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  1. Our experiences all seem so vastly different! We have recently had our 309/100 granted thankfully. It wasn’t without challenges - including a less than helpful agent - and I recently discovered that our application was “on hold” despite not having any idea about that! We are foster carers in the U.K. and due to needing to move children to new carers before we left the U.K., we asked the high commission (via our agent) for further clarity on the processing times, especially as the timings kept changing and we needed to know when to move the children on. Anyway, the high commission somehow took this as necessary to put our application on hold!! We had no idea and kept seeing other grants happening. I decided to question the agent again and she made it very clear how much of a nuisance I was being. Nonetheless, we paid her and I still felt it was important to figure out what was going on. In the end, she contacted them and she realised the mistake had been made. A week later, the visa was granted. People, please ask questions. You have paid such a lot of money for the visa and also, if you have chosen to, for your agent. I’m pleased I continued asking questions, otherwise we’d still be waiting. All the very best to you all.
  2. I read this post the other day and secretly hoped that it would be our week. I didn’t want to jinx it and write anything, but we got our 309/100 tonight!! I’ve actually already arrived in aus now and my hubby (the applicant) is heading out in a couple of weeks! Thank goodness for that!! All the very best to everyone waiting. Fingers crossed that the waits are quick, boringly normal and that your lives in Aus are full of happiness.xx.
  3. Oh Ben, that’s is horrendous- I’m so sorry to hear how you’ve been treated. I wish there was something we could do to help. Keep asking advice and questions. Someone here may be able to offer a bit of useful info or advice that may help. You’re in my thoughts. X
  4. SUPERB NEWS JON THE HAT!!!!!! Wooo hooooo!
  5. Thanks Katiebobbles- it’s so exciting! I just hope this visa comes along soon. I don’t understand why it’s not through yet!!! Hope we didn’t do something wrong! Same to you anyway, and I hope your wait is over soon too. Jon the Hat...same to you too and any others who are still waiting, whether early or late in the process. Xx
  6. You go to account, account settings and then you’ll see a tiny little drop down arrow that says settings area. Then you can click signature. You can do it there Stoney. We had our leaving party today as I’m flying out on Wednesday. Would have liked the visa for my hubby by now but I’m sure it will be soon. Good luck everyone!xx
  7. We’re still waiting too and not a peep from our agent. From a screenshot of my hubby’s application, it’s still on “received.” Sooo excruciating waiting! 7 months now but should be soon-ish....I hope!! One day we may look back at this as a distant memory but now it feels really relevant and painful!!
  8. Awww, yes I am hoping that too Jon the Hat and Katiebobbles! No doubt our applications are in the pile of the guy/gal who has gone on annual leave for 3 weeks! I’m sure it won’t be long!! Pleeeeasssse!
  9. Thanks Dondons1uk for your reply. I’m not sure whether we just have a dud agent but with all the visas being granted lately, I’m a bit scared why ours hasn’t happened as we have such little access to any info or communication with the agent. Patience eh?!
  10. Recently I asked for an update and said that I’d seen some movement with others who’d lodged at a similar time. I asked if she’d seen any visas granted out of London recently and the email I received said, “None at all.” That was it. No update - just a three word answer. I’ve asked in the past for an update and I get told that she’s have been in touch if anything had changed. So I’m completely in the dark and feel like I can’t ask. I can’t see the Immi account either. What a waste of money!! Anyone else experience this?
  11. Thanks Noodlejaffa. This does not sound like we had a good deal. Not feeling happy at all now. However all the happy news from our group is spurring me on to the hopeful finish line!
  12. Out of interest, has anyone here used an agent and, if so, how helpful and communicative have they been? I have zero idea what’s going on and can’t log in to Immi account at all, which is fine, but zero communication is frustrating especially as we know things are happening amongst this group. X
  13. I applied with an agent so I have no way of checking! I’m dying to see!!! However I know I’d end up checking multiple times a day! X
  14. Wow! Things are really taking off! Hope it all happens for us all soon. Jon the Hat, I’m feeling the same!
  15. Congratulations! Wonderful news! Are you able to give some further details about your application? Married, kids etc? We applied in early April and have heard nothing - all front loaded too!