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  1. Hi everyone, We applied for 309/100 on 19/09/2018 and had an interview on 02/09/2019 and CO requested medical and Australian PCC for applicant. Yesterday 16/09/2019 we received the golden email that we have been granted 309 and 100. Thank you everyone for you help.
  2. They call you from 0518355500. Save it in your phone. A search shows the number u talking abt is prob an old number for state bank of pakistan. Easiest way to find out us call back tomorrow morning. Also be careful of scammers
  3. Thats awsome congrats, can you share date of generic email and if interviewed share some interview questions. Have a happy life
  4. Still nothing, what about you, we havent even received a generic email yet.
  5. Use the link below, create an account with NADRA and apply for the Family registration certificate(FRC) online, pay online using you debit or credit card. They will email you the original copy by Monday or tuesday if you apply today. https://id.nadra.gov.pk/family-registration-certificate/
  6. Yes only for the applicant. And if they need it for the sponsor too the case officer will ask for it
  7. So obviously you gota get your biometrics done straight away. Then get your PCC and medical done after that. It is helpful i guess to speed things up but at the same time they might expire before you visa is granted. Remember before you get your medical done you have to get this polio certificate from PIMS Islamabad if u in Islamabad otherwise they wont do your medical.
  8. You pretty much have to do biometrics straight away its mandatory to identify you. Then PCC and medical is totally up to you when you want to get it done. I personally think it doesnt make a difference. Expiry of either you PCC or medical(whichever is longest) will determine your last date of entry if the visa is granted
  9. You can contact your case officer your self or ask your agent to do it and ask for extension. They will give you extension
  10. I feel for you! That is such a long wait! We have been apart 14 months but its only been 8 1/2 months since lodgement date. Some days its hard to go on. I have also visited my hubby twice (as he had a visit visa rejected). I hope you get yoyr visa soon!
  11. Process of obtaining Police Check from Islamabad (Updated May 2019) 1. Completed form (attached). 2. Original passport and ID card. 3. Attested copy of passport (photo page and the one next to it) and ID card. 4. Proof of residence in Islamabad. (Electricty or gas bill or home lease or allotment letter with your name, if you dont have anything with your name on it just bring the electricty or gas bill of the house you living in, bill has to be in your fathers or mothers name if not yours. 5. 1 passport size photo attached on the form (Blue or White background). 6. Bring all of this to Islamabad Police Citizen service Centre F-6/1 Islamabad. (Opposite and on the right side of Mr Books and Nandos, with the signals, they are constructing level 2 of the centre so it looks like you cant go there but level 1 is operational and a very comfortable place to sit and wait). 7. Take a token and wait and then they will fill in all the details and you can pick up the Certificate after 3 days from the same centre, call 051-9201522 to confirm before picking up. 8. NOC if you are government offical. Please note: Some of the information on the form is old so just fill up the form how I montioned above and it will be accepted. Also this is the new way of getting the police check in Islamabad and alot of the local police station doesnt even know of this process and they will just waste your time and send you to main branch in G11. Hope this helps
  12. Taking the form is necessary, it just helps them write the information in their system which they can ask you anyway
  13. I know they have to do something about the processing times for the visa itself and the AAT appeals
  14. $900 peanut is better than $0. Also if you just had a decision in you favour getting a refund is an added bonus. Remember not everyone has got that much money lying around to pay the government. I know the time and actual amount for the visa is ridiculous but guess what it ended well for you. Good to know you dont have to apply for the refund.
  15. Also if you win the appeal you can get half of the AAT fee refunded back to you but you got to apply for it. So $900 refund if get the decision in your favour.
  16. We applied 19 sep 2018. Wanted to lodge decision ready application but it wouldnt let my agent generate a HAP ID from online, says medical not required. Also i am not getting my pak police check done yet because if i get it now then they will ask for a police check from today up until the CO is assigned. Also No interview call and no generic email.
  17. We applied through and agent here in Australia and he says we can't yet because we don't have hap ID yet. So we are just waiting but we send through monthly chats finances and anything relevant.