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  1. Call them and ask to speak to a supervisor
  2. That rate is pretty standard in their country unfortunately.
  3. Correct, if they get a travel card, they pay an extra 7% every time they load money into it. If they use their own overseas credit card, they pay the same 7% plus whatever exchange rate the bank uses. They're just trying to save some money.
  4. Family is coming to Australia and they are struggling to get cash. Trying to find out whether there could be tax implications if they transfer the money to my bank account here in Australia and I withdraw the cash for them. ATO website mentions gifts from family and donations but naturally, it won't cover this scenario since they should be declaring any money they are bringing to Australia.
  5. My family visas were granted today! I can now say it was definitely in some sort of limbo. I called immi twice last week and they kept saying there was nothing they could do bla bla bla. Today I called them again and asked to speak with a supervisor. He was very willing to help but said the only thing he could do was add a note to the application saying it was urgent. I don't know if behind the scenes he did something else but 4 hours later all 8 visas were approved! I wish I could thank him for whatever he did. Tip: if you're gonna cal immi do it at 9am sharp which is when they start. All three times I got through I did that and didn't wait a second in the queue.
  6. I suspect the applications are in some sort of limbo. When they first applied for Visas back in 2020, most of them got approved within a week with some approved on the same day. I know everything was different before Covid but still. Could there be any problems with submitting the applications again, without withdrawing? Also, they submitted the applications as a group hoping it would speed things up but I wonder if it's doing the opposite.
  7. They have updated the processing times and now for the 600 - Tourist, 90% is under 37 days so will give them a call on Monday and hopefully they will be able to assist.
  8. that's what they've done mate, back in 2020... They got their visas approved and purchased the tickets but then covid hit. "You are unlikely to be assisted in this matter by contacting immigration." Do you have any experience contacting them?
  9. Hi there I have applied for visitors visa for 8 family members late March. Their flight is on the 15th of May and no changes to their applications yet. They have all been to Australia at least once, the past visas were approved in a matter of days but that was before Covid. I'm starting to get worried. If they don't get the visa they are likely to lose almost $50K in tickets as rescheduling might no be possible (they booked the flights before covid and have been rebooking it ever since the pandemic started). I'm going to wait until Monday when they should update the processing times and will try calling immi to see if I get any compassion from them and hope they can fast track the applications. Does anyone have any experience contacting them?
  10. mvlm

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    came back for a quick update on how awesome MA's are. My PR was granted last Saturday, I haven't heard a thing from them yet. If I didn't have access to the application I still wouldn't know that I got my PR. Nice!
  11. mvlm

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    After my grant I'm 99% sure that occupation and employer have a huuuge impact. My company is not google or facebook but they're kinda big in their area and probably have a millions and millions of dollars in revenue. They've also sponsored quite a few PR's so I'm sure Immi looks at them as a trustworthy business and probably fast track applications as in the last 12 months we've had 3 to 4 people getting grants in less than 6 months, for both TRT and DE. If your employer is a small business, stay strong, it will come. I know it's easy to say that now that I got my grant but that's the only thing I can do.
  12. mvlm

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hey guys, I couldn't be more happy.... My PR has been granted! As I posted before, I made a bot to update me automatically but it didn't work cause I set it to run only on business days and guess what, my pr was granted on SATURDAY! I logged on my account to see if the timeframes had changed for me too and couldn't believe when I saw the status finalised. For a second I didn't know wtf was going know cause I was so used to seeing Received that I didn't recognise the page. Developer Programmer HR TRT On shore Application/nomination date: 03/12/2017 Granted: 21/4/2018 I'm so sorry for the people who have been waited for a long time, I know it's not fair that some people are approved quicker but hold strong, your time will come!
  13. mvlm

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    If you have applied and provided all documents, all you can do is join us on waiting