. Evenings & weekend work during busy periods. One day a week in the office. The Travel Corporation Recruitment: Attention
  25. Hi All, Does anyone have any experience of trying to emigrate to Oz with AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians)? I've spoken to a few immigration consultants (who have all been very helpful), but haven't been able to come up with a viable solution. I have plenty of experience working as a Management Accountant, but unfortunately don't have a recognised (for emigration purposes) qualification. Realistically it will take me at least 3 years to study for CIMA (which is recognised) and I don't think I can wait that long! It has been suggested that we should go over on a student visa, but unfortunatly the restricted working hours and having a partner & 2 kids to fend for, this makes this a really risky strategy. I think I'm a really good candidate for emigration just the lack of a recognized qualification lets me down. My experience should qualify for something. Does anyone know if it would be possible to be sponsored by a company to emigrate and how I would go about this? Or does anyone have any suggestions? Regards Stuart (getting a little bit desperate!)