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  1. Hi all, One general question - Would we be eligible for First Home Buyers Grant and stamp duty saving if we buy a home after we get 143 and move to Australia? http://www.sro.vic.gov.au/first-home-owner Thanks?
  2. Hi All, Thank you all for the wishes. As I mentioned earlier, we got 2nd VAC request on 10/07 and I made the payment and post it out on the same day itself. Today we got the great news, for which we have been waiting for almost 3 years. We got the visa today! (13th July 2017) We are heading to Melbourne. Cheers!
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to share a news. I got the request for 2nd VAC today. My timeline is: Date of visa application: 15-09-14 Date medical examination & police certificates requested: 21-12-16 Date medical examination attended: 15-02-17 Date of police clearance certificate: 13-04-17 Date Assurance of Support completed: 10-04-17 Date 2nd Visa Application Charge paid: 10-07-17 Thanks all for the support. Cheers
  4. I applied on 19th September, 2014, so it's almost 32 months now. Calculating by standard processing time it can take 1-2 months more I guess. Thank you
  5. Yes, in same situation as you, just slightly ahead. Now waiting for immi to contact me back for 2nd vac. Trying to find how much time it takes from here? My grandson is 1 month old and my daughter is eagerly waiting for us
  6. Congratulations! Any idea on how long the wait would be from this step? I submitted all my documents including AoS on 21st April and since then waiting for 2nd VAC. Can anyone tell how long it takes from here? Cheers
  7. This new proposed 10 year parent visa doesn't seem quite useful. Quite backward thought to think Grandparents are only good for doing baby sitting. I was reading the detailed white paper on this visa and it suggests that even 5 years is not guaranteed. They will check case by case and if the grand child is not young and doesn't needs help then the visa would be approved only for 2-3 years. What about the case when no grand kids?! In my opinion, a tourist visa 600 for 3 years would be better option compared to this new proposed 10 year visa!
  8. Hello, Thanks for your reply. Yes Medicals have been done, Assurance of support also done. I think I don't have CO yet, all communication is through PVC email ID (Parent visa Center). I was given 28 days to provide Medical, Assurance of support, form 80 and Police Clearance. I have provided them all and now waiting to hear back from them... Thanks for your reply, I didn't use any agent, As you said, all communication is to Parents Visa team and not with Case Officer. I want to know how much time they take from here, so that I can arrange funds accordingly. It took me about 1 week after this step. I got it through Gov account ( on the account of person who provided assurance of support) Thanks for your reply. I am in similar condition and trying to gauge how much time it takes from that stage. All the best to you with house sale
  9. Hello all, I have a question, if anyone knows the answer? I applied for 143 on 15th Sep, 2014. I think I got CO assigned as I was asked to provide police clearance and form 80 within 28 days (by 21st April). I have submitted all documents now. I have not heard anything after that. Would you know how much time it takes after that? When can I expect to be asked to provide money? (So that i can arrange funds)? thanks in advance cheers