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  1. Siobhan_x

    Perth to Sunshine Coast?

    Thanks for all the comments. Yeah I'm well aware of extra work, from the past 4 years travelling 4 hours daily, working until sometimes 7pm of a night with taking work home.. it's never an issue i work well with a high work load and pressure, it was the below minimum wage I was receiving that was becoming an issue. It was WA agencies that were shocked at my wages and work load. I'm looking for anything from Mandurah to joondalup but seem to not be getting anywhere. I go to the gym 4 times a week but never really met anybody lol. Hopefully something will come off in 2018! I do have a flight booked to SC in may, suppoose i can go and check it out. Brisbane looks lovely but I need to live somewhere more beachy ?
  2. Siobhan_x

    Work in sunshine coast

    Hey.. so I'm 27 year old female have 4 years in recruitment - engineering and trades, which I don't really want to do, and have 8 years in administration. I have never been to the sunny coast and heard it's not so good for white collar roles ? I am going to do more research and try asking more agencies but I generally get the same answer back "you need to be here" or ignored. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ps .. I have no idea where I will be living yet! I'm not moving until May 2018 but I generally will go where the work is
  3. Siobhan_x

    Perth to Sunshine Coast?

    I've been in recruitment for the last 4 years and have 8 years of administration behind me. I've been paid very poorly in Perth, and when talking to people about work they are shocked and the work load I was doing for such a low wage. Brisbane looks beautiful but I changed my flight to sunshine coast for may next year, if I had the money I would try both.
  4. Siobhan_x

    Perth to Sunshine Coast?

    Hi .. I'm a newbie on here, Im 27 year old female and lived in Perth now for over 4 years. Not to bash Perth but from coming from a very social and active life in the UK to now a practically a non existent social life .. it's been very hard settling. Ive been out of work for a while now from non stop having job offers to nothing, and I am looking from Mandurah to joondlup and have lived in many of places so I'm not limiting myself. When I was working I did have friends.. I'm a very easy going girl, can talk to anyone and always had lots of friends in the UK. Over here I found people to be so fake and flakey. One minute they are planning a catch up or to hang out then the next they ghost you. I can't stand fake people and the fake friends thing, I do have a few friends over here but non of which I'm close too .. apart from my Uk little sissy (family here who also doesnt like perth) I was a huge party girl in the uk and still go out over here but im defiantly getting bored of it now. I would much prefer exploring, fishing, camping kayaking .. the outdoorsy things I love the aussie lifestyle. Anyways I'm really thinking about moving over East, I've grown up and sick of the heavy boozed filled wknds with the 3 day hangovers lol. I was thinking of Brisbane first but now I've got my heart set on Sunshine coast, it just looks so beautiful and I have been told the people are so laid back and nicer over East. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated ?