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  1. Bloody fantastic!!!
  2. Evening all. Im currently off shore in New Zealand, landed here Monday eveningat 7.15pm (6.15am uk) I woke this morning to find out 309 & 100 had all been granted at 4.15am ( 3.15pm Monday uk) So when we fly back to Au on Friday I can then start applying for schools for the children!! Im so happy, all 8 emails came within 8 mins!! My 309 followed by 100 then again for each child! My shipping container arrives next Monday, so ive got a busy few weeks when I get home! Good luck to everyone still waiting xx
  3. Evening all, Ive got to go to NZ so our vusas can be granted. Email says 5 business days, I was looking at flying monday to friday, would this be enough time? Im sure i read someone flew out on a saturday & it was granted on a tuesday xx
  4. We should definitly meet up, @CEP is in Brisbane, im just outside on the Gold Coast xx
  5. OMFG!!!!!!! I got my golden email at 7.20pm today to notify me our visas are ready to be granted, we just need to leave the country!!! I actually cried!!! Spoke to my ex - P&R dad - he had a phone call from London at 8.20am UK time (6.20pm here) asking him to confirm that he signed the forms, explain signatures & was he agreeable to them living here with me!!! Im now looking at flights to NZ for next week lol Thankyou for all the good vibes & support Get that green marker out @CEP
  6. The RFI was a signature didnt match from passport to the form, pasdport signature was 10yrs old!! It was my children's dad giving permission to take them, he redid it within an hr & it was uploaded. All done within about 6 hrs of getting itxx
  7. Morning everyone, So in still waiting I actually dreamt ladt night I had an email asking me to leave....... 1 day I will wake to that email xx
  8. Nothing so far, im off to bed so fingers crossed I have an email waiting for me when I get up xx
  9. I need you to send me positive thoughts guys, immi is down tomorrow so if I don't hear tomorrow im then on hold all weekend Im going out of my head over here, I need that email xx
  10. It's 6am on the Gold Coast, fuelled by @CEP email yesyerday ive woken.up & gone straight to my phone full of hope...... Still in the waiting lounge Congratulations @Ingers Im drowning in green xx
  11. Iam soooooo happy for you
  12. Im still here @CEP patiently waiting although patience getting thinner by the day Our day has to come soon sweet xxx
  13. make that 3! Im so stressed, im onshore with 3 children, I cant work, they cant go to school / nursery, my husband is working everyday & doing overtime to give us that little bit more. Weve got to go to New Zealand when the grants finally arrive, will have to do that on my own aswell Come on London, I think weve waited long enough now xx
  14. Yes!!!! Fill in those gaps!!!
  15. Good Morning, Its Monday here in Australia, start of a new week & im hoping for a big flurry of Golden emails like last week xx