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  1. Thanks for your reply. This was really reassuring to hear.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm really glad she was OK. This is reassuring to hear.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of flying out a pet cat to Australia? I am aware of what the steps involved are and the rough cost and know that it is expensive, cumbersome and time consuming to go through the whole process. I am also aware she will need to be quarantined in Melbourne for 10 days before she can be transferred out to Perth. We are planing on moving in just over 2 years so have plenty of time to plan this all out. To say I am anxious about this process would be an understatement. We are planning on using a company to carry out all the steps of the process for us and liaise with our vet (either Pet Air UK or Trans fur animals). We have received quotes from both. Our cat is very skittish and anxious at the best of times, although this has improved somewhat over the years. Leaving her behind to be adopted by a friend or family member is not an option as she is part of the family and we are both very attached to her. I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar position flying out a nervous pet. If you have could you please let me know how the experience was and if there is a particular company you would recommend? I am feeling bad about putting her through a potentially terrifying experience and could use some reassurance. Thanks in advance for any help/ advice you can offer.
  4. NandoF

    Quantity Surveying in Australia

    Thanks so much for your reply. Very helpful and much appreciated. I may come back to you with some more questions at some point once I've had a think
  5. NandoF

    Quantity Surveying in Australia

    Thanks so much for your reply - very helpful. I'm hoping the situation improves in a couple of years when we are planning on moving. I can imagine it's pretty tough right now following the covid 19 lockdowns.
  6. NandoF

    Quantity Surveying in Australia

    Thanks for your reply. I have just over 1 years experience working for a consultancy as a PQS and am currently working as a Contractor's QS with a Civil Engineering contractor. I'm planning on staying in the Contractor's QS side of things. Some of the Estimator jobs I had looked at are paying around 70,000 - 80,000 AUD and I wondered if that is a good salary for Perth? The Contracts Administrator jobs pay a bit better but I'm not sure if I would qualify for these?
  7. Hello, My partner and I have decided to move to Perth, WA and are in the process of applying for the 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa. I am a Quantity Surveyor and have just under two years experience. By the time our visa is granted, I should have just over 4 years experience. I also have an MSc in Quantity Surveying. I was wondering if anyone knows what the job prospects are like for UK trained Quantity Surveyors in Perth and the surrounding area? I've had a look on the Seek websites and have seen a few jobs. Some of these are asking for Australian experience specifically and I was wondering if this would be a huge barrier not having this experience? The other question I have related to salaries and cost of living. From what I can see, at least in the early stages of my career, I would be earning around the same amount of money working in Perth or the surrounding area as I do in the UK. Does anyone know if you need more money in WA than you need in the UK to have the same kind of lifestyle? We will be renting in the suburbs for the first few years and are intending to stay fairly near to but not in Perth. We tend to go out to restaurants a few times a month and out to pubs a couple of times a month. I think our main expenses would be rent and a car which would need for work. Thanks in advance.