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  1. Vicky87

    Outdoor items, how clean?

    Thanks Cal, we've tried jeyes fluid, hot soapy water and jet washing.. I've even tried baby wipes and my nails to remove in the ridges of some of the shoes I give up now and just hoping it'll be enough! Find out in 3 months I guess x
  2. Vicky87

    Outdoor items, how clean?

    Thank you!
  3. Vicky87

    Outdoor items, how clean?

    Thought so.. Husband won't have it and thinks I'm stressing unnecessarily
  4. In the process of cleaning everything as shippers due tomorrow - nothing like being organised How clean is clean? We've wire brushed the shoes but you can still see mud engraved in the soles?
  5. Vicky87

    Moving to Central Coast from Perth

    Do you know whether they're still looking at the high speed rail? I read somewhere it could half the travel time between Sydney and Newcastle?
  6. Vicky87

    Moving to Central Coast from Perth

    Hi Lynn I can't offer much advice as I've never been to the Central Coast but it is also on my radar as an option if Perth doesn't work out.. When I was researching Avoca beach came up as a nice place.. And Gosford not so nice - hopefully people who have been there can offer more places Can you do a trip over and have a drive around first to see where you like? Would you go as far up as Newcastle which also looks very nice?
  7. Vicky87

    Quarantine change dates

    It's free, in case anyone stumbles across this at a later date
  8. Vicky87

    Quarantine change dates

    Hi all Does anyone know if the quarantine centre charge for changing dates after booking a dog in? I'm 95% sure the dates will be fine but there's a small chance they could change slightly. I don't want to hold off booking as want to secure his place and flight etc. I don't mind paying a small fee just like to know in advance
  9. Vicky87

    Light fittings

    That's good to know thank you!!
  10. Vicky87

    Light fittings

    Great thanks, just wanted to check before we decide whether or not to bring one or two.. Would you recommend taking the washing machine or is everything a top loader?
  11. Vicky87

    Light fittings

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if we can bring main light fittings with us and if they would be reinstalled quite easily over there?
  12. Vicky87

    Senior contract administrator

    Yeah I have heard, I am an infrastructure QS so hoping there will still be some work. To be honest I don't mind what I do, just hoping to get something..
  13. Vicky87

    Senior contract administrator

    Hi Kim, I'm a contract administrator too! Try speaking to hays global as they have contacts in offices across Australia. We're going to Perth and she did advise that Melbourne and Sydney would be her recommended destinations as there's loads of work there, but we didn't discuss Brisbane. Keep an eye on the seek website and LinkedIn - I've started building contacts up ready Good luck!
  14. Vicky87

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Hi Sarah We are hoping to head out a similar time, also to Perth as its seems a great place to raise a family! I don't have any great advice as we're at a similar stage but we've decided to open a hsbc account so we can transfer money when the exchange rate is good, and starting to clear the house now as we have accumulated so much stuff! Great question by the way, and love the suggestion about eye tests, I didnt think of that! X
  15. Vicky87

    What counts as a 'criminal conviction'?

    Thanks Parley that makes me feel better again! I've been checking the immi tracker all week as I've been nervous after reading this thread, but I feel happier now