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  1. Thanks Raul! Much appreciate it. Well the new change doesn't very good. Also, on further research I learned that you could only make changes to your TSS twice. Quite a bit of hassle now.
  2. Than Thanks, Can you please elaborate what do you mean by "old one is of no use"? Also, is changing employer on a different occupation (ICT Business Analyst to Management Consultant) straightforward?
  3. Hi folks,please accept my upfront apologies if this is a repeat request, I couldn't find anything similar to my situation from any of the recent posts. Situation:I am currently employed as an ICT Business Analyst with a large firm on a 457 that was issued in August 2016. For number of reasons, I am looking to change jobs, and the new offer is for a Management Consultant role with a different firm. My question is, can my new employer simply transfer the sponsorship of my existing 457 on a different occupation? If yes, will this entail submitting a new nomination?Many thanks in advance!