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  1. Hi Alan, I will contact you to see if it's possible to associate an agent when the application is ongoing. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi members, I'm in panic mode right now. My parents changed their residence two years ago and didn't realise I had to update the Visa office about it until we got new passports last month and I filled the 929 forms and submitted today. While submitting I noticed on the 929 form that we need to inform the department before moving if we change residence for more than 14 days while the application is being processed. Have I just complicated my parents' application ?? Please let me know how I can set things right if I messed up. If that's something alright - please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Hey folks, for anyone else who might be interested, I contacted Home Affairs, we need to submit for 929 by email to 929@homeaffairs.gov.au
  4. Can someone please tell me how to update details of parents passport / address ? I have listed myself as the person who will be communicating on their behalf and receiving communication - so I will have to do this. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks @Anksfor your response - appreciate it. I think I will go with Subclass 600. And thanks @LindaH27for your information about the timeline - so helpful and relieving! Very helpful you both
  6. Hello folks, Both my parents are in the queue for 143. I applied for it in September 2018 - Queue letter was received in September 2021. I am aware there is still a wait time for me to be asked for documents etc. In the mean time , I wanted to know about what is the best VISA I can get them here on which can offer a fairly longer visit. They have visited before with Subclass 800 and per stay for 1 year duration. This was before applying for 143. Is that the best I can choose now as well ? Or are there any newer types of subclass I can try. Please let me know. Appreciate the help.
  7. Hi @Alan Collett - I will connect with you directly on this one. Thanks for your inputs and help!!
  8. Hi @Alan Collett - thanks much for your response. I am handling the applications myself for my parents. I have provided all the documents necessary for the application. So, I believe the application is complete. I have nothing else to update the department except for address change - which I am going to do shortly. Hopefully, I'm all good here. Can I hook up a migration agent at this stage to look into the applications even though I have already submitted it ? If not too late ? If yes, happy to go that way. Thanks for your inputs, appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for your details post @LindaH27. Appreciate it. After a night's sleep, I can let this sink in... it is what it is at the end of the day. Hoping humanity wins and the March's report has some good news. Thanks again!
  10. Hi Lady Jane, If I may ask, any idea when you got the Queue Letter from the department and what the processing time was at that time on their website when you received the queue letter? I got a queue letter last month and I applied in Sep 2018. I wanted to know what the remaining wait time could be. Though, it cannot be precise, I thought it would give me a rough idea. Thanks.
  11. I got the acknowledgement within one week of applying in Sep 2018 itself. Last month, I got a queue letter stating that my application has been now placed in a queue because of the cap of maximum number of VISA allowed to be granted in a year. Remaining processing time was said to be something that cannot be estimated. It's just all in the dark. If the above comment by Tulip is the real state of affairs, then my total time would will be about 10 years from the date of application. I find it hard to even type this.
  12. Hi Tulip, Thanks for your response, appreciate it. I understand what you are saying. I'm just going to die instead of breaking this news to my parents. This is unbelievable. Thanks though.
  13. Hi All, I applied for my parents' 143 VISA in September 2018. I got a queue letter email from the department on Dec 2021. When I originally applied, the wait time was approximately 4 years on their website. What is the significance of the queue letter received with respect to wait times ? Any indications that could give us a clue about the wait times before we hear from the department for processing ? :'((((
  14. Thanks, I decided not to risk it. Appreciate your inputs.