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  1. Does this mean your plans have to change yet again?
  2. No - we just told them that we had applied for the 143. At the time we thought it would only take a year from opening the account before we got here - in the end it was over 3, but there was no problem.
  3. We opened one with Westpac. It was no problem at all. We went into their branch in London but you can probably do it on line too.
  4. Totally agree Alan. Guess it's a good job we don't need a mortgage or a loan, I assume the same criteria would apply!
  5. Has anyone had a problem in applying for a credit card once you are in Australia? We have been banking with Westpac for over 4 years and have just tried to get a credit card with them. We were so used to using our credit card for monthly shopping in the UK, paying the balance off each month and would have liked to continue that way now that we are here in Australia. We were very disappointed that Westpac didn’t even want to know what our income from our UK pensions was (I have a very good state pension and hubby has state pension plus military pension plus work based pension, all very good). The reply we got was that we needed to have an Australian taxable income. We confirmed with them that we are registered for tax in Australia and that all our UK pensions were liable to Australian tax. Their reply “I have double checked this with our credit team today and they have confirmed that we cannot accept only UK Pensions as a sole income to support a credit card application. Our current policy will not allow it. We would need you to be drawing a Australian pension as well for the UK pensions to be able to be used.” We will try other financial establishments but did just wonder if anyone else has come up against this problem. We are fully retired so won’t be able to get an Australian work based pension and won’t be eligible for an Australian state pension for another 9 years and even then because of our income from UK pensions and assets this will probably be close to zero.
  6. Fantastic news - look forward to seeing you when you are settled!
  7. So very pleased that things are at last moving on for you. Fingers crossed it won't be long now!
  8. Don't know if anyone can help. We are now well and truly in Australia - hip hip hooray. Has anyone applied for a Queensland Seniors Card. No sure if we are eligible as we are not a Centrelink customer, or have a veterans Affairs file number.
  9. Sorry to hear you've hit a snag. Hope everything gets sorted soon. We are flying out next Tuesday - can't believe it is actually happening! Good luck. Hope to see you when you get there finally.
  10. As far as I am aware it doesn't affect the eligibility but you can't count the amount received into the annual income of the assurer.
  11. We're getting close to booking our flights out. Does anyone know of any discounts/additional baggage allowance that any airline might offer to emigres?