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  1. Hello! Welcome to Anna and great news laeveans! I am not sure about updating or staring a new EOI sorry! Would starting a new one put you further back on the waiting list or just send you straight to the top with your new improved points? I bet somebody on this forum will know! So close for you SNS! We have our visa activation trip to Sydney planned for August, can't wait! However I have taken my foot off the brakes a little in terms of the big move as I have just gone for a promotion that would add an extra year to my contract here in S.E.Asia. I doubt I'll get it to be honest but until I know either way I can't think about Oz just yet! If I don't get it, it would be this time next year for a move for us! : )
  2. Now that I'm looking for that thread, I can find more examples of threads where people don't recommend re-marks : ( I guess I came across one of the more ununusual cases. I wouldn't want you to waste money, what a pain it all is!
  3. I guess .5 is more likely to go up to the next figure : ( I will try and find that thread though in case more people have posted on it with their experiences!
  4. klr81

    Handing in notice without Visa grant?

    Yes I know, the 'assessment in progress' status gets so boring! We still have the long game to play yet. I have another years contract in my current job, which will only finish July 2018. We are in S.E.Asia though so we can quite cheaply and easily get over for a visa activation holiday in August and then potentially revisit whilst looking for jobs. Can't really start looking for jobs until next year though so feeling a bit in limbo. Not as bad as the limbo you feel whilst waiting for the grant though, so I'm not complaining!
  5. klr81

    Handing in notice without Visa grant?

    What are your points and occupation? Which processing centre is dealing with your application? I only ask because your dates are really similar to mine in terms of being asked for more info and uploading your medical etc. I have 65 points and under the Brisbane office. I uploaded final docs on 3/3 and got my grant on 20/3. It's a tricky predicament you're in. I don't know what advice to give, sounds like you are looking at the right kind of things by requesting rolling contact etc. I'll keep everything crossed for you!
  6. I know a couple of months ago during my initial stalking of these forums, I found a really comprehensive list that somebody had made and thought "I'll remember where I saw that."..... Laevans have you thought about a remark for the 7? A guy on another forum had his remarked under similar circumstances and it came back higher. I can't remember how much it was but it was far cheaper than a new test. Obviously there's no guarantee but could be worth a shot? I think the invites are twice monthly at the moment. You can go on skillselect and look at the stats for the invite rounds which give you an idea of what points have been invited and which states have issued invites too.
  7. I wondered where your posts had disappeared to, 'sns' now 'Sarah'! That is fantastic news about your house sale! June 17th will soon come around! Has anybody found any good posts were people have listed all of the things you should do before you leave UK (for example) and before arrival in Aus? I have made a list but I am sure I am missing lots of stuff off it!
  8. The turnaround times seem to be pretty quick after medicals and police checks are on. Hope you get some good news soon!
  9. I've been having serious withdrawals from this site! I couldn't even post the exciting news when our visas were granted last Monday! Two weeks after PCCs were uploaded. I have already booked flights to Sydney for a visa activation holiday in August. Can't wait! Hope others have received positive news this week, whether it be visa or IELTS related!
  10. Hi, I am being nosey from the January 189 group! I am intrigued by this tracker you mention, what is it? I submitted final documents on Friday 3rd March so now I am just waiting. It is driving me insane!
  11. Wow, sounds like a great time to sell! Good for you that you will have some funds behind you and aren't waiting on your house to sell while you're over there. We are just in limbo at the moment, waiting to hear back after submitting the final docs on Friday. I've tried to tell myself to vote for an April response at the earliest to try and keep it off my mind for a bit but I can't help hoping for a quicker response after some of the posts on here lately! I really want to book our visa activation trip for August!
  12. Thanks for the reply! I'll have a look at those places!
  13. That's amazing sns! That was just a week or so after your medicals? Such exciting times! Congrats!
  14. Good news about your skills assessment! How all goes well with the test!
  15. Hi, Sounds like you're not far off too! You can set up an immiaccount whenever you want but you can only upload your documents once you have been invited to apply for the visa. It then creates your visa application on there for you. It's definitely worth scanning all your docs now though as it's a lengthy job! As for the IELTS, I haven't really got any tips unfortunately! I just went for it and fluked the high bands I think! Most people advise that you wait until you're asked to book medicals and get pcc, although I didn't! It just so happened I had booked our medicals a month in advance and got the request through the week before anyway. I also applied for pcc as soon as I was invited to apply for visa as I knew mine had to come from UK to Malaysia and post can be a nightmare! Best of luck to your hubby for the IELTS!