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  1. Is that employer's liability to pay for the days he missed due to his injury?
  2. He has worked for the company over a year
  3. Hi pom queen, Thanks for your info, very helpful. We are in QLD. I asked for my hubby, he was minor injured at work ( six stitches on his wrist and since been out of work for two weeks) today his boss phoned him only see if he would be back to work again. Not mention a word about the pay for these two weeks. His employer is a sub contractor. I presume he is self-insured. Will my hubby be covered by his boss's insurance company or workcover is the only way to go? Thanks
  4. Casual construction labour injured (minor)at work, what's our rights? Are we covered for the days that we cant go to work?
  5. Csc1980

    Is it right?

    Thanks for all your advices. I will pay the one week and move on[emoji106]
  6. Csc1980

    Is it right?

    Is this it? Additional info: the house in the ad says fully air coned in all bedroom and lounge, after we moved in, we found out the air con in the lounge was broken long ago before we move in( according to technician). We informed agent, agent said the owner wants to sell the house so he wont fix it and after our lease up he will put the house on market so we will be on a periodeic term lease. We live in a place summer time its up to 40 degree, we cant even sit in the living room watching tv...i really dont know why they would assume we want to stay after they done nothing
  7. Csc1980

    Is it right?

    The lease of the rental house will be up on 16/12/19. I told real estate yesterday i will be moving out on 16/12. Today they sent me an email states I will be paying until 22/12/19 due to I didn't give them two week notice upfront. My question is why i should pay extra after my lease finished?? Is it legal? Please advise, I'm in QLD.
  8. Csc1980

    187 Leaving early with help of sponsor

    https://paxmigration.com.au/rsms-visa-cancellation-policy-change-foreign-worker-exploitation/ Can someome verified how true this link is?
  9. Is it a good idea rent the house out through real estate when we move out? Is it worth to do it?
  10. But it means me and my partner gonna use up first home buyer stamp duty fee, is it worth it?
  11. Hi everyone, Hope I could get some advices here. Me and my partner currently reside in rural Queensland ( Rockhampton) and plan to stay for 2 years then moving to Brisbane or Gold Coast. The rental in Rockhamptonwe are paying is 300 per week. Here I have some questions want to ask, 1. Is it a good idea buying a average condition house in Rockhampton while we are staying here for two years? The house we are looking for is around 200k, it turns out it's probably cheaper to pay the mortgage than rent. However, we have discussed with several brokers, the answers we received is banks don't like to deal with rural properties due to " high risk" 2. Our original plan was if we brought a house here, when the time comes we need to move back to big cities then we can buy a house in Brisbane straight away while we sell the house in Rocky. ( our assumption is it should be easier to get a loan because we have proof to show banks we have a property and good credit on payments.) Is it possible? Please advise, thanks[emoji4]
  12. Hi Disney, We are planing to move interstate at moment. It isn't an easy decision. The new place need to be beneficial to two of us. Construction work- around big cities Cook RSMS- remote area Does any one have any good ideas? Please advice. Million thanks.
  13. AFAIK, it's changed to 60 days for NEW visa applications. For people who already have a 457, it's still 90 days. DIBP should contact you to advise you of their intention to cancel your 457 visa. If they haven't cancelled it yet, then you are not in Australia illegally. I agree with the suggestions to meet with a migration agent regarding the best strategy forward. If a 187 visa is a possibility, perhaps you can get that lodged and then if/when DIBP contacts you about the 457 you may be able to convince them to leave the 457 in effect until a decision is made on the 187. That's one of migration agents suggests me to do...Thanks
  14. As my understanding, 457 visa is based on an employment contract, Visa holders have duty to act the terms of 457 visa, so does sponsoring empolyer. By law, the employer has to pay the flights to send us home, and also money for redundancy...etc. So I guess the employer breach their obligation first...(above is purely my assumption...) Once you submit another permanent visa other than 457, immigration officer will look into your current 457 employment status... I'm not 100% sure...maybe there are subtle differences between immigration laws and immigration law practices. If any one knows the truth, please share. Million thanks.
  15. Actually we have spoken to more than three migration agents and one lawyer in the past 10 months. Interestingly, we received different answers. The migration lawyer said it's employer's obligation to inform the department in 28 days once the employment is terminated. Not 457 holder's obligation. while you are still in AU. The immi must inform visa holder's if they intend to cancel your visa (if you are outside AU, they can cancel your visa without any notice). But when you apply for another visa, they will take action to cancel your 457. I'm not sure which one is true as I heard too many versions. Two more months to go because I still work as a cook and hubby has been out of work nearly a year! I need 2 more months work exp then I will have 2 year post-qualification experience which is one of the requirement of 187 visa. I haven't have a good sleep for nearly a year...457 is a nightmare