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  1. elbow271


    experience and a first aid cert are essential - and drivers license - you haven't said where in Oz?
  2. elbow271

    Where to live in Queensland nr Brisbane

    Hi guys Thanks for the helpful replies - we have moved into Brighton which is lovely and so quiet compared to where we lived in London. We are very close to the coast which is amazing and rent for $500 a week but for that we have 4 beds, a car port, front and back garden and an amazing deck to enjoy the garden and multitude of trees and birds. We love it and the commute into Brisbane is only 40 mins. Job done! :)
  3. elbow271

    Driving license application in QLD and UK points

    I did answer your question. You said any help would be appreciated. Surely all you need to do is not speed and your possible future issue will not happen. My help was just reiterating the obvious but it was still offering help as maybe you hadn’t thought about how simple the solution is. Tulip, my questions were about past events,not anything to do with how to drive in Oz. but thank you for your efforts, 3/10
  4. elbow271

    Driving license application in QLD and UK points

    Sounds pretty tough and im glad you got it sorted. I just wondered what would happen if i was unaware of the speeding ticket and because of my absence, what would eventually happen with applying for a license in Oz, would i suddenly show up as having ignored a court summons etc?
  5. elbow271

    Driving license application in QLD and UK points

    Your concerns are easy to deal with, just don’t speed. If you do and end up killing someone you’ll be going to prison rather than Oz. You’ve already got six points, time to start driving properly. You’ll get a shock in Oz, speed limits much slower than the UK and they are heavily enforced. Start practising sticking to the law now and your concerns will immediately vanish.  Edited 2 hours ago by Tulip1 Hey Tulip, thanks for not answering the question at all! I'm surprised you didn't tell me to repeat my Hail Mary's ten times and go and stand in the corner.
  6. Hey Guys Moving to QLD this week and i was curious to know when applying for my Oz driving license, will any existing points be transferred across to the new Aussie license? Also a thought did cross my mind that if i were to get caught speeding a day or 2 before i left( i promise this hasnt already happened! ) , would this then get picked up by the RTA as a 'pending' issue which does concern me as i wouldn't know about it and may have missed being able to sort it out in the UK. I have 6 points already so want to be prepared for any surprises. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  7. elbow271

    Form 888 - Australian citizen in UK

    does anyone realise this question was raised last year?
  8. Hello All Ill be looking for work in Queensland soon so ill need to get my CV/Resume/LinkedIn profile in ship-shape for the Ozzie market – does anyone have any good recommendations i can follow up on. Cost is not an issue – Much thanks for any pointers
  9. elbow271

    Where to live in Queensland nr Brisbane

    Thanks Bobj, i hadn't thought of using this site but i know it well - Nice one for the pointer!
  10. Hey Guys Just got my visa to live in OZ - YAY! we want to live near Brisbane. I'm hoping to get work in the city so looking for: Somewhere unlikely to flood - commutable into Brisbane, train/car, no more than 45 mins maybe: Access to the coast. Property rent is middle of the range, i pay £1100 pcm now in London. Looking for something fairly quite/leafy/not ton of kids/, cycle paths, some nature/parks. Ideas so far: Redhill, Enoggera and maybe Cleveland. There are others such as Hendra and surrounds but the potential flooding concerns me - Also, i hear driving into the city from the north is easier than the south as there's probably less likeliness of needing to cross the river, which can be congested. Any ideas would be very much appreciated as this is hurting my brain.
  11. elbow271

    Visa granted Partner (subclass 100)

    Hey Jon the hat, yeah there were some concerns so am relieved it came through, but not as much as my wife, who is Australian and ready to leave without me!!! i will be on here very regularly over the next few months trying to find answers so i suspect we will all be friends!!
  12. elbow271

    Visa granted Partner (subclass 100)

    took 6 months too, very happy!!
  13. elbow271

    Visa granted Partner (subclass 100)

    Clever stuff! Big thanks again, very much appreciated
  14. elbow271

    Visa granted Partner (subclass 100)

    Hey nemesis, thanks for the help - So i can just go with my UK passport and thats it? Big thanks again
  15. Hey Guys, just got my visa granted after 8 months - BUT....ive got 6 months to visit Australia - Can anyone shed any light on this? Of course, there's no explanation from the notification other than i have to go before mid march 2019. What do i need to do, just fly there and come back? - what paper work do i need to take? Is there anywhere i can go read some stuff? Much thanks in advance folks