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Found 20 results

  1. Hi All I recently got deported from australia for breaking the rules of my visa. I was on a tourist visa and did a few days work as i was a bit short of cash and a friend needed help to finish a job and asked if i would help him out and he gave me some money for groceries in return. Im in a commited relationship with an australian citizen and we have been dating for over 12 months but have only been living together for 10 as i had to previously return home for 3 months when my dad got sick. Due to breaking my visa I have been given the 3 year exclusion ban however the guys in the immigration department were fairly confident that i would be able to get the ban waived if i was to return on a more permanent basis such as a partner visa. Has anyone been through the same experience and what do i need to do to get the exclusion waived? Is it a case of sending off an appeal or do i just have to hope they waive if i apply for another visa? Have me and my partner been together long enough to get a partner visa? We have got evidence of shared bills, joint credit card, recently went on our 1st holiday together, numerous photos and joint invitations to events such as birthdays wedding etc? If not then we will probably have to look at the prospective marriage visa, although we are not engaged i had planned to do it next year after we had already sorted out our defacto visa. Its a lot of questions but im after as much advice as i can possibly find. Thanks Carl
  2. Hello again.This case is so complex that not even Immigration or the police knew what to do, and that's why I'm in a delicate situation now. I just want to find the better option and then hire a MARA Agent to help me with the caseAs I posted a few months ago, I overstayed my tourist visa for 3-4 months. The reason is that I lodged a Student Visa application on shore and it was invalid because I sent the documents to the wrong email address. During those 3/4 months I attended to my school and I have a certificate proving my satisfactory school attendance. So that means I had genuine intentions of studyingThen I was granted a Bridging Visa E which would give me a 3 year re entry ban once I leave the countryBefore I could leave the country I was charged with Break and Enter and Steal crime by the police. They confiscated my passport so that I couldn't leave the country. I pleaded not guilty and the court date is on June.Immigration has been granting me BVE's every month since then. I even got working rights approved 2 months ago because of financial hardshipThe BIG PROBLEM is just about to happen. Immigration has been pressing the police to either give me my passport or grant me a Criminal Justice Visa, something that they are not going to do as it is too expensive for themTurns out that the police has applied for a Bail Variation to give me my passport back, and once this happens I will be asked to leave the countryNow I want to know what options do I have to come back to Australia. I can just think of- Apply for a Student Visa and try to waive the 3 year ban.Main problem is that it will be too expensive. I would need to pay for the visa + first term which is already $2000 and then flights, MARA agent...- Apply for a Tourist Visa and try to waive the 3 year banI could probably get the 3 year ban waived with the excuse of needing to be in Australia in June and going to court. Then I could try a Student Visa on shore again. Not sure if that would work thoughEverything looks difficult at this stage, but one of the biggest reasons that makes me want to fight so hard to stay here is that I love soccer and here in Australia I've been working as soccer coach for many different teams and age groups. It's well paid here but I'm currently doing some volunteering for youth clubs too and I will let them down if I leave and never come backI think there might be some arguments to use in my favour- Coaching and developing soccer in the Australian community. Families, kids, players... 90% are Australian citizens- Satisfactory school attendance (genuine studying intentions)- Pending court date (not guilty) and I'm really confident that I will win the case- Unfair treatment leading to financial hardship (not allowed to work or leave the country for 4 months)
  3. Nicolas_D94

    3 Years ban not sure

    Hi everyone, my story is a bit delicate: I got my first WHV on Feb 2015 and applied for the second on Jan 2016, it's been approved on 24 March. Around November I started looking for schools as I was actually really excited about keeping up with my studies and so I wanted to choose the right school. At the same time I had my visa checked by my education agent and she confirmed me that it was expiring on 24 March 2017, so I kept looking and then at the beginning of March I started to apply for the student Visa. What happened is that I've found out I couldn't go through the request because my Visa expired on Feb 2017. So the next morning I went straight to the immigration to explain my situation and see what I could do, they gave me a BVE and I left the country. My concern is this: should I reply Yes or Not while filling details for a new visa when they ask if I've been excluded from or refused to entry to a country/ Removed from or asked to leave? What happens if my Australian student visa gets rejected? I'm contacting different agents but I'd like to hear from the folk also. Thank you so much you all if you can give your thoughts. Cheers.
  4. HI all I need help! My student visa expired on the 15th of March 2011. I really didn't know until i got an email from uni asking me to provide details of my 'new' visa on the 29th of April. Lodged an application with DIMIA, only to be told that since it was already outside the 28 day period I was not eligible for a renewal and they refused my visa application. I was told I could apply for a review with the MRT who will most likely NOT revoke that decision h now. tribunals take a long time. ON its website, it takes approx 350 days from loddgement to decision which wil buy me enough time to graduate and go back home. I was SO anxious and so upset the last couple of days when my future was so uncertain because I am in my final year of medical sch at melbourne uni, which means 6 months left till graduation! and they were telling me I had to pack up my bags and leave. what was even more horrifying was the fact that they slapped on a 3yr ban onto my passport, which meant that i potentially could not complete my degree, waste 6 years of my life studying medicine only to not graduate just because i stupidly overstayed for 2 weeks but thats ok now ( i hope) since I am betting that the tribunal will take forever and so i will have time to finish up my degree in 6 months. prob is I want a job here! every medical student is applying for intern positions now. Assuming I get a contract, the hospital will sponsor me a 457 business long stay Temp visa. But with my 3 yr ban, and because I am on a briding visa C, i wont be elligibble for that. my my option (i think) is to leave ASAP after my final exams, on the 18th of Nov ( miss graduation :'( ) apply offshore for a 457, and get the 3 yr ban waived so that I can return in time to start work as a doctor on the 16th of Jan next year, my question is who do i appeal to get the waiver?at An Aust high commision? and how long will it take? If i send it in my email , or if apply directly to the DIMIA website, it could take forever!!! :'( please pleas eplease help me if you guys have ever been in /or encountered a similar situation to mine thanks
  5. 2tigers

    Smoking ban in cars?

    What's your thoughts? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8891521/Smoking-in-cars-should-be-banned-doctors.html
  6. The Pom Queen

    Tiger Airways Ban Lifted

    Although they are limited to 18 flights this month. We were hoping they would come back because they offer deals to Melbourne from $1 to $99 the problem is I think they are taking cairns off their flight path which seems silly as every single flight use to be booked out
  7. I overstayed my working holiday visa by 6 months. I told immigration and they gave me a 3 year ban. At the airport whilst leaving I was advised by a different immigration guy that if I wanted to return to Oz and study for the ban could be lifted. It would depend on my circumstances. I want to return in 6 months as a student but do I have any chance and who would I speak to? Can anyone help please? I know I shouldn't of stayed but if I cant get back I will be so upset. Thanks!:huh:
  8. whichway

    Live Export Ban

    Almost everytime I look at the news I am horrified by the degree of animal cruelty that takes place. This recent thing (although not really recent I know) about how cows and or bulls are being treated when exported to Indonesia. I tend to try and avoid these stories because I find them so upsetting so I must admit I have been kind of ignorant. Then there are the adverts you see on TV about the pigs and how they are treated. It all just makes me feel horrible.:cry: Whatever you believe in, if there is a God or not, whatever you believe we are on this planet for, we are not here to treat these or any animals so cruely. Yes we are the top of the food chain but we are intelligent so should be sympathetic and respectful in our ways of killing animals for food. I am also quite horrified that so many people are thinking it is OK because it is not happening in this country I quoted this from Yahoo7 news "We have got to keep that live export trade at all costs, and I think Australia should butt out and stop demanding what other countries do," he told ABC Radio this week. Charters Towers Mayor Ben Callcott I have looked through the comments that people put on and this is the feeling of so many. I understand that incomes will be effected but I don't believe we should allow animals to be treated this way. Whether they come from Australia or not!!! I think the world should stand together and put an end to this in every country, and I know it's a bit idealistic but how is it ever necessary to be so cruel? Why do people not feel for the animals? Anyway I was wondering what others thoughts were. Also any tips on how to be a good vegetarian if you don't like mushrooms or lentils would be gratefully received??
  9. Guest

    3 yr ban

    Hi, Was wondering if your on a 3 yr ban can you still look out fr 457 visa jobs. I applied an hour late wasnt aware of time difference.I was waiting fr some docs to apply. consequently my visa was processed invalid and due to expired visa for more than 28 days I got a 3 year ban. Any ideas how to uplift the ban?
  10. Guest

    New Zealand Ban grrrrrrrr

    Hey guys, Just a quick one need a bit of help here, my brother in law has been banned from re-entering New Zealand but I want to invite him to our wedding in oz. We wanted to know if you get banned from entering new zealand does that also ban you from entering oz for a couple of days on holiday????? Any feedback is massively appriciated:err: :-) x
  11. So the water companies lose billions of gallons of water a year because they will not spend and we the public have to let our lawns and gardens die :embarrassed:. What goes on in oz? do you have hosepipe bans most years? Hosepipe ban warning after early hot weather http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/weather/8436979/Hosepipe-ban-warning-after-early-hot-weather.html
  12. Kill and ban ALL threads about DRC Please Same Contents were posted throughout ALL of Australia Immigrant BBS A terrible Advertisement @! PLEASE GIVE YOUR REAL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, TRN NUMBER FOR EVERYONE TO verify the truth by CALLING AUSTRALIA IMMIGRANT BUREAU IF it's true information !
  13. What next ?lol, what are your thoughts? Should trunks stay or go? A POPULAR theme park has banned men from wearing Speedos or skimpy budgie smugglers on site, claiming they disrupt the site's family atmosphere. The Alton Towers has banned Speedos and other types of tight swimming trunks at its Staffordshire site on grounds of taste. The trunks are favoured by the likes of Rod Stewart and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. But it seems Alton Towers' bosses cannot stomach the types of swimwear that have featured at their waterpark, reckoning them "more suited to Spain than Staffordshire". The company said that a number of men had been sporting tight trunks during the hot weather. It went on: "To prevent embarrassment among fellow members of the public and to maintain the family friendly atmosphere at the resort, bosses have taken the extreme measure of banning these tight trunks from their popular waterpark located within the Splash Landings Hotel.
  14. tracy123

    Hosepipe ban hits North West

    Hosepipe ban looms for north-west England | UK news | guardian.co.uk
  15. Guest

    driving ban

    Hi all Can anyone help me please. My hubby was banned from driving in July for 18 month :arghh: and we are moving to adelaide in Jan/Feb next year - not sure what to do!!! Should we inform the DVLA of our plans or move and not say anything - will he be able to apply for a new license when we get there. . . will they get in touch with the DVLA over here??????????????:unsure: i know some of you will disagree with my thinking but i don't want to stay here another 18 months if i don't have to so please be kind with you answers.................... many thanks Helen
  16. Now not being a big drinker i hadn't even heard of these drinks, seems our fair trading minister has though,lol A TRENDY vodka drink called Go Tubes, that comes in a brightly coloured, toothpaste-like tube, has been banned in Queensland. The high-octane, brightly-coloured drinks called Go Tubes have been given away and sold at selected nightclubs and bottleshops for several months after being popularised at this year's Cannes Film Festival in France. full story - Queensland bans vodka tubes | The Courier-Mail Cal x
  17. My husband was given a 6 month driving ban about 5 years ago due to the totting up system. Would he need to declare this on his visa application (176) No custodial sentence at all and no points on licence since?
  18. kernow43

    Ban St Georges Day?

    BNP Lays Charges over Labour Party Banning of St. Georges Day Parade A British National Party councillor on Sandwell council in the West Midlands has laid a formal complaint with police over the attempt by that council to ban the annual St. Georges Day parade in that town. BNP dynamo and ever-hardworking Councillor Russ Green has instigated a formal complaint to the Standards Board over the matter, and has lodged a formal complaint at the West Bromwich police station under section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986. Englands biggest apolitical St Georges Day parade has been declared racist by the Labour controlled council in whose area it takes place, and they have withdrawn funding in the hope that organisers will be unable to proceed with the event. Previously, crowds of up to 15,000 have assembled in the town of West Bromwich under the slogan Forever England, For Everyone and then paraded through the Black Country town waving St George flags and marching to rousing anthems such as Jerusalem. The local council, Labour-controlled Sandwell, has voted to withdraw its support for the parade. Funds will go to support a Party in the Park instead. It leaves parade organisers with what they say is the impossible task of raising £10,000 to cover their costs with only a few weeks to go. In a letter to the organisers, one councillor, Yvonne Davies, said the parade created an unhealthy atmosphere and inspired young boys to be racist. She wrote: It is not only the parade which is the problem, but the tribal excitement it creates. Councillor Green has argued that the decision by the council to refuse funding for the parade is likely to increase racial discrimination against the English as a racial and national group. It will increase racial tensions and damage race relations as members of the English community will feel that they are victims of institutional racism by the council against the English, he said. This will increase racial tensions in the area, polarise the communities and lead to increased racial tensions as the English will feel that they are being victimised. The West Bromwich St Georges Day parade started in 1998 and began as a fairly modest affair with 5,000 turning up. Now three times that number attend the two mile parade in April. Fire Service and Scout Association bands have played, the British Legion lends its support and each year ex-servicemen attend. A volunteer dresses up as St George and rides with the marchers; children paint their faces with the St George Cross and there are activities such as medieval jousting. Trevor Collins of the Stone Cross Saint George Association, which organises the parade, said: To suggest the parade is racist is ridiculous and offensive. When you see the kids, the dogs, everyone out having fun, its really a beautiful sight. The councils decision means we have to foot the bills for insurance and security. Weve got to come up with £10,000 in two months which seems impossible. Another organiser, Mark Cowles, said the parades had raised £7,000 for charity. He added that, as well as losing out on council support, they had probably missed the deadline for applying for road closures. February 16 2009
  19. Gday Mates!! My hubbie has recently got caught speeding on the way to work and got stopped by the police. So were a bit down in the dumps at the moment. Its his first offence and :policeman:hopefully the last!! We applied for visa subclass 175 at the end of Jan and were quite frustrated at mo as were waiting to here from a case officer. It feels like were waiting forever!! Do any of you have any answers or advice relating to speeding bans or points on Licence etc.... Were just crossing our fingers that it wont effect our application. Many thanks in advance!! From Husband and Wife looking forward to a sunny future in OZ!!:spinny:
  20. Guest

    Smoking Ban.

    Just a quick one for those of us who are guilty of smoking. We've had the no smoking policy here in Wales for a month or two and, even being a smoker, I reckon it'll benefit everyone in the long run. Good luck anyways!!! Agnes and Vera smoking outside the nursing home in the rain and Vera pulls out a rubber cover for her ciggie so it doesn't get wet. Agnes says " What is that and where can I get one?" Vera replies "there condoms and you can get them at any drug store". Agnes heads off the next day and ask the shop assistant for some condoms. "What brand would you like ma'am?" a little bemused. "Oh it doesn't matter lassie, as long as it fits a Camel". :err: