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  1. Josh bodz

    Gas engineer 189 visa

    I might be wrong but I was told a skills assessment certificate for a 189 was needed. But you might not need to take a English test because you score high enough
  2. Josh bodz

    Gas engineer 189 visa

    Your still going to need to do the skills assessment I believe. To reach enough points. There’s 2 stages too the assessment first stage is work evidence and then the practical. Your best off speaking to a immigration agent to run through your options
  3. Josh bodz

    Gas engineer 189 visa

    Hi Brian. You need to pass a skills assessment . I’m a plumber and I’m half way through mine. Waiting for my practical in Blackburn in feb. You go through a company called vetassess. I used a company called the down under center.. they have helped me with all of my paperwork and send everything off to vetassess. They do all the hard work you just give them what they need. Makes life a lot easier.
  4. Josh bodz

    Vetasses 2018 practical dates

    Hi there. My current situation is im ready to book my practical plumbing assement with vetasses. I cannot make the November dates and I fly out to Australia in April. The 2018 dates haven’t been released yet and worrying they won’t be before April. Is there anyone who has any clue as to when the practical dates are usually around what months ??
  5. Dean I'm a plumber and gas fitter. I'm currently doing my stage 1 skills assessment. I'm going through vetasses. You need copies of everything. Certificates, wage slips from all your companies. P60s. Anything you can find.. then you need at least 3 references from old bosses or supervisors.. everything needs to be signed and dated. Then photo work evidence of you onsite with an explanation of what you are doin. And you will also need to do a first aid course before you submit your stage one. If you pass stage 1. They will be Intouch and book you in for your practice. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  6. Hi everyone. I'm currently making my way through the 189 visa, and will hopefully be submitting on 60 points. And I'm 23. Recently I've read a few articles that having 60 points can put you at the back of the cue, as it is the minimum, and some people have never been invited. obviously this depends on occupations etc.. I'm a plumbing and heating engineer with 7 years experience. Do you think my age and minimum 60 points could jepedise an invitation?? Or is there just as much chance as anyone else in succeeding? Thabks! Josh.
  7. Josh bodz

    vetassess plumbing practical

    It seems ridiculous having to do 3 days of first aid in my opinion. One day course should be enough. Especially when it's not far off 400 quid!! I'm going for the 1 day and risking it. Fingers crossed
  8. Josh bodz

    vetassess plumbing practical

    Hi Vicky.. yeah I wasn't expecting having to pay out that much on a first aid course. I've rang St. John's. Although the 1 day course misses out a few things the woman told me on the certificate you receive it doesn't list all the things you learnt that day I can't get 3 days off work this year so debating wether to risk just doing then1 day course! Might be a waste of time though is they don't accept it. 3 days is way to extreme!!
  9. Josh bodz

    vetassess plumbing practical

    Would any of you people happen to know which first aid course I need, St. John's do a 1 day course and a 3 day course. A 3 day course seems a bit extreme! And pricey! Has anyone done it yet? Regards josh.
  10. Josh bodz

    vetassess plumbing practical

    thanks Richard, the only bit that is confusing me is where i have read that all my paperwork needs a cover sheet, and then all other documents needs to be labelled with units on competency, is this all still needed? and for my work photo evidence is that to be done on Microsoft word, then just uploaded as a pdf? thanks! josh.
  11. Josh bodz

    vetassess plumbing practical

    Hi people. Could you help me with my stage one vetesses! I unsderstand what is required for all the paperwork. But I'm really confused how to set it all out, it asks for a cover sheet and each document to be labelled with units of compentency? I've done it all on the computer so it's all in labelled folders under vetesses. Then seperate folders once into there named wage slips/ p60s / work photos / etc... is there not good enough? Does it need to be on one spreadsheet?? Any advice would be great!
  12. Josh bodz

    Vetesses plumbing documents

    Hi people. i am struggling with the paperwork and documents for the first part of the vetesses plumbing paperwork, has anyone done it?? i have got all the easy stuff out the way, references/wage slips/contracts/ etc. but how you order it all, its asking for cover sheets with units of competencies labelled with it so assessors know where to look, is this all done online? or is it done on paper and sent off? ive read all the facts sheets but still confused with it all. thanks in advance if someone can point me in the right direction.
  13. Josh bodz

    Becoming a plumber in Australia

    Hi Richard. I've been qualified in gas for 3 years now. And 5 in plumbing
  14. Josh bodz

    Becoming a plumber in Australia

    Hi people, I'm after some advice,I am a plumbing and heating engineer from England. I'm 23 years old and just come back from seeing my brother in Australia , I've decided I want to give it a go over there and start on my 189 skilled visa, I understand I have to do a trade assessment through vetesses, an English test. And then other documentation to reach the requirements.. what does the vetesses paperwork consist of, is the portfolio done online or on paper? And how much does this cost.. any other plumbers out there to give me some advice?? Thanks in advance