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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I am moving to Tas in December on a 489. However I’ve just ruptured a disc in my back. I’m currently doing physio, but my question is: if physio is not successful and I have to go down the route of steroid spinal injections or surgery. Will this be covered under Medicare? I will earn under the threshold and I am from the UK. I will be taking out separate health insurance but it’s unlikely they will cover any preexisting for 12 months. Thanks
  2. krmcc

    Surgery options AU vs UK heeeelp

    My partner dislocated his shoulder doing Tough Mudder (...) and was referred to a specialist by our doctor who confirmed he needs surgery to attach the tissue back to the bone. We have just received the quote back, and for one night in hospital its going to cost us over $10,000 for the surgery! We've been told shoulders aren't covered by the medicare system in Australia. Does anyone know what the average wait time is back in the UK at the moment for getting something like this done through the NHS? It seems like our best option would be to fly back to have the procedure done. Any help/knowledge would be appreciated!
  3. Guest

    Plastic surgery in Queensland

    I've been considering a boob job for a while, then before I knew it I was living in Brisbane. Does anyone know how much this sort of procedure would cost? Any recommendations? Anyone had it done out here?
  4. hi, would like some advice i am approx 6 wks pregnant, and am flying to australia in october when i will be around 13 wks pregnant. i have recently had surgery, but now i am pregnant future surgical intervention has to be delayed until later in the pregnancy. im not sure what i need to do first upon my arrival. obviously i need to sort medicare out, but am i going to get stung for my antenatal care and surgery. who do i contact regarding my pregnancy, is it like the uk, where i just register with a gp and they refer me to maternity services. how do i get registered with a surgeon am really confused nicola
  5. Harpersgirl

    How Do You Choose a Doctors Surgery?

    Have a couple of poorly kids. Nothing dire but its made me think :err: I did take one of my older ones to a close by doctors for a required medicheck for employment purposes and it was ok but am wondering how anyone else identified which surgery they wanted to register with? I've tried looking for some kind of directory but am not getting very far so any suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated...:wubclub:
  6. Guest

    Laser eye surgery.

    My wife's friend has just had laser eye surgery and i am thinking about having it done, not because i have really bad eyesight, but because i get really tired eyes and it makes feel really crappy at times. The wife's friend said it was awful, not painful, but just in general a really awful experience and i just wondered if anyone else has had it done and what their experience was like and would they reccommend it? :jimlad:
  7. Hi, my OH has in the last few months had a hernia removed! I had never thought of it until now as was more worried about my high BP!! But I have seen on here something about having surgery and how that can affect the outcome of ur medical!?! Anybody any info to put our minds at rest!! Aymie x
  8. Hi all I've had recent foot surgery - (bunion and Weil osteotomy) and due to have meds in a couple of weeks. I have a discharge letter from the hospital after the op as I was a day case. Does anyone have any idea what info I need to take with me when I have my medical? I have my 6 wk check up at with the surgeon on Thursday - should I ask them for a copy of everything or will the letter with the date of surgery and the surgery discharge letter do? I've notice others in here saying they had to get case notes... Thank you for your advice :smile:
  9. Hi any one!!! My partner and I are enduring the process of a spousal visa for over 18 months. His medical to come to Aus, revealed a heart murmur, which was corrected and we had to send a copy of his 6 week post op check to Immi. The surgeon was sick for this appointment, so my partner was seen by a fill in Dr, who would not issue a report......we are chasing this one final piece of paper.....has any one else experienced something similiar, and if so, and details on the requirements for this report....what info does it need to include? He has a tendon repaired successfully in his mitral valve. Has any one had a similiar successful surgery and been grated there visa????aaaarrrgghhhhhh Its been so long...we are going crazy! Any info at all about any facet greatly appreciated...will comfort in the least!!!!I jsut want to know! Cheers SAm:arghh:
  10. Guest

    Cosmetic Surgery. Yes or No.

    A bit of a lighthearted thread peeps. Watched a programme the other night about teenagers and cosmetic surgery, or rather my missus watched it and I sat in a corner of the room on the laptop. The evening went something like this. 7pm. Emmerdale. 730pm. Coronation Street. 8pm. Eastenders. 8.30pm. Coronation Street again. 9.00pm My Cosmetic Surgery Nightmare. 10.01 PM. Valium, razor blades and a bottle of Jack Daniel's for me while the females of the house went to bed feeling that they had witnessed 'real' life.:biglaugh: Anyway I have digressed yet again. Would any members have 'COSMETIC' surgery. NOT life saving plastic surgery etc, but 'Cosmetic' surgery because nose, ears, boobs, face, were in your opinion too big/small/ugly, etc. There were some cases where cosmetic surgery was very much needed. A young girl only 14 had a boob job because her boobs were MASSIVE, truly awesome. And they were making her life a misery through bullying etc. But should we be happy with what we have got, or if we have the money should we have the right to spend it however we choose. I'm far from critcising ANYONE that has such procedures, your money, grafted etc, good luck to you. But it did seem as though a lot of the younger girls were getting it done because they wanted to look like Britney Spears, Jordan etc. Just seemed a bit cringe worthy at times is all. As if what was on the outside was more important than the inside because of what we see and 'think' is the way to look. Myself, I am very happy with what I've got. Ask a few of the ladies I have ever known in my life and they would say one or two things could be made a little bigger,:embarrassed::biglaugh:. But in the main I'm happy with my lot. Receding hairline, sticky out ears, and everything going south as the years progress. So yes or no, PURELY for COSMETIC reasons would you have surgery. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  11. Guest

    TRA - Tree Surgery

    Hi Trying to get TRA approval as a tree surgeon, got an agent helping me with the application but they don't think that i have enough qualifications. I have all the necessary NPTC's, 10 week merrist wood course and 8 years experience. Had anybody had TRA approval for tree surgery ? Just new to this and really want to get the process started. Thanks Treeboy
  12. Guest

    Mitral Valve Surgery

    My finacee and I have just received the devastating news that he will need Mitral Valve repair. We have an application in, a prospective marriage visa. He is in the UK, I am in Aus. Can anyone tell me how this will effect our application, apart from the obvious delays due to surgery? Anything appreciated Cheers Sam
  13. I have just applied for and been granted a 12 month working holiday visa, and am planning on beggining this at the start of 2010. I am a qualified tree surgeon hoping to trade the south west of England for that of Oz, and intend to try and find work out there in this field, hopefully with a view to extending my stay there for another year, or perhaps permenantly. There is so much uncertainty here in Blighty, and having been made redundant from a previous employer when the recession hit I am curious to learn of the effect on the Arborist's business over in Australia. I have heard different and sometimes conflicting reports over this issue (and the employment issue in general) and it would be nice to know what i am letting myself in for. I have looked around a little, and there seem to be jobs in Melbourne and Sydney and i expect to end up going to both these areas. I remain hopefull that the economic climate out there remains relatively stable, but i guess, like most places at the moment, no one can really gaurantee anything. I would expect that like here, smaller firms that depend mostly on private sector works may be suffering as people tighten their purse strings, whereas the larger companies that win the tenders for big scale public contracts (parks & gardens etc) are not being affected as much. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, and it would be very interesting to hear from anyone who runs a firm or lives out there, has been, or is in the same situation as me now, or anyone who is currently working as an Arborist in Southern Austrailia. Cheers Gavo
  14. Hi there Just wondering if anyone would have any information on average costs for laser surgery in Australia in comparison to UK. Initial research suggest UK might be cheaper? Anyone done it? Cheers Sin
  15. Is gastric bypass surgery widely carried out in Oz? I had this surgery earlier this year and Im worried that should I have any complications whilst in Oz that they wont know anything about my operation and therefore wont know how to treat me? Also, I know that we should get copies of our doctors records but in my case, would it be best to get copies of my hospital file too? (Im not even sure i will be able to get this, but i thought it best to ask) Many thanks Emma x
  16. Just thought I'd share this! Working in a hospital in Melbourne when another nurse was asked by the nurse in charge to give the pt a salt bath to 'help' healing. My chin nearly hit the floor! All the research says that this is not to be the case. She dutifully put a handful of salt in the bath and carried on! Unbelieveable. In my opinion nursing is 20 years out of date!! Don't come if you want to progress in nursing!!
  17. i'm going to have to have my c-section scar reopened and re done.. it never healed properly (my baby is now 7 months old). I have to go in this thursday for 2 nights.. we fly away 1st June as we are moving back to brisbane. so i'll have about 3 weeks to recover from abdominal surgery afterwards.. i'm assuming it's okay to fly as the drs know when i'm flying. i'm aussie citizen so not worried re health system once we are there etc.. as have medicare card.. just worried re the flight. has anybody else done a similar flight after surgery like this.. just wondering about the cabin pressure.. carrying bags etc. etc.. do you think i should ask for special help from the airline?? should i get travel insurance (we are going singapore dublin, heathrow, singapore, brisbane so not stopping anywhere).. any thoughts, ideas or advice?
  18. Guest

    Plastic Surgery xxx

    Hi just enquiring.......what is plastic surgery like ......is it frowned upon?.......read on another post that some peeps in oz don't look after themselves as much???.......is it readily available???.......do they have same regulatory boards to ensure all ok????..........just enquiring............as you never know????.........my husband may need some work done one day............oh and price wise..........any info would be great.......... Thanks, xxx