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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, new member here. My apologies if some of these questions have already been answered. Im filling out, day by day, our 309 Visa to return to Australia. My husband is an Australian Citizen by birth, I am British. I have some confusion as to who can fill out 888 forms. I thought it was only Australian permanent residents or Citizens. But I have been told that my family and friends in the UK can fill them out also. Is this correct? If it is not, what are the alternatives? And, I am in a bit of debt with my bank in Australia. This is due to the speed in which I had to leave the country as to not overstay. Do you have to pay your debt off completley or can you prove you are repaying it in manageable amounts in order to have your visa approved? Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Hi there, I am new to this forum and would firstly like to say thank you so much for all of the advice that is already out there! I have a question about form 888 for the offshore partner visa and haven;t been able to find the answers so far. My partner is Australian and I am English and we currently live in the UK and are applying for the visa from the UK. We have asked 3 family/friends in Australia to complete form 888 for us, and 3 family/friends in the UK. My questions are specifically about form 888: 1. One of our friends in the UK is actually an Australian citizen (here for 2 years), so is completing the official form 888 for us. I am confused as to who can witness his signature to ensure it is considered a legal document in Australia. We have a friend who is a nurse but is a UK citizen - could she witness this or would he need to take it to a solicitor/notary? (I would rather avoid causing extra work for him or him being out of pocket if possible!) 2. I have read online that all documents don't need to be certified as long as they are scanned as good quality, colour copies. Is this also true for the passports of those who fill out the form 888 (both in Australia and the UK)? 3. For our UK family and friends, they will be making their statement on plain paper and signing and dating. Do their signatures also need to be witnessed, and if so I am really struggling to find concrete information on who can witness this. Thanks for any help you can offer - this process truly is a headache!!
  3. Hi there, currently wading through all the material needed for an offshore defacto partner visa - it's quite stressful! :arghh: (I am applying offshore) We've had lots of friends who have offered to write statutory declarations for us but I am a bit confused as to what I should ask them to write! 1) Can they use this form or is this out of date http://www.ag.gov.au/Statutorydeclarations/Pages/Witnessingastatutorydeclaration.aspx The link to the 888 form on the partner migration booklet doesn't seem to work - does anyone have a working link? 2) What should they write? Are details of how they know us, social activities we've done together etc appropriate or are they just meant to write that they confirm that we are a real couple? Thanks for any help you can give!!!
  4. DrewNE

    '888' Rage

    Hi Folks! I need to vent a bit of 888 rage! :mad: We're completing 888's as part of de-facto evidence, mutual professional friend of ours has completed one for us and took it into the local police station for the Sargent to witness her signature. He refused to sign the document because - 'one time previous a Police Officer signed a visa declaration and then the applicant went on to commit a crime in the country and the officer was held responsible' - is this not absolutely ludicrous and a total crock of ****!!! That's like saying oh we're going to start arresting parents of criminals, after all they gave birth to them! :wacko: Progress to GP - 'oh we normally do passports, is it like a passport, i know we do passports, not sure if we can do them if it's not a passport, leave it with us and if the GP can do it he will but we charge £25 for passports' - IT'S NOT A PASSPORT! :realmad: Rant over Drew :spinny::goofy::confused:
  5. Guest

    Form 888

    hi guys, thanks for the help with my recent post :biggrin: Just wanted to clarify a few things... Form 888... Do the people filling these out really need to get a copy of their passport/birth cert. to send with the form? The reason i ask is because, one of my friends that filled it out cant get a copy of his passport as its been sent off to somewhere for his own visa applications... What can I do? Cheers
  6. purpledonna

    Stat Dec 888 question

    I have a question about stat decs. I'm from UK and still in UK. I have some australian friends who live in London who are going to write stat decs for me. Do they have to use form 888 or can they just type on blank A4? Thanks in advance.
  7. Guest

    question 888 form

    hi just wondering on the 888 form can anyone use this form?, i got my parents to write a decleartion on the 888 form and have since submitted it, they are now residents off new zealand. but i am now not sure if they should have used this form, they did not send copies off passports or birth certificates, any help would be great thanks, david
  8. swifty99

    888 form help

    Hi everyone just a quick question, on the 888 form the stat decs for friends and family to verify you relationship, at the end of the form where the person signs theres a part that says declared at, sorry to sound stupid but what needs to be put there? Thanks Laura
  9. lsbc1976

    Form 888- Defacto help?

    We have applied for a 176 visa and are trying to get evidence together of our defacto relationship, as we cant fit the baby in the post box. Do the statutory declarations from UK family and friends need to be certified or do we just scan colour copies? Do we need to complete for 888's from what i read these are to be completed by australian permenant residents or citizens whom we only know one of ??? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm applying for a defacto visa onshore. I think we are going for form 801 (tempoaray) which will roll into a 820 (permanent) in 2 years - could someone confirm that these are the correct subclass that I need? Also, there seem to be two different versions of the 888 form? They both ask the same questions but to look at the format is slightly different and they are named slightly differently. The one onlie is called Statutory declaration by a supporting witness relating to a partner visa application andthe other is called something similar but refers to temporay and then permanent residence... which one do I need? I can't find the latter on the website? Thanks again guys
  11. The stat dec form (888) for supporting evidence has a list of people who can sign but for certifying documents in Australia, is it the same list? Can a pharmacist or accountant certify documents for visa purposes in australia? we really need a seperate forum on certifying and signing stat decs.!!
  12. Guest

    Form 888 - can anyone help

    Hi all Things moving along at a good pace and we are in the process of getting our witness statements done. I know it says should ideally be Australian citizens only my partner and I have only ever lived together in London.....her mum travelled from oz and spent a month living and travelling with us so obviously she will do one but other than that we are a bit thin on the ground with the Australian statements. Is it going to be ok to have this plus statements from people who know us both in the UK? Thanks.....Jen x
  13. My australian g/f is getting friends and family back home to complete some form 888 statutory declarations. My question is - can the person who witnesses the stat dec (for example a JP or a solicitor) also be the same person who certifies the copy of their passport/birth certificate. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  14. pommysteve

    Form 888

    Applying online for 175 Visa. Is Form 888 a requirement for proof of De Facto relationship? Thanks, Steve.
  15. Guest

    How many Stat Dec's? (888)

    My partner and I are about to apply for my Spouse Visa (309). We've read previous posts on here and have decided to 'Frontload' the application as that seems to move things along quicker. My question is how many Stat Dec’s (888) did people include? So far we have 2, one from my partner’s father and one from her cousin, both Australian citizens. Do you think 2 is enough? Thanks.
  16. Just noticed that the 2 Australian people who fill in the 888's about your relationship need to have proof they are Australian...? One of the people doing it for us is the OH's mum... she's a bit of a stress puppy and just getting the form signed will be enough of a big deal. She doesn't even have a computer let alone a scanner or printer so god knows how she's going to get a copy of her passport (which she only got for the first time last year) or get it certified. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks, Lx
  17. This is driving me mad...just as I think I have it sussed something else comes up!!!! My friend is in the process of filling in this form and needs to sign it in front of a witness. She has just phoned me to ask what does 'declared at' mean?. It is just under where she has to sign. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it. Would like to try and get these forms off next week!! Many thanks Sue
  18. Just a quickie, if you are English can you use the 888 form for a stat declaration? I know it is supposed to be for Australian residents/citizens to fill in. But does this mean that for a English declaration we should use the common templates that people have been posting on here instead or will either do? (i.e. the ones they write out themselves with all the official wording and obviously all the official counter signatories too.) Also one other quickie- We're hoping to get everything counter signed by a friend of ours who is a practicing lawyer - is that the same as a solicitor and ultimately fine to do the job? Cheers. Dean