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  1. Nicolas_D94

    3 Years ban not sure

    Also do you guys think a prospective marriage will apply with my girlfriend which is there studying but not Australian? Thanks
  2. Nicolas_D94

    3 Years ban not sure

    I am very confused about this and I think all of this is just too much. I feel like a criminal and is definitely not fair, even because it was just a genuine mistake. I met people not caring and overstaying for moths or even a year and then obtaining a visa.. I don't understand and I'd like to. Currently I'm in NZ and have answered no to that question for the visitor visa, should I do the same for the WHV? Thank you all Cheers
  3. Nicolas_D94

    3 Years ban not sure

    Well, overall I overstayed more than 28days. However it's in the interest of the agent too, to make sure that I can stay and I can pay the school. I think there was no reason other than genuine ones for her to give me false info. And despite that I should have checked by myself to be sure, and that is my fault. I will contact a migration agent on Monday, I just want to be sure that my WHV for NZ will be approved. I was thinking to apply for both visas at the same time, do you think that will effect anything? cheers
  4. Nicolas_D94

    3 Years ban not sure

    I've found out about my visa situation because I couldn't go through with the application, that's when they gave me BVE for 7 days just to organise my staff and depart. Now I'm going to apply from NZ
  5. Nicolas_D94

    3 Years ban not sure

    Hi everyone, my story is a bit delicate: I got my first WHV on Feb 2015 and applied for the second on Jan 2016, it's been approved on 24 March. Around November I started looking for schools as I was actually really excited about keeping up with my studies and so I wanted to choose the right school. At the same time I had my visa checked by my education agent and she confirmed me that it was expiring on 24 March 2017, so I kept looking and then at the beginning of March I started to apply for the student Visa. What happened is that I've found out I couldn't go through the request because my Visa expired on Feb 2017. So the next morning I went straight to the immigration to explain my situation and see what I could do, they gave me a BVE and I left the country. My concern is this: should I reply Yes or Not while filling details for a new visa when they ask if I've been excluded from or refused to entry to a country/ Removed from or asked to leave? What happens if my Australian student visa gets rejected? I'm contacting different agents but I'd like to hear from the folk also. Thank you so much you all if you can give your thoughts. Cheers.