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  1. Vicky87

    Senior contract administrator

    Yeah I have heard, I am an infrastructure QS so hoping there will still be some work. To be honest I don't mind what I do, just hoping to get something..
  2. Vicky87

    Senior contract administrator

    Hi Kim, I'm a contract administrator too! Try speaking to hays global as they have contacts in offices across Australia. We're going to Perth and she did advise that Melbourne and Sydney would be her recommended destinations as there's loads of work there, but we didn't discuss Brisbane. Keep an eye on the seek website and LinkedIn - I've started building contacts up ready Good luck!
  3. Vicky87

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Hi Sarah We are hoping to head out a similar time, also to Perth as its seems a great place to raise a family! I don't have any great advice as we're at a similar stage but we've decided to open a hsbc account so we can transfer money when the exchange rate is good, and starting to clear the house now as we have accumulated so much stuff! Great question by the way, and love the suggestion about eye tests, I didnt think of that! X
  4. Vicky87

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    Thanks Parley that makes me feel better again! I've been checking the immi tracker all week as I've been nervous after reading this thread, but I feel happier now
  5. Vicky87

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    Thanks for updating us.. I'm still waiting for our final grant but having a worry as I didn't realise I had a conviction for fare evasion, due to expire this month. It was a shock when I had the police check back! I've written a statement as well and provided the subject access disclosure so hoping they won't consider me a threat
  6. If you get pregnant before the medical you can put your visa on hold and add them to the same visa, if you get pregnant after visa grant and decide to have the baby in the UK you would have to apply for a separate child visa. You have to activate the 189 visa within a year of it being granted (I think) and before your PCC and medicals expire so our first PCC was 30th Nov so we're aiming to at least visit Oz before then Hope that makes sense! It's all so complicated!!
  7. Hi, I don't have any helpful information but we have been wondering the same thing. You might also have to factor in maternity pay as it's only for 18 weeks in Australia... We've decided to try for baby no. 2 while still in the UK and if it happens we'll decide whether to have it in Oz or do a quick trip over, come back and apply for the child visa. It took us a while to catch with no. 1 so we have no idea what is going to happen but we just had our medicals so aiming to head over summer next year.. Good luck with what you decide x
  8. Vicky87

    Police queried my identity

    I hope so..! Made me wonder if I'd forgotten something lol
  9. Vicky87

    Police queried my identity

    Hi all Has anyone had acro contact them to query their identity? I'm really concerned, I have no criminal history but I received an email asking me to confirm this? They asked this because they want to ensure they have the correct persons details? My husband just received his certificate as well which makes me worry even more! Thanks Vicky
  10. Vicky87

    Dog friendly?

    That is a big difference in climate! Glad he was OK and settled in his new life, its good to know mine isn't the only one who is with company most of the time and its good to hear yours was fine when he arrived i bet the welcome you received was lovely...!
  11. Vicky87

    Dog friendly?

    Poor thing, that would definitely be like Toby. I go dog training every Sat morning and he cries when I walk 20 feet away and ask him to stay
  12. Vicky87

    Dog friendly?

    You're making me nervous again lol. We've just had his passport and rabies done to give us options on time frame, we're hoping to head out in June so he could come shortly after us or later. Give everyone chance go adapt to the climate.. I think I'll need some calming tablets throughout his journey as well as my own! X
  13. Vicky87

    Dog friendly?

    Thanks all, sorry I've been having problems trying to reply! I think we'll see if we can leave him with someone temporarily while we get settled and suss it out, I'm not sure how I'd feel permanently leaving him but if we're there I should get an idea what might be best for him. If he will have more walks and a better life in the UK with someone I trust I may have to consider this
  14. Vicky87

    Dog friendly?

    He's 3.5 and only needs about an hour of exercise a day. Definitely doable with the routine we have, it's more about what work we find and the commute time, and activities with children on the weekend That's Probably it - maybe ask my mum initially so we can get settled and figure out whether he would be ok and decide then.. Thanks all
  15. Vicky87

    Dog friendly?

    That's a good idea getting pheromones while still here, might make him less anxious when we do go out . We do leave him but try to limit to around 3 hours at most a day. I'm probably worrying more than necessary and he would be fine whatever we decide, but this is by far the hardest decision! I didn't realise you had to go to a specific park to let them off lead - I figured it would be like the UK and you can go anywhere. I don't find it that friendly around here (South Wales) so concerning it is potentially worse there.. Thanks for all the information, we've got some time to think before starting the process so have to discuss how everything would work for both options and go from there