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  1. Dear redtour, have your parents been contacted yet to provide any documents? My parents applied in March 2016 and have not been contacted yet, it is so frustrating!
  2. Can someone tell me what email address you send a blank email to to find out where there are up to with 143 visas? Thank you
  3. The visa visa says staunch period 12 months, but has clause 8558 on it which says max 12 months stay in 18 months. But says it is valid until sept 202 so does that mean that they can stay two lots of 12 months just as long as they are not in an 18 month period?
  4. Good Afternoon My parents applied for the 143 parent visa in Feb 2016, the processing times have now become much longer and they now may have to wait 56 months instead of 27 months as initially thought. Anyway they came to Australia in October 2017 for 8 months on an e600 visa and now have gone back home for 5 months until October again. I was just wondering when they come back again in October does the 12 month period start again on the e600 on do they need to apply for another one once the 18 month period has been completed? Many thanks Leana
  5. Hi, my parents are in the same boat, do you know if they are allowed to apply for another e600 visa once the 18 months is over so they can stay for another 12 months in an 18 month period? They are currently waiting for the 143 Visa. Thank you Leana
  6. Leana

    Health insurance while on e600

    Hi, they ended up getting private health insurance through a company called Cigna but there are a few companies that provided international insurance, like unity health I think was another one and Medibank.
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what health insurance they got when they went on the e600 visa? My parents are currently waiting for their 173 visa to get approved but want to come over for longer than 3 months on a tourist visa so are considering the e600 visa so they can stay longer but the issue is health insurance as their home policy won't cover them if they are out of the county for longer than 6 months, any advice or recommendations would be appreciated, thanks, leana
  8. When did you apply for this debs54 and did you get any update to let you know how your application was going as it did advice that it would take 18 to 24 months?
  9. Hi all, I was wondering how long others have had to wait for their parent visa subclass 143 to be approved and if they were able to contact the immigration department to get an update on how long they had to wait or how it happened? We applied 15 months ago and have not heard anything except for acknowledging receipt of it. thanks, leana