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  1. Thank you for your reply. I’m glad your op was successful:) what im trying to find out is if on a 489 Provisional we get access to the full Medicare provision. (For my treatment I won’t need a fusion but may need spinal injections or the area of disc that has extruded removed- so it’s off the nerve. Although physio is showing and improvement. Physio also can do spinal manipulation so I’ll look for one you mentioned) thank you
  2. Hi, I am moving to Tas in December on a 489. However I’ve just ruptured a disc in my back. I’m currently doing physio, but my question is: if physio is not successful and I have to go down the route of steroid spinal injections or surgery. Will this be covered under Medicare? I will earn under the threshold and I am from the UK. I will be taking out separate health insurance but it’s unlikely they will cover any preexisting for 12 months. Thanks
  3. Scottst

    Excessive Mara agent fees?

    I have a few concerns about the service too, not just the price but I don’t want to rock the boat this late in the process. Once our visa has been finalised I will be taking it up with them and then MARA if need be. They told us that the Jul17 changes didn’t affect us, and it turned out that it massively affected us due to the main visa applicant turning 45 soon after. I found this information out 2 months later myself! So we were then on a very tight timeline. I then subsequently researched regional visas (not the agent!) as a quicker route to avoid being too old to apply. If we’d gone on our agents advice and “just waited” in the usual queue we’d have completely lost out as my husband is now 45 and the points didn’t come down to what we had, therefore we’d now be ineligible. Thakfully we got state sponsorship based on my own research, before his birthday (just)
  4. Scottst

    Excessive Mara agent fees?

    thank you
  5. Scottst

    Excessive Mara agent fees?

    Does not include government fees.. so also have to pay $5500 for a married couple with no children. The assesing authority is Australian Computer Society who's fee is also paid on top of this This is for a regional sponsored visa with Tasmania (also free to apply for). -these costs are solely for the agents work-
  6. Scottst

    Excessive Mara agent fees?

    Are these fees unreasonable?
  7. Scottst

    186 Visa - Migration Agent Fees and Recommendations

    Hi, would you consider these Mara agent fees reasonable: initial assess $500 migration authority assess $2500 state sponsorship application $1000 EOI application $2500 Visa application $2000